Erasmus Rigney Fawcett Letter 1838-04-06

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Erasmus Rigney Fawcett Letter 1838-04-06
by Erasmus Rigney Fawcett
566Erasmus Rigney Fawcett Letter 1838-04-06Erasmus Rigney Fawcett

Envelope: Joseph Fawcett, PostMaster, St Charles, Mo

Gainesville Ala April 6th 1838

Dear Pa

Mr Thompson has been kind enough to write to you by the two last mails which in some degree relieved me from this arduous task. I was absent when the last mail left or I should have written by it.

I believe I have generally fulfiled one of Mas last requests. that was to always let the worst be known as respects our health. But never did I suppose that I should have to communicate that sad truth. had I believed it I should certainly have had you better prepaired & I should have been better prepaired myself but no one even imagined it the Doct said there was n o danger. I couldnot see why a wise Creator would turminate a life so usefull to the interest of every thing that was morrally wright and one that was beloved by all who were fortunate enough to be intimate with him. He was a perfect model of what I and of what every man should wish to be. You will find in the Reporter some little sketch of his character of which evry word is truth.

We are very much indebted to Col Scott, Mrs Scott, Robt G & Chas McMahon, Mr Laybourn who Preached his funeral & a majority of the Citizens of the place.

The mail is closing and as we have only two mails a week I must have this in.

I recd yours of the 5 ult – the money to pay Brackensedge’s note was left with Col McMahon in Harrisonburg Mr B refused to take the money because it was Alabama, trouble your self no more about it for we will have the matter arranged to please his particular appetite.

Your son

Sister Eliz. and little Bob & all are well