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An Epistle to the Laodiceans, purportedly written by Paul of Tarsus to the Laodicean Church, is mentioned in the canonical Epistle to the Colossians. A letter entitled "Epistle to the Laodiceans", consisting of 20 short lines, is found in some editions of the Vulgate, known only in Latin. It is almost unanimously believed to be pseudepigraphical, being a pastiche of phrases taken from the genuine Pauline epistles. It contains almost no doctrine, teachings, or narrative not found elsewhere, and its exclusion from the Biblical canon has little effect.
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Translation from the Vulgate[edit]

Latin English
1. Paulus apostolus non ab hominibus neque per hominem sed per Iesum Christum, fratribus qui sunt Laodiciae. 1. Paul, an apostle, not of men or because of men, but because of Jesus Christ, to the brothers at Laodicea.
2. gratia vobis et pax a Deo Patre et Domino Iesu Christo. 2. Grace to you and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
3. gratias ago Christo per omnem orationem meam, quod permanentes estis in eo et perseverantes in operibus eius, promissum expectantes in diem iudicii. 3. I thank Christ in my every prayer, that you are enduring in Him and persevering in His good works, looking ahead to the promise of the Day of Judgment
4. neque destituant vos quorundam vaniloquia insinuantium, ut vos evertant a veritate evangelii quod a me praedicatur. 4. Don't let the vain speech of anyone trouble you—speech that tries to lead you away from the truth of the gospel I have preached.
5. et nunc faciet Deus, ut qui sunt ex me ad profectum veritatis evangelii deservientes et facientes benignitatem operum quae salutis vitae aeternae 5. And now may God allow my people to (continue to increase in?) the truth of the Gospel and do good (for greeting?) eternal life.
6. et nunc palam sunt vincula mea quae patior in Christo; quibus laetor et gaudeo. 6. And now my bonds are seen, which I suffer in Christ, and so I rejoice and I am glad.
7. et hoc mihi est ad salutem perpetuam; quod ipsum factum orationibus vestris et administrantem Spiritum Sanctum, sive per vitam sive per mortem. 7. And this is for my eternal salvation, which comes through your prayers and the help of the Holy Spirit, by life or by death.
8. est enim mihi vere vita in Christo et mori gaudium. 8. Truly to me, to live is in Christ, and to die is a joy.
9. et in ipsum in vobis faciet misericordiam suam, ut eandem dilectionem habeatis et sitis unianimes. 9. And he will work his mercy in you, so that you will have the same love and be of one mind.
10. ergo, dilectissimi, ut audistis praesentia mei, ita retinete et facite in timore Dei, et erit vobis vita in aeternum; 10. So, beloved, as you have heard in my presence, so hold fast and work in the fear of God, and eternal life will be yours.
11. est enim Deus qui operatur in vos. 11. Since it is God that works in you,
12. et facite sine retractu quaecumque facitis. 12. do whatever you do without inhibition.
13. et quod est, dilectissimi, gaudete in Christo. et praecavete sordidos in lucro. 13. and (as it is?), beloved, rejoice in Christ, and avoid those dirtied with wealth.
14. omnes sint petitiones vestrae palam apud Deum. et estote firmi in sensu Christi. 14. Let all your petitions be (made?) before God, and be steadfast in the (way?) of Christ.
15. et quae integra et vera et pudica et iusta et amabilia facite. 15. And what is sound and true and sensible and just and lovable, do these things.
16. et quae audistis et accepistis, in corde retinete, et erit vobis pax. 16. And what you have heard and accepted, hold it in your heart, peace will be yours.
17. salutate omnes fratres in osculo sancto. 17. Salute all the brothers with a holy kiss.
18. salutant vos sancti. 18. The saints salute you.
19. gratia Domini Iesu cum spiritu vestro. 19. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with your spirit.
20. et facite legi Colosensium vobis. 20. And let this be read to the Colossians.

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