Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists/Fable CCL

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3934501Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists — Fable CCLX: A Dog and a LyonRoger L'Estrange

Fab. CCL.

A Dog and a Lyon.

What a Miserable Life dost thou lead, says a Dog to a Lyon, to run Starving up and down thus in Woods and Deserts, without either Meat, or Ease. I am Fat and Fair you see, and it Costs me neither Labour, nor Pains. Nay, says the Lyon, you have many a Good Bit no Doubt on’t; but then like a Fool you subject your self to the Clogs and Chains that go along with it: But for my Own Part, let him serve that serve Can, and serve Will, I'll Live and Die Free.


That Man deserves to be a Slave, that Sacrifices his Liberty to his Appetite.


THE Moral of This is the Same with That of Dog and Wolfe, Fab. 69.