Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists/Aesop

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3936936Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists — The Fables of Æsop, &c.Roger L'EstrangeAesop




ÆSOP, &c.

Chapters (not listed in original)
Fable I: A Cock and a Diamond 1
Fable II: A Cat and a Cock 2
Fable III: A Wolf and a Lamb 2
Fable IV: A Frog and a Mouse 3
Fable V: A Lion and a Bear 4
Fable VI: A Dog and a Shadow 5
Fable VII: A Lion, an Ass, &c. a Hunting 6
Fable VIII: A Wolf and a Crane 7
Fable IX: A Countryman and a Snake 8
Fable X: A Lion and an Asse 9
Fable XI: A City Mouse and a Country Mouse 10
Fable XII: A Crow and a Muscle 1
Fable XIII: A Fox and a Raven 1
Fable XIV: An Old Lion 1
Fable XV: An Asse and a Whelp 1
Fable XVI: A Lion and a Mouse 1
Fable XVII: A Sick Kite and her Mother 17
Fable XVIII: A Swallow and other Birds 18
Fable XIX: The Frogs chuse a King 19
Fable XX: The Kite, Hawk, and Pigeons 21
Fable XXI: A Dog and a Thief 22
Fable XXII: A Wolf and a Sow 23
Fable XXIII: A Mountain in Labour 23
Fable XXIV: An Asse and an Ungrateful Master 24
Fable XXV: An Old Dog and his Master 24
Fable XXVI: An Asse, an Ape and a Mole 26
Fable XXVII: The Hares and the Frogs 26
Fable XXVIII: A Wolf, Kid, and Goat 28
Fable XXVIX: A Dog, a Sheep, and a Wolf 28
Fable XXX: A Countryman and a Snake 29
Fable XXXI: A Fox and a Stork 30
Fable XXXII: A Fox and a Carv'd Head 31
Fable XXXIII: A Daw and Borrow'd Feathers 32
Fable XXXIV: An Ant and a Fly 33
Fable XXXV: A Frog and an Oxe 34
Fable XXXVI: An Asse and a Wolf 35
Fable XXXVII: A Horse and a Lion 35
Fable XXXVIII: A Horse and an Asse 36
Fable XXXIX: A Bat and a Weazle 42
Fable XL: A Bat, Birds, and Beasts 42
Fable XLI: An Estriche, Birds, and Beasts 42
Fable XLII: A Wolfe and a Fox 44
Fable XLIII: A Stag Drinking 45
Fable XLIV: A Snake and a File 46
Fable XLV: A League betwixt the Wolves and the Sheep 46
Fable XLVI: An Axe and a Forrest 47
Fable XLVII: A Tree and a Wedge 48
Fable XLVIII: The Eagle and Arrow 48
Fable XLIX: A Thrush taken with Birdlime 48
Fable L: The Belly and Members 50
Fable LI: An Ape and a Fox 51
Fable LII: A Lark and her Young Ones 52
Fable LIII: The Stag and the Oxen 53
Fable LIV: The Fox and a Sick Lyon 54
Fable LV: A Fox and a Weazel 55
Fable LVI: A Boare and a Horse 56
Fable LVII: A Stag and a Horse 56
Fable LVIII: Two young Men and a Cook 58
Fable LIX: A Dog and a Butcher 59
Fable LX: A Wolfe, a Lamb, and a Goat 60
Fable LXI: A Cat and Venus 60
Fable LXII: A Father and his Sons 62
Fable LXIII: A Laden Asse and a Horse 63
Fable LXIV: A Collyer and a Fuller 64
Fable LXV: A Thruſh and a Swallow 64
Fable LXVI: A Fowler and a Pigeon 65
Fable LXVII: A Trumpeter taken Prisoner 65
Fable LXVIII: A Dog and a Wolfe 66
Fable LXIX: A Farmer and his Dogs 68
Fable LXX: A Camel at First Sight 69
Fable LXXI: A Fox and a Lyon 69
Fable LXXII: An Eagle and a Fox 71
Fable LXXIII: A Husbandman and a Stork 72
Fable LXXIV: A Boy, and False Alarums 73
Fable LXXV: An Eagle and a Daw 74
Fable LXXVI: A Dog in a Manger 75
Fable LXXVII: A Sheep and a Crow 76
Fable LXXVIII: A Camel Praying for Horns 77
Fable LXXIX: A Fox and a Hare to Jupiter 77
Fable LXXX: A Peacock to Juno 77
Fable LXXXI: An Old Weazle and Mice 79
Fable LXXXII: An Old Tree Transplanted 79
Fable LXXXIII: A Fox and a Goat 80
Fable LXXXIV: Cocks and a Partridge 81
Fable LXXXV: A Bragging Traveller 82
Fable LXXXVI: An Impostor to the Oracle 83
Fable LXXXVII: A Woman and a Fat Hen 84
Fable LXXXVIII: A Man Bit by a Dog 84
Fable LXXXIX: A Hunted Beaver 85
Fable XC: A Thunny and a Dolphin 86
Fable XCI: Two Enemies at Sea 86
Fable XCII: A Fortune-Teller 87
Fable XCIII: A Cunning woman 87
Fable XCIV: An Astrologer and a Traveller 88
Fable XCV: A Doctor and his Patient 89
Fable XCVI: A Fowler and a Black-Bird 90
Fable XCVII: Mercury and a Traveller 91
Fable XCVIII: A Boy and his Mother 92
Fable XCIX: A Shepherd turn'd Merchant 93
