Fables (La Fontaine, tr. Wright)

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For other English-language translations of this work, see Fables (La Fontaine).
Fables (1881)
by Jean de La Fontaine, translated by Elizur Wright
Jean de La Fontaine48939Fables1881Elizur Wright

Book I

  1. The Grasshopper and the Ant
  2. The Raven and the Fox
  3. The Frog that wished to be as big as the Ox
  4. The Two Mules
  5. The Wolf and the Dog
  6. The Heifer, the Goat, and the Sheep, in company with the Lion
  7. The Wallet
  8. The Swallow and the Little Birds
  9. The City Rat and the Country Rat
  10. The Wolf and the Lamb
  11. The Man and his image
  12. The Dragon with many heads and the Dragon with many tails
  13. The Thieves and the Ass
  14. Simonides preserved by the Gods
  15. Death and the Unfortunate
  16. Death and the Woodman
  17. The Man between two ages and two Mistresses
  18. The Fox and the Stork
  19. The Boy and the Schoolmaster
  20. The Cock and the Pearl
  21. The Hornets and the Bees
  22. The Oak and the Reed

Book II

  1. Against the hard to suit
  2. The Council held by the Rats
  3. The Wolf accusing the Fox before the Monkey
  4. The Two Bulls and the Frog
  5. The Bat and the two Weasels
  6. The Bird wounded by an arrow
  7. The Bitch and her Friend
  8. The Eagle and the Beetle
  9. The Lion and the Gnat
  10. The Ass loaded with sponges, and the Ass loaded with salt
  11. The Lion and the Rat
  12. The Dove and the Ant
  13. The Astrologer who stumbled into a well
  14. The Hare and the Frogs
  15. The Cock and the Fox
  16. The Raven wishing to imitate the Eagle
  17. The Peacock complaining to Juno
  18. The Cat metamorphosed into a Woman
  19. The Lion and the Ass hunting
  20. The Will explained by Aesop

Book III

  1. The Miller, his Son, and the Ass
  2. The Members and the Belly
  3. The Wolf turned Shepherd
  4. The Frogs asking a King
  5. The Fox and the Goat
  6. The Eagle, the Wild Sow, and the Cat
  7. The Drunkard and his Wife
  8. The Gout and the Spider
  9. The Wolf and the Stork
  10. The Lion beaten by the Man
  11. The Fox and the Grapes
  12. The Swan and the Cook
  13. The Wolves and the Sheep
  14. The Lion grown old
  15. Philomel and Progne
  16. The Woman drowned
  17. The Weasel in the Granary
  18. The Cat and the Old Rat

Book IV

  1. The Lion in love
  2. The Shepherd and the Sea
  3. The Fly and the Ant
  4. The Gardener and his Lord
  5. The Ass and the Little Dog
  6. The Battle of the Rats and the Weasels
  7. The Monkey and the Dolphin
  8. The Man and the Wooden God
  9. The Jay in the Feathers of the Peacock
  10. The Camel and the Floating Sticks
  11. The Frog and the Rat
  12. The Animals sending tribute to Alexander
  13. The Horse wishing to be revenged upon the Stag
  14. The Fox and the Bust
  15. The Wolf, the Goat, and the Kid
  16. The World, the Mother, and her Child
  17. The Words of Socrates
  18. The Old Man and his Sons
  19. The Oracle and the Atheist
  20. The Miser who had lost his treasure
  21. The Eye of the Master
  22. The Lark and her young ones with the owner of a field

Book V

  1. The Woodman and Mercury
  2. The Earthen Pot and the Iron Pot
  3. The Little Fish and the Fisher
  4. The Ears of the Hare
  5. The Fox with his tail cut off
  6. The Old Woman and her two servants
  7. The Satyr and the Traveller
  8. The Horse and the Wolf
  9. The Ploughman and his Sons
  10. The Mountain in Labour
  11. Fortune and the Boy
  12. The Doctors
  13. The Hen with the golden eggs
  14. The Ass carrying relics
  15. The Stag and the Vine
  16. The Serpent and the File
  17. The Hare and the Partridge
  18. The Eagle and the Owl
  19. The Lion going to war
  20. The Bear and the two Companions
  21. The Ass dressed in the lion's skin

Book VI

  1. The Shepherd and the Lion
  2. The Lion and the Hunter
  3. Phoebus and Boreas
  4. Jupiter and the Farmer
  5. The Cockerel, the Cat, and the Yound Mouse
  6. The Fox, the Monkey, and the Animals
  7. The Mule boasting of his genealogy
  8. The Old Man and the Ass
  9. The Stag seeing himself in the Water
  10. The Hare and the Tortoise
  11. The Ass and his Masters
  12. The Sun and the Frogs
  13. The Countryman and the Serpent
  14. The Sick Lion and the Fox
  15. The Fowler, the Hawk, and the Lark
  16. The Horse and the Ass
  17. The Dog that dropped the substance for the shadow
  18. The Carter in the Mire
  19. The Charlatan
  20. Discord/
  21. The Young Widow
  22. Epilogue

