Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists/Miscellany

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Miscellany Fables.

Chapters (not listed in original)
Fable CCCLXXIV: A Fox and a Cat 346
Fable CCCLXXV: The Dancing Apes 347
Fable CCCLXXVI: An Ass and Two Travellers 347
Fable CCCLXXVII: Mercury and the Fishermen 348
Fable CCCLXXVIII: An Eagle and a Beetle 349
Fable CCCLXXIX: An Owl and Little Birds 350
Fable CCCLXXX: A Gourd and a Pine 351
Fable CCCLXXXI: A Raven and Wolves 352
Fable CCCLXXXII: Arion and a Dolphin 352
Fable CCCLXXXIII: A Spider and the Gout 354