Fair maid in bedlam, or, The deceitful Irish boy/The Patriot Fair

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WHEN young and artless as the lamb
Which plays about its fondling dam,
Brisk, buxom, pert, and silly ;
I slighted ail the manly swains,
And put my virgin heart in chains,
For smiling smooth fac’d Willy.

But when experience came with years,
Which rais’d my hopes and quell’d my fears,
My heart was blythe and bonny,
I turn'd off every beardless youth,
So gave my word, and fix’d my truth
On honest sturdy Johnny.

Next at the wake i saw the ’Squire,
For love I felt a new desire,
Fond to outshine my mammy,
I sigh’d for fringes, frogs, and bea(illegible text)s,
For pig-tail wigs, and powder’d clothes,
And silken master Sammy.

For riches next I set a flame,
0«! Gripus to my cottage came,
And held an amorous parley.
For music next I chanc’d to burn.
And fondly listen’d in my turn,
To warbling quivering Charley.
So now alike the fools and wits,
Fops, fidlers, foreigners and cits,
All struck me by rotation.
Come learn of me ye patriot fair,
Nor make a single man your care,
But sigh for all the nation.

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.