Excellent Ancient Adages, Together with Notes on the Writings of Chinese Romanized in the Hokkien Dialect/(Subscribers)

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A list of names of each personage, and subscribers interested in the execution of this small Volume, which is intended to be a guide to the study of the Chinese language by every shortest possible way.

C. Chuan Ghiok, Esq., Leak Chin Seng & Co.
Mr. Taik Hwat, 21st Street.
Mr. S. Pang Lim,
Mr. Lim Ew Chee, of Messrs Cheng Taik & Co.
Mr. M. Cassim, Asst., Mr. P. C. Sen.
Mr. Lim Kock Eng, China Street.
Mr. Tan Cheng Hup, Lamadaw.
Mr. Kaw Choo Hin, Stall Keeper.
Mr. Yeong Oon Tin, Rangoon College.
Mr. Saw Theam Seng, 18th Street.
L. Kim Seng, Esq., Messrs Lee Kim Seng & Co.
Mr. Cheah Khoat Cheow, Dalhousie Street.
Mr. K. Quee Seng, Wahdanglay.
Mr. L. Oohtuan, 21st Street.
Mr. C. Swee Htin, of Messrs L. C. S. & Co.
C. Choo Chye, Esq., Latter Street.
Mr. Tan Som, China Street.
Saw Geok tong, Esq., Messrs S. Pinthong & Co.
Lim Eng Phoon, Esq., Messrs Seng Moh & Co.
Leo Boon Yew, Esq., Messrs Seng Moh & Co.do.
Mr. Khoo Chwan Kheng, of Messrs Finlay Fleming & Co.
Mr. Khoo Cheng Kang, China Street.
Mr. K. Aing Why, of Messrs Strang Steel & Co.
Mr. Cheah Toon Haw, Inspector of Police.
Mr. Ong Poe Hin, Clerk, Messrs Rowett & Co.
Mr. Ong Swee Choe, B. B. T. C. Ltd.
Mr. T. Htinwah, Court Interpretter.
Yeo Khoon Tong. Esq., Messrs Seng Goan Moh & Co.
Yeo Thean Sew, Esq., Messrs Chip Seng & Co.
Mr. L. Keat Swee, of Messrs Leack Chin Seng & Co.
Mr. Khoo Chin Seng, 18th Street.
Mr. Ahsaing, of Messrs Arracan & Co.
Mr. Ah Yim, Messrs Joo Lyon & Co.
Mr. Lee Kim Boon, China.
Mr. Yeo Seng Hong, Edward Street.
Mr. T. Soon Chye,
Mr. Ong Gayor khin, Strand Road.
Mr. S. Soon Guan, Post Office.
Mr. Saw Chin Lye, Laik oodan.
Mr. Chun Bain Chye, Messrs Swee Cheang & Co
Mr. E. Bah bee, Messrs Chin Hoe & Co.
Mr. N. Hong Hin, Poozoondoung.
Chew An Soo, Esq., Messrs Teang Hin & Co.
Mr. Aw An Fee, Messrs I. F. Coy. Ltd.
Mr. Khoo Keng Ho, Malay Street, Penang.
Mr. W. Chit Oo, Messrs Rowett & Co.
Mr. Moung Pyan, Rangoon College.
Mr. Tan Swee Hoe, 18th Street.
Mr. Saw Swee Gay, Broker.
Mr. Khoo Tin Seng, Rangoon.
Mr. Saw Chin Kheng, Messrs Seng Moh & Co.
Peh Beng Teng, Esq. Messrs Khay Seng & Co.
Messrs Eng Joo & Co., Merchants, Rangoon.
P. C. Sen. Esq., Barrister-at-law.
Mr. Lim Chin Tsong, Messrs Heap Taik & Co.
Mr. Moy Koon Shaing, Broker.
Mr. Oh Kim Seng, Messrs Hoe Thye & Co.
Yeo Swee Choon, Esq., Messrs Tiang Choon & Co.
Seow Seng Ban, Esq., Messrs Hock Moh & Co.
Mr. Lim Poe Kin, Messrs Cheng Taik & Co.
Mr. Moung Hpo Myah, Rangoon Cr. Str.
Yeo Ee Poon, Esq., Messrs Heng Moh & Co.
G. F. Travers Drapes, Esq,, Barrister-at-law.
Mr. Moy Ah Lek, Messrs Cheng Taik & Co.
Mr. C. Bûn Kûn, 18th Street.
Mr. Cheah Yew Beng, Messrs Finlay Fleming & Co.
Oo Pho, Esq, Engsein Woondouk taw Min.
Mr. T. Heng Keat, Crisp Street.
Mr. C. Ngoon Swee, Messrs Kruger & Co.
Mr. Choo Khim Koan, Carriage Builder.
Mr. Ong Boon Chin, Rangoon.
Khoo Kin, Esq., Merchant.
Lim Cheng Taik, Esq., Messrs Cheng Taik & Co.
Mr. Lee Hock Thye, Messrs Keat Seng & Co.
Mr. Khoo Hock Bee, 18th Street.
Tan Kin Chye, Esq., Eng Keat & Co.
N. M. Carnell, Esq., D. T. Supdt. B. S. R. Kyoukse, U. B.
Mr. Lim Yew Tin, Messrs Seng Hong Hwat & Co.
Khoo Hôa Jeow, Esq., Merchant.
Mr. Hock Choan, 18th Street.
Mr. Chew Bah Ghone, William Street.
Mr. Lee Soo Keat, Rangoon.
Lee Chong Teat, Esq.,
Mr. Lim Thuan Thye, Messrs Seng Moh & Co.
Ong Hock Leong, Esq, Messrs Eng Hong & Co.
Lim Chye, Esq., China Street.
Khoo Ghee Loon, Esq., Penang,
Cheah Toon Hwah, Esq., Penang,
Cheah Khaik Inn, Rangoon.
Cheah Khaik Leang, Rangoon.