Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure/Letter the Second/Part 7

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Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
by John Cleland
Letter the Second (Part 7)

Mrs. Cole on this, taking me by the hand, with a smile of encouragement, led me up stairs, preceded by Louisa, who was come to hasten us, and lighted us with two candles, one in each hand.

On the landing place of the first pair of stairs, we were met by a young gentleman, extremely well dress'd, and a very pretty figure, to whom I was to be indebted for the first essay of the pleasures of the house. He saluted me with great gallantry, and handed me into the drawing room, the floor of which was overspread with a Turky-carpet, and all its furniture voluptuously adapted to every demand of the most study'd luxury; now too it was by means of a profuse illumination, enliven'd by a light scarce inferior to, and perhaps more favourable to joy, more tenderly pleasing, than that of broad sun-shine.

On my entrance into the room, I had the satisfaction to hear a buz of approbation run through the whole company, which now consisted of four gentlemen, including my particular, (this was the cant-term of the house for one's gallant for the time) the three young women, in a neat flowing dishabil, the mistress of the academy, and myself. I was welcom'd and saluted by a kiss all round, in which however it was easy to discover, in the superior warmth of that of the men, the distinction of the sexes.

Aw'd, and confounded as I was, at seeing myself surrounded, caress'd, and made court to by so many strangers, I could not immediately familiarize myself to all that air of gaiety, and joy, which dictated their compliments, and animated their caresses. They assur'd me that I was so perfectly their taste, as to have but one fault against me, which I might easily be cur'd of: and that was my modesty: this, they observ'd, might pass for a beauty the more with those who wanted it for a heightener; but their maxim was, that it was an impertinent mixture, and dash'd the cup so as to spoil the sincere draught of pleasure: they consider'd it accordingly as their mortal enemy, and gave it no quarter wherever they met with it: this was a prologue not unworthy of the revels that ensu'd.

In the midst of all the frolic and wantonnesses, which this joyous band had presently and all naturally run into, an elegant supper was serv'd in, and we sat down to it, my spark elect placing himself next to me, and the other couples without order, or ceremony. The delicate cheer, and good wine, soon banish'd all reserve; the conversation grew as lively as could be wish'd, without taking too loose a turn: these professors of pleasure knew too well, to stale the impressions of it, or evaporate the imagination in words, before the time of action. Kisses however were snatch'd at times, or where a handkerchief round the neck interpos'd its feeble barrier, it was not extremely respected: the hands of the men went to work with their usual petulance, till the provocations on both sides rose to such a pitch, that my particular's proposal for beginning the country-dances was receiv'd with instant assent: for, as he laughingly added, he fancied the instruments were in tune. This was a signal for preparation, that the complaisant Mrs. Cole, who understood life, took for her cue of disappearing; no longer so fit for personal service herself, and content with having settled the order of battle, she left us the field to fight it out at discretion.

As soon as she was gone, the table was remov'd from the middle, and became a side-board; a couch was brought into its place, of which when I whisperringly enquired the reason of my particular, he told me, that as it was chiefly on my account that this convention was met, the parties intended at once to humour their taste of variety in pleasures, and by an open publick enjoyment, to see me broke of any taint of reserve or modesty, which they look'd on as the poison of joy: that though they occasionally preached pleasure, and lived up to the text, they did not enthusiastically set up for its missionaries, and only indulg'd themselves in the delights of a practical instruction of all the pretty women they lik'd well enough to bestow it upon, and fell properly in the way of it, but that as such a proposal might be too violent, too shocking for a young beginner; the older standers were to set an example, which he hop'd I would not be averse to follow, since it was to him I was devolv'd in favour of the first experiment; but that still I was perfectly at my liberty to refuse the party, which being in its nature one of pleasure, suppos'd an exclusion of all force, or constraint.

My countenance expressed, no doubt, my surprise, as my silence did my acquiescence. I was now embark'd, and thoroughly determined on any voyage the company would take me on.