Fable C: An Old Man and a Lyon 94
Fable CI: A Fox who lost his Tayle 94
Fable CII: A Fox and a Bramble 96
Fable CIII: A Fox and a Crocodile 97
Fable CIV: A Fox and Huntsmen 98
Fable CV: A Man and a Wooden God 99
Fable CVI: A Dog Invited to Supper 100
Fable CVII: An Eagle and a Man 101
Fable CVIII: A Father and Sons 101
Fable CIX: A Fisherman and his Pipe 102
Fable CX: A Fisherman's Good Luck 103
Fable CXI: Large Promises 103
Fable CXII: Fishermen Disappointed 104
Fable CXIII: Death and an Old Man 105
Fable CXIV: A Doctor and Patient with Sore Eyes 106
Fable CXV: A Cat and Mice 107
Fable CXVI: An Ape and a Fox 108
Fable CXVII: A Smith and his Dog 110
Fable CXVIII: A Boasting Mule 110
Fable CXIX: A Dog and a Wolfe 111
Fable CXX: A Lyon and a Bull 112
Fable CXXI: A Lyon in Love 113
Fable CXXII: A Lyoness and a Fox 114
Fable CXXIII: Two Cocks Fighting 115
Fable CXXIV: A Fawn and a Stag 116
Fable CXXV: Jupiter and a Bee 117
Fable CXXVI: Wasps in a Honey-pot 117
Fable CXXVII: A Young Man and a Swallow 118
Fable CXXVIII: Mercury and a Carpenter 119
Fable CXXIX: A Fox and Grapes 120
Fable CXXX: A Wolfe and a Lyon 120
Fable CXXXI: A Boy and a Snake 121
Fable CXXXII: A Fowler and a Partridge 122
Fable CXXXIII: A Hare and a Tortoise 123
Fable CXXXIV: Apples and Horse-Turds 124
Fable CXXXV: A Peach, an Apple, and a Blackberry 124
Fable CXXXVI: A Mole and her Dam 125
Fable CXXXVII: Wasps, Partridges, and a Husbandman 126
Fable CXXXVIII: Jupiter and a Serpent 126
Fable CXXXIX: A Flea and a Man 127
Fable CXL: A Flea and Hercules 128
Fable CXLI: A Man and Two wives 129
Fable CXLII: Two Frogs that wanted Water 129
Fable CXLIII: A Dog and a Cock upon a Journy 131
Fable CXLIV: A Bat, Bramble and Cormorant 131
Fable CXLV: A Lark in a Net 132
Fable CXLVI: A Miller Burying his Gold 132
Fable CXLVII: A Stag with One Eye 133
Fable CXLVIII: A Stag and a Lyon 134
Fable CXLIX: A Goat and a Vine 135
Fable CL: An Asse, a Lyon, and a Cock 135
Fable CLI: A Gardiner and his Dog 137
Fable CLII: A Sow and a Dog 137
Fable CLIII: A Sow and a Bitch 138
Fable CLIV: A Snake and a Crab 139
Fable CLV: A Shepherd and a Wolves Whelp 140
Fable CLVI: A Lyon, Fox, and a Wolfe 140
Fable CLVII: A Wife and a Drunken Husband 141
Fable CLVIII: A Swan and a Goose 142
Fable CLIX: A Washing of a Blackmore 143
Fable CLX: A Raven and a Swan 143
Fable CLXI: A Swallow and a Crow 143
Fable CLXII: A Nightingale and a Bat 144
Fable CLXIII: A Boy and Cockles 145
Fable CLXIV: Two Travellers and a Bag of Money 145
Fable CLXV: Two Neighbour-frogs 146
Fable CLXVI: A Bee-matter 146
Fable CLXVII: A Kingsfisher 147
Fable CLXVIII: Fishing in Troubled Waters 148
Fable CLXIX: An Ape and a Dolphin 149
Fable CLXX: Mercury and a Statuary 150
Fable CLXXI: Mercury and Tiresias 151
Fable CLXXII: A Hound and a Mastiffe 152
Fable CLXXIII: An Unhappy Match 153
Fable CLXXIV: A Wolfe and a Kid 146
Fable CLXXV: A Fox and a Crab 146
Fable CLXXVI: A Musician 147
Fable CLXXVII: Thieves that Stole a Cock 148
Fable CLXXVIII: A Crow and a Raven 148
Fable CLXXIX: A Crow and a Dog 149
Fable CLXXX: A Raven and a Snake 150
Fable CLXXXI: A Daw and Pigeons 151
Fable CLXXXII: A Daw with a String at's foot 152
Fable CLXXXIII: Jupiter and Fraud 153
Fable CLXXXIV: Jupiter and Modesty 154
Fable CLXXXV: Jupiters Wedding 155
Fable CLXXXVI: A Wolfe and a Sheep 156
Fable CLXXXVII: Hares, Foxes, and Eagles 157
Fable CLXXXVIII: An Ant formerly a Man 158
Fable CLXXXIX: Travellers by the Sea-side 158
Fable CLXXXX: A Wild Ass and a Tame 159
Fable CXCI: Asses to Jupiter 161
Fable CXCII: An Ass and the Frogs 162
Fable CXCIII: A Gall'd Ass and a Raven 163
Fable CLXXXXIV: A Lyon, Aſs and Fox 164
Fable CLXXXXV: A Hen and a Swallow 165
Fable CXCVI: A Pigeon and a Picture 166
Fable CXCVII: A Pigeon and a Crow 167
Fable CXCVIII: A Woman and her Two Daughters 168
Fable CXCIX: A Shepherd and his Sheep 169
Fable CC: Jupiter and a Herds-man 170
Fable CCI: A Gnat Challenges a Bull 171