Book VII

  1. To Madame De Montespan
  2. The Animals sick of the plague
  3. The Ill-Married
  4. The Rat retired from the World
  5. The Heron
  6. The Maid
  7. The Wishes
  8. The Lion's court
  9. The Vultures and the Pigeons
  10. The Coach and the Fly
  11. The Dairywoman and the pot of milk
  12. The Curate and the Corpse
  13. The Man who ran after fortune, and the Man who waited for her in his bed
  14. The Two Cocks
  15. The Ingratitude and Injustice of Men towards Fortune
  16. The Fortune-Tellers
  17. The Cat, the Weasel, and the Young Rabbit
  18. The Head and the Tail of the Serpent
  19. An Animal in the Moon


  1. Death and the Dying
  2. The Cobbler and The Financier
  3. The Lion, the Wolf, and the Fox
  4. The Power of Fables
  5. The Man and the Flea
  6. The Women and the Secret
  7. The Dog that carried his master's dinner
  8. The Joker and the Fishes
  9. The Rat and the Oyster
  10. The Bear and the Amateur Gardener
  11. The Two Friends
  12. The Hog, the Goat, and the Sheep
  13. Thyrsis and Amaranth
  14. The Funeral of The Lioness
  15. The Rat and the Elephant
  16. The Horoscope
  17. The Ass and the Dog
  18. The Pashaw and the Merchant
  19. The Use of Knowledge
  20. Jupiter and the Thunderbolts
  21. The Falcon and the Capon
  22. The Cat and the Rat
  23. The Torrent and the River
  24. Education
  25. The Two Dogs and the Dead Ass
  26. Democritus and the People of Abdera
  27. The Wolf and the Hunter

Book IX

  1. The Two Doves
  2. The Monkey and the Leopard
  3. The Acorn and the Pumpkin
  4. The Schoolboy, the Pedant, and the Owner of a Garden
  5. The Sculptor and the Statue of Jupiter
  6. The Mouse Metamorphosed into a Maid
  7. The Fool Who Sold Wisdom
  8. The Oyster and the Litigants
  9. The Wolf and the Lean Dog
  10. Nothing Too Much
  11. The Wax-Candle
  12. Jupiter and the Passenger
  13. The Cat and the Fox
  14. The Husband, the Wife, and the Thief
  15. The Treasure and the Two Men
  16. The Monkey and the Cat
  17. The Kite and the Nightingale
  18. The Shepherd and His Flock

Book X

  1. The Two Rats, the Fox, and the Egg
  2. The Man and the Adder
  3. The Tortoise and the Two Ducks
  4. The Fishes and the Cormorant
  5. The Burier and His Comrade
  6. The Wolf and the Shepherds
  7. The Spider and the Swallow
  8. The Partridge and the Cocks
  9. The Dog Whose Ears Were Cropped
  10. The Shepherd and the King
  11. The Fishes and the Shepherd Who Played the Flute
  12. The Two Parrots, the King, and His Son
  13. The Lioness and the Bear
  14. The Two Adventurers and the Talisman
  15. The Rabbits
  16. The Merchant, the Noble, the Shepherd, and the King's Son

Book XI

  1. The Lion
  2. The Gods Wishing to Instruct a Son of Jupiter
  3. The Farmer, the Dog, and the Fox
  4. The Mogul's Dream
  5. The Lion, the Monkey, and the Two Asses
  6. The Wolf and the Fox
  7. The Peasant of the Danube
  8. The Old Man and the Three Young Ones
  9. The Mice and the Owl
  10. Epilogue/

Book XII

  1. The Companions of Ulysses
  2. The Cat and the Two Sparrows
  3. The Miser and the Monkey
  4. The Two Goats
  5. The Old Cat and the Young Mouse
  6. The Sick Stag
  7. The Bat, the Bush, and the Duck
  8. The Quarrel of the Dogs and Cats, and That of the Cats and Mice
  9. The Wolf and the Fox
  10. The Lobster and Her Daughter
  11. The Eagle and the Magpie
  12. The King, the Kite, and the Falconer
  13. The Fox, the Flies, and the Hedgehog
  14. Love and Folly
  15. The Raven, the Gazelle, the Tortoise, and the Rat
  16. The Woods and the Woodman
  17. The Fox, the Wolf, and the Horse
  18. The Fox and the Turkeys
  19. The Ape
  20. The Scythian Philosopher
  21. The Elephant and the Ape of Jupiter
  22. The Fool and the Sage
  23. The English Fox
  24. The Sun and the Frogs
  25. The League of the Rats
  26. Daphnis and Alcimadure
  27. The Arbiter, the Almoner, and the Hermit

 This work is a translation and has a separate copyright status to the applicable copyright protections of the original content.


This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

Public domainPublic domainfalsefalse


This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

Public domainPublic domainfalsefalse