The first that stood up, to open the ball, were a cornet of horse and that sweetest of olive-beauties, the soft and amorous Louisa. He led her to the couch, "nothing loth," on which he gave her the fall; and extended her at her length with an air of roughness and vigour, relishing high of amourous eagerness and impatience. The girl spreading herself to the best advantage, with her head upon the pillow, was so concenter'd in what she was about, that our presence seem'd the least of her care or concern. Her petticoats thrown up with her shift, discover'd to the company the finest turn'd legs and thighs that could be imagin'd, and in a broad display, that gave us a full view of that delicious cleft of flesh, into which the pleasingly hair-grown mount over it parted, and presented a most inviting entrance, between two close ledges, delicately soft and pouting. Her gallant was now ready, having disincumbered himself from his cloaths overloaded with lace, and presently his shirt remov'd, shew'd us his forces in high plight, bandied, and ready for action: but giving us no time to consider dimensions, and proving the stiffness of his weapon, by his impatience of delay, he threw himself instantly over his charming antagonist, who receiv'd him as he push'd at once dead at mark, like a heroine without flinching, for surely never was girl constitutionally truer to the taste of joy, or sincerer in the expressions of its sensations than she was: we could observe the pleasure lighten in her eyes as he introduc'd its plenipotentiary instrument into her, till at length, having indulg'd her its utmost reach, its irritations grew so violent, and gave her the spurs so furiously, that collected within herself, and lost to every thing but the enjoyment of her favourite feelings, she retorted his thrusts with a just concert of springy heaves, keeping time so exactly with the most pathetic sighs, that one might have number'd the strokes in agitation by their distinct murmurs, whilst her active limbs kept wreathing and intertwisting with his in convulsive folds: Then the turtle-billing kisses, and the poignant painless love bites, which they both exchang'd in a rage of delight, all conspiring towards the melting period; it soon came on, when Louisa, in the ravings of her pleasure-frensy, impotent of all restraint, cry'd out: "Oh Sir!——Good Sir——pray do not spare me! ah! ah!——I can no more." And all her accents now faultering into heart-fetch'd sighs, she clos'd her eyes in the sweet death, in the instant of which she was deliciously embalm'd by an injection, of which we could easily see the signs, in the quiet, dying, languid posture of her late so furious driver, who was stopp'd of a sudden, breathing short, panting; and for that time, giving up the spirit of pleasure,

As soon as he was dismounted, Louisa sprung up, shook her petticoats, and running up to me, gave me a kiss, and drew me to the side-board, to which she was herself handed by her gallant, where they made me pledge them in a glass of wine, and toast a droll health of Louisa's proposal in high frolic, that of "the miraculous thing which wets were it tickles, and tickles where it wets".

By this time the second couple was ready to enter the lifts, which were a young baronet, and that delicatest of charmers, the winning tender Harriet. My gentle esquire came to acquaint me with it, and brought me back to the scene of action.

And surely, never did one of her profession accompany her dispositions for the bare-fac'd part she was engag'd to play, with such a peculiar grace of sweetness, modesty, and yeilding coyness as she did. All her air and motions breath'd only unreserv'd, unlimited complaisance, without the least mixture of impudence, or prostitution. But what was yet more surprising, her spark-elect, in the midst of the dissolution of a publick open enjoyment, doated on her to distraction, and had, by dint of love and sentiments, touched her heart, though for a while the restraint of their engagement to the house, laid him under a kind of necessity of complying with an institution which himself had had the greatest share in establishing.

Harriet then was led to the vacant couch by her gallant, blushing as she look'd at me, and with eyes made to justify any thing, tenderly bespeaking of me the most favourable construction of the step she was thus irresistibly drawn into.

Her lover, for such he was, sat her down at the foot of the couch, and passing his arms round her neck, preluded with a kiss fervently applied to her lips, that visibly gave her life and spirit to go through with the scene; and as he kiss'd, he gently inclin'd his head, till it fell back on a pillow dispos'd to receive it, and leaning himself down all the way with her, at once countenanc'd and endear'd her fall to her: there as if he had guess'd our wishes, or meant to gratify at once his pleasure and his pride, in being the master, by title of present possession of beauties delicate beyond imagination, he discover'd her breasts, to his own touch, and our common view; but oh! what delicious manuals of love-devotion! how inimitably fine-moulded! small, round, firm, and excellently white: then the grain of their skin so soothing, so flattering to the touch! and their nipples, that crown'd them the sweetest buds of beauty! when he had feasted his eyes with the touch and perusal, feasted his lips with kisses of the highest relish imprinted in those all-delicious twin orbs, he proceeded downwards.

Her legs still kept the ground; and now with the tenderest attention not to shock, or alarm her too suddenly, he, by degrees, rather stole than roll'd up her petticoats, at which, as if a signal had been given, Louisa and Emily took hold of her legs, in pure wantonness, and yet in ease too, to her, kept them stretch'd wide abroad. Then lay expos'd, or to speak more properly, display'd the greatest parade in nature of female charms. The whole company, who, except myself, had often seen them, seem'd as much dazzled, surpris'd, and delighted, as any one could be who had now beheld them for the first time. Beauties so excessive could not but enjoy the priviledges of eternal novelty. Her thighs were so exquisitely fashion'd, that either more in, or more out of flesh than they were, they would have declin'd from that point of perfection they presented. But what infinitely enrich'd and adorn'd them, was the sweet intersection, form'd where they met, at the bottom of the smoothest, roundest, whitest belly, by that central furrow which nature had sunk there, between the soft relievo of two pouting ridges, and which in this girl was in perfect simmetry of delicacy and mignature with the rest of her frame: no! nothing in nature could be of a beautifuller cut: then the dark umbrage of the downy sprig-moss that over-arch'd it, bestow'd on the luxury of the landscape, a touching warmth, a tender finishing, beyond the expression of words, or even the paint of thought.

Her truly enamour'd gallant, who had stood absorb'd and engross'd by the pleasure of the sight, long enough to afford us time to feast ours, no fear of glutting! addressed himself at length to the materials of enjoyment, and lifting the linnen veil that hung between us and his master-member of the revels, exhibited one whose eminent size proclaim'd the Owner a true woman's hero. He was besides, in every other respect, an accomplish'd gentleman, and in the bloom and vigour of youth: standing then between Harriet's legs, which were supported by her two companions at their widest extension, with one hand he gently disclos'd the lips of that luscious mouth of nature, whilst with the other, he stoop'd his mighty machine to its lure, from the heighth of its stiff stand-up towards his belly; the lips kept open by his fingers, receiv'd its broad shelving head of coral hue; and when he had nestled it in, he hover'd there a little, and the girls then deliver'd over to his hips the agreeable office of supporting her thighs: and now, as if he meant to spin out his pleasure, and give it the more play for its life, he pass'd up his instrument so slow, that we lost sight of it inch by inch, till at length it was wholly taken into the soft labaratory of love, and the mossy mounts of each fairly met together. In the mean time, we could plainly mark the prodigious effect the progressions of this delightful energy wrought in this delicious girl, gradually heightening her beauty as they heighten'd her pleasure. Her countenance, and whole frame, grew more animated; the faint blush of her cheeks gaining ground on the white, deepen'd into a florid vivid vermilion glow: her

naturally brilliant eyes now sparkled with tenfold lustre: her languor was vanish'd, and she appear'd quick spirited, and alive all over. He had now fix'd, nail'd, this tender creature with his home driven wedge, so that she lay passive per force, and unable to stir, till beginning to play, a strain of arms against this vein of delicacy, as he urg'd the to-and-fro confriction; he awaken'd, rouz'd, and touch'd her so to the heart, that, unable to contain herself, she could not but reply to his motions, as briskly as her nicety of frame would admit off, till the raging stings of the pleasure, rising towards the point, made her wild with the intolerable sensations of it, and she now threw her legs and arms about at random, as she lay lost in the sweet transport: which on his side again declar'd itself by quicker, eagerer thrusts, convulsive grasps, burning sighs, swift laborious breathings, eyes darting humid fires; all faithful tokens of the imminent approaches of the last gasp of joy: it came on at length: the baronet led the extasy, which she critically join'd in, as she felt the melting symptoms from him, in the nick of which, glewing more ardently than ever his lips to hers, with eyes lifted up in a trance, he shew'd all the signs of that agony of bliss being strong upon him, in which he sent his soul distil'd in liquid sweets, up the body of that charming creature, and gave her the finishing titillation; inly thril'd with which, we saw plainly, that she answer'd it down with all the effusion of spirit and matter she was mistress of, whilst a general soft shudder ran through all her limbs, which she gave a stretch-out of, and lay motionless, breathless, dying with dear delight; and in the heigth of its expression, showing through the nearly clos'd lids of her eyes, just the edges of their black, the rest being roll'd strongly upwards in her extasy: then her sweet mouth appear'd languishingly open, with the tip of her tongue leaning negligently towards the lower range of her white teeth, whilst the natural ruby-colour of her lips glow'd with heighten'd life; was this a subject not to dwell upon? and accordingly her lover still kept on her, with an abiding delectation, till compress'd, squeez'd, and distill'd to the last drop, he slipp'd out at last, and took leave with one fervent kiss, expressing satisfy'd desires, but unextinguish'd love.

As soon as he was off, I ran to her, and sitting down on the couch by her, rais'd her head, which she declin'd gently, and hung in my bosom, to hide her blushes and confusion at what had past, till by degrees she recompos'd herself, and accepted of a restorative glass of wine from my spark, who had left me to fetch it her, whilst her own was re-adjusting his affairs, and buttoning up, after which he led her, leaning languishingly upon him, to our stand of view round the couch.

And now Emily's partner had taken her out for her share in the dance, when this transcendently fair and sweet-tempered creature readily stood up; and if a complexion to put the rose and lilly out of countenance, extreme pretty features, and that florid health and bloom for which the country-girls are so lovely, might pass her for a beauty, she certainly was one, and one of the most striking of the fair ones.

Her gallant began first, as she stood, to disingage her breasts, and restore them to the liberty of nature, from the easy confinement of no more than a pair of jumps; but on their coming out to view, we thought a new light was added to the room, so superiourly shining was their whiteness; then they rose in so happy a swell as to compose her a well-form'd fullness of bosom, that had such an effect on the eye as to seem flesh hardening into marble, of which it emulated the polish'd glass, and far surpass'd even the whitest, in the life and lustre of its colours, white vein'd with blue. Refrain who could from such provoking enticements to it in reach? He touch'd her breasts first lightly, when the glossy smoothness of the skin eluded his hand, and made it slip along the surface: he press'd them, and the springy flesh that fill'd them, thus pitted by force, rose again reboundingly with his hand, and on the instant effac'd the dint of the pressure: and alike indeed was the consistence of all those parts of her body throughout, where the fullness of flesh compacts and constitutes all that fine firmness which the touch is so highly attach'd to. When he had thus largely pleas'd himself with this branch of dalliance, and delight, he truss'd up her petticoat and shift, in a wisp to her waist, where being tuck'd in, she stood fairly naked on every side: a blush at this overspread her lovely face, and her eyes, down cast to the ground, seem'd to beg for quarter, when she had so great a right to triumph in all the treasures of youth and beauty that she now so victoriously display'd. Her legs were perfectly well shap'd, and her thighs, which she kept pretty close, showed so white, so round, so substantial, and abounding in firm flesh, that nothing could offer a stronger recommendation to the luxury of the touch, which he accordingly did not fail to indulge himself in: then gently removing her hand, which in the first emotion of natural modesty, she had carried thither, he gave us rather a glimpse than a view of that soft narrow chink, running its little length downwards, and hiding the remains of it between her thighs: but plain was to be seen the fringe of light-brown curls, in beauteous growth over it, that with their silky gloss created a pleasing variety from the surrounding white, whose lustre too, their gentle embrowning shade considerably raised. Her spark then endeavour'd, as she stood, by disclosing her thighs, to gain us a compleater sight of that central charm of attraction, but not obtaining it so conveniently in that attitude, he led her to the foot of the couch, and bringing to it one of the pillows, gently inclin'd her head down, so that as she lean'd with it over her crossed hands, straddling with her thighs wide spread, and jutting her body out, she presented a full back-view of her person, naked to her waist. Her posteriours, plump, smooth, and prominent, form'd luxuriant tracts of animated snow, that splendidly fill'd the eye, till it was commanded down the parting or separation of those exquisitely white cliffs, by their narrow vale, and was there stopt, and attracted by the embower'd bottom cavity, that terminated this delightful visto, and stood moderately gaping from the influence of her bended posture, so that the agreeable interior red of the sides of the orifice came into view, and with respect to the white that dazzl'd round it, gave somewhat the idea of a pink-slash in the glossiest white sattin. Her gallant, who was a gentle man about thirty, of an immense fortune, somewhat inclin'd to a fatness that was in no sort displeasing, improving the hint thus tender'd him of this mode of enjoiment, after settling her well in this posture and encouraging her with kisses and caresses to stand him through, drew out his affair ready erected, and whose extreme length, rather disproportion'd to its breadth, was the more surprising, as that excess is not often the case of those of his corpulent habit; making then the right and direct application, he drove it up to the guard, whilst the round bulge of those Turkish beauties of her's tallying with the hollow made by the bent of his belly and thighs, as they curv'd inwards, brought all those parts, surely not undelightfully, into warm touch, and close conjunction: his hands he kept pass'd round her body, and employ'd in toying with her inchanting breasts: as soon too as she felt him as home as he could reach, she lifted her head a little from the pillow, and turning her neck, without much straining, but her cheeks glowing with the deepest scarlet, and a smile of the tenderest satisfaction, met the kiss he press'd forward to give her, as they were thus close join'd together: when leaving him to pursue his delights, she hid again her face and blushes, with her hands and pillow, and thus stood passively and as favourably too as she could, whilst he kept laying at her with repeated thrusts, and making the meeting flesh on both sides resound again with the violence of them: then ever as he backen'd from her, we could see between them part of his long white-staff foamingly in motion, till, as he went on again, and closed with her, the interposing hillocs took it out of sight: sometimes he took his hands from the semi-globes of her bosom, and transferr'd the pressure of them to those larger ones, the present subjects of his soft blockade, which he squeez'd, grasp'd, and play'd with, till at length a pursuit of driving so hotly urg'd, brought on the heigth of the fit, with such symptoms of overpowering pleasure, that his fair partner became now necessary to support him, panting, fainting, and dying as he discharg'd, which she no sooner felt the killing sweetness of, than unable to keep her legs, and yielding to the mighty intoxication, she reel'd, and falling forward on the couch, made it a necessity for him, if he would preserve the warm pleasure-hold, to fall upon her, where they perfected, in a continu'd conjunction of body, and extatic flow, their scheme of joys for that time.

As soon as he had disengag'd, the charming Emily got up, and we crouded round her with congratulations, and other officious little services; for it is to be noted, that though all modesty and reserve were banish'd the transaction of these pleasures, good manners and politeness were inviolably observ'd: here was no gross ribaldry, no offensive or rude behaviour, or ungenerous reproaches to the girls for their compliance with the humours, and desires of the men. On the contrary, nothing was wanting to sooth, encourage, and soften the sense of their condition to them. Men know not in general how mnch they destroy of their own pleasure, when they break through the respect and tenderness due to our sex, and even to those of it who live only by pleasing pleasing them. And this was a maxim perfectly well understood by these polite voluptuaries, these profound adepts in the great art and science of pleasure, who never shew'd these votaries of theirs a more tender respect than at the time of those exercises of their complaisance, when they unlock'd their treasures of conceal'd beauty, and show'd out in the pride of their native charms, ever-more touching surely than when they parade it in the artificial ones of dress and ornament.

The frolic was now come round to me, and it being my turn of subscription to the will and pleasure of my particular elect, as well as that of the company, he came to me, and saluting me very tenderly, with a flattering eagerness, put me in mind of the compliances my presence there authoriz'd the hopes of, and at the same time repeated to me, that if all this force of example had not surmounted any repugnance I might have to concur with the humours and desires of the company, that though the play was bespoke for my benefit, and great as his own private disappointment might be, he would suffer anything sooner than be the instrument of imposing a disagreeable task on me. To this I answer'd, without the least hesitation, or mincing grimace, that had I not even contracted a kind of engagement to be at his disposal without the least reserve, the example of such agreeable companions would alone determine me, and that I was in no pain about anything but my appearing to so great a disadvantage after such superior beauties: and take notice, that I thought as I spoke. The frankness of the answer pleas'd them all: my particular was complimented on his acquisition, and, by way of indirect flattery to me, openly envied.

Mrs. Cole, by the way, could not have given me a greater mark of her regard than in managing for me the choice of this young gentleman, for my master of the ceremonies; for independent of his noble birth, and the great fortune he was heir to; his person was even uncommonly pleasing, well shap'd and tall; his face mark'd with the small-pox, but no more than what added a grace of more manliness to features, rather turn'd to softness, and delicacy, was marvellously enliven'd by eyes which were of the clearest sparkling black; in short, he was one whom any woman would, in the familiar style, readily call a very pretty fellow.

I was now handed by him to the cockpit of our match, where, as I was dress'd in nothing but a white morning gown, he vouchsafed to play the male-Abigal on the occasion, and spar'd me the confusion that would have attended the forwardness of undressing myself: my gown then was loosen'd in a trice, and I divested of it: my stays next offer'd an obstacle which quickly gave way, Louisa very readily furnishing a pair of scissars to cut the lace: off went that shell; and dropping my upper-coat, I was now reduc'd to my under-one, and my shift, the open bosom of which gave the hands, and eyes all the liberty they could wish: here I imagin'd the stripping was to stop; but I reckon'd short: my spark, at the desire of the rest, tenderly beg'd, that I would not suffer the small remains of a covering to rob them of a full view of my whole person: and for me, who was too flexibly obsequious to dispute any point with them, and who consider'd the little more that remain'd as very immaterial, I readily assented to whatever he pleas'd. In an instant, then, my under petticoat was untied, and at my feet, and my shift drawn over my head, so that my cap, slightly fasten'd, came off with it, and brought all my hair down (of which be it again remember'd without vanity, that I had a very fine head) in loose disorderly ringlets, over my neck and shoulders, to no unfavourable set-off of my skin.

I now stood, before my judges in all the truth of nature, to whom I could not appear a very disagreeable figure, if you please to recollect what I have before said of my person, which time, that at certain periods of life, robs us every instant of our charms, had, at that of mine, then greatly improv'd into full and open bloom, for I wanted some months of eighteen: my breasts, which in the state of nudity are ever capital points, now in no more than grateful plenitude, maintain'd a firmness and steady independence on any stay or support, that dared and invited the test of the touch. Then I was as tall, as slim shap'd as could be consistent with all that juicy plumpness of flesh ever the most grateful to the senses of sight and touch, which I owed to the health and youth of my constitution. I had not, however, so thoroughly renounc'd all innate shame, as not to suffer great confusion at the state I saw myself in: but the whole troop round me, men and women, reliev'd me with every mark of applause and satisfaction, every flattering attention to raise, and inspire me with even sentiments of pride on the figure I made, which my friend gallantly protested, infinitely out-shone all other birth-day finery whatever, so that had I leave to set down, for sincere, all the compliments these connoisseurs over-whelm'd me with upon this occasion, I might flatter myself with having pass'd my examination, with approbation of the learned.

My friend however, who for this time had alone the disposal of me, humour'd their curiosity, and perhaps his own, so far that he plac'd me in all the variety of postures and lights imaginable, pointing out every beauty under every aspect of it, not without such parentheses of kisses, such inflammatory liberties of his roving hands, as made all shame fly before them, and a blushing glow give place to a warmer one of desire, which led me even to find some relish in the present scene.

But in this general survey, you may be sure, the most material spot of me was not excus'd the strictest visitation: nor was it but agreed, that I had not the least reason to be diffident of passing even for a maid, on occasion; so inconsiderable a flaw had my preceding adventures created there, and so soon had the blemish of an over-stretch been repair'd and worn out, at my age, and in my naturally small make in that part.

Now, whether my partner had exhausted all the modes of regaling the touch, or sight, or whether he was now ungovernably wound up to strike, I know not; but briskly throwing off his cloaths the prodigious heat bred by a close room, a great fire, numerous candles, and even the inflammatory warmth of these scenes, induc'd him to lay aside his shirt too, when his breeches, before loosen'd, now gave up their contents to view, and shewed in front, the enemy I had to engage with, stifly bearing up the port of its head unhooded, and glowing red: then I plainly saw what I had to trust to: it was one of those just true-siz'd instruments of which the masters have a better command, than the more unweildy, inordinate siz'd ones are generally under. Straining me then close to his bosom, as he stood up fore-right against me, and applying to the obvious nich its peculiar idol, he aim'd at inserting it, which, as I forwardly favour'd, he effected at once by canting up my thighs over his naked hips, and made me receive every inch, and close home; so that stuck upon the pleasure-pivot, and clinging round his neck, in which and his hair, I hid my face burningly flushing with my present feelings as much as with shame, my bosom glew'd to his, he carried me once round the couch, on which he then, without quitting the middle-fastness, or dischannelling, laid me down, and began the pleasure grist, but so provokingly predispos'd and prim'd as we were, by all the moving sights of the night, our imagination was too much heated, not to melt us of the soonest, and accordingly I no sooner felt the warm spray darted up my inwards from him; but I was punctually on flow to share the momentary extasy; but I had yet greater reason to boast of our harmony; for finding that all the flames of desire were not yet quench'd within me: but that rather, like wetted coals, I glow'd the fiercer for this sprinkling: my hot-mettled spark sympathysing with me, and loaded for a double-fire, recontinu'd the sweet battery with undying vigour: greatly pleas'd at which, I gratefully endeavour'd to accommodate all my motions to his best advantage and delight; kisses, squeezes, tender murmurs, all came into play, till our joys growing more turbulent and riotous, threw us into a fond disorder, and as they raged to a point, bore us far from ourselves into an ocean of boundless pleasures, into which we both plung'd together in a transport of taste: now all the impressions of burning desire, from the lively scenes I had been spectatress of, ripen'd by the heat of this exercise, and collecting to a head, throb'd and agitated me with insupportable irritations: I perfectly fever'd and madden'd with their excess: I did not now enjoy a calm of reason enough to perceive, but I, extatically indeed! felt the policy and power of such rare and exquisite provocatives as the examples of the night had proved towards thus exalting our pleasures: which, with great joy, I sensibly found my gallant shar'd in, by his nervous and home expressions of it: his eyes flashing eloquent flames, his action infuriated with the stings of it, all conspiring to raise my delight by assuring me of his; lifted then to the utmost pitch of joy that human life can bear undestroy'd by excess, I touched that sweetly critical point, when scarce prevented by the spermatic injection from my partner spurting liquid fire up to my vitals, I dissolv'd, and breaking out in to a deep drawn sigh, sent my whole sensitive soul down to that passage where escape was denied it, by its being so deliciously plugged and choak'd up. Thus we lay a few blissful instants, overpower'd, still, and languid; till, as the sense of pleasure stagnated, we recover'd from our trance, and he slipt out of me, not, however, before he had protested his extreme satisfaction, by the tenderest kiss and embrace, as well as by the most cordial expressions.

The company who had stood round us in a profound silence, when all was over, help'd me to hurry on my cloaths in an instant, and complimented me on the sincere homage they could not escape observing had been done (as they term'd it) to the sovereignty of my charms, in my receiving a double payment of tribute at one juncture: but my partner, now dress'd again, signaliz'd, above all, a fondness unbated by the circumstance of recent enjoyment: the girls too kiss'd and embrac'd me, assuring me, that for that time, or indeed any other, unless I pleas'd, I was to go through no farther publick trials, and that I was now consummately initiated, and one of them.

As it was an inviolable law for every gallant to keep to his partner, for the night especially, and even till he relinquish'd possession over to the community, in order to preserve a pleasing property, and to avoid the disgusts and indelicacy of another arrangement, the company, after a short refection of biskets and wine, tea and chocolate, served in at, now, about one in the morning, broke up, and went off in pairsr Mrs. Cole had prepar'd my spark and me an occasional field-bed, to which we retired, and there ended the night in one continued strain of pleasure, sprightly and uncloy'd enough for us not to have form'd one wish for its ever knowing an end. In the morning, after a restorative breakfast in bed, he got up, and with very tender assurances of a particular regard for me, left me to the composure and refreshment of a sweet slumber; waking out of which, and getting up to dress before Mrs. Cole should come in, I found in one of my pockets a purse of guineas, which he had slipt there; and just as I was musing on a liberality I had certainly not expected, Mrs. Cole come in, to whom I immediately communicated the present, and naturally offer'd her whatever share she pleas'd; but assuring me that the gentleman had very nobly rewarded her, she would on no terms, no entreaties, no shape I could put it in, receive any part of it. Her denial, she observ'd, was not affectation or grimace, and proceeded to read me such admirable lessons on the œconomy of my person and my purse, as I became amply paid for my general attention and conformity to, in the course of my acquaintance with the town. After which, changing the discourse, she fell on the pleasures of the preceding night, where I learn'd, without much surprise, as I began to enter her character, that she had seen every thing that had passed, from a convenient place, manag'd solely for that purpose, and of which she readily made me the confidante.

She had scarce finish'd with this, when the little troop of love, the girls my Companions, broke in, and renew'd their compliments and caresses; I observ'd with pleasure, that the fatigues and exercises of the night, had not usurp'd in the least on the life of the complexion, or the freshness of their bloom; this I found by their confession, was owing to the management and advice of our rare directress. They went down then to figure it, as usual, in the shop; whilst I repair'd to my lodgings; where I employ'd myself till I return'd to dinner, at Mrs. Cole's.

Here I staid, in constant amusement, with one or other of these charming girls, till about five in the evening: when seiz'd with a sudden drowsy fit, I was prevailed on to go up and doze it off on Harriet's bed, who left me on it to my repose. There then I lay down in my cloaths, and fell fast asleep, and had now enjoy'd by guess, about an hour's rest; when I was pleasingly disturb'd by my new and favourite gallant, who enquiring for me, was readily directed where to find me. Coming then into my chamber, and seeing me lie alone, with my face turn'd from the light towards the inside of the bed, he, without more ado, just slipp'd off his breeches, for the greater ease and enjoyment of the naked touch; and softly turning up my petticoat and shift behind, open'd himself the prospect of the back avenue to the genial seat of pleasure; where, as I lay at my side length, inclining rather face downward, I appear'd full fair, and liable to be entered: laying himself then gently down by me, he invested me behind, and giving me to feel the warmth of his body, as he applied his thighs and belly close to me, and the endeavours of that machine, whose touch has something so exquisitely singular in it, to make its way good into me, I wak'd, pretty much startled at first; but seeing who it was, dispos'd myself to turn to him, when he gave me a kiss; and desiring me to keep my posture, just lifted up my upper thigh, and ascertaining the right opening, soon drove it up to the farthest; satisfied with which, and solacing himself with lying so close in full touch of flesh in those parts, he suspended all motion, and thus steep'd in pleasure, kept me lying on my side, in to him, spoon-fashion, as he term'd it, from the snug indent of the back-part of my thighs, and all upwards, into the space of the bending between his thighs and belly; till after some time, that restless, and turbulent inmate, impatient by nature of longer quiet, urg'd him to action, which now prosecuting, with all the usual train of toying, kissing, and the like, ended at length in the liquid proof on both sides, that we had not been exhausted, or at least were quickly recruited of last night's draughts of pleasure on us.

With this noble and agreable youth, liv'd I in perfect joy and constancy: he was full bent on keeping me to himself, for the honey-month at least: but his stay in London was not even so long, his father who had a great post in Ireland, taking him abruptly with him, on his repairing thither. Yet even then I was near keeping hold of his affection, and person, for he had propos'd, and I had consented to follow his order to go to Ireland after him, as soon as he should be settled there; but meeting with an agreeable and advantageous match in that kingdom, he chose the wiser part, and forbore sending for me, but at the same time took care that I should receive a magnificent present, which did not however compensate for all my deep regret on my loss of him.

This event also created a chasm in our little society, which Mrs. Cole, on the foot of her usual caution, was in no haste to fill up: but then it redoubl'd her attention to procure me in the advantages of the traffick for a counterfeit maidenhead, some consolation for the sort of widowhood I had been left in, and this was a scheme she had never lost prospect of, and only waited for a proper person to bring it to bear with.

But I was, it seems, fated to be my own caterer in this, as I had been in my first trial of the market.

I had now pass'd near a month in the enjoyment of all the pleasures of familiarity and society with my companions, whose particular favourites, (the Baronet excepted, who soon after took Harriet home) had all, on the terms of community establish'd in the house, sollicited the gratification of their taste for variety in my embraces; but I had with the utmost art and address, on various pretexts, eluded their persuit, without giving them cause to complain: and this reserve I used neither out of dislike to them, or disgust of the thing, but my true reason was my attachment to my own, and my tenderness of invading the choice of my companions, who outwardly exempt, as they seem'd, from jealousy, could not but in secret like me the better for the regard I had for, without making a merit of it to, them. Thus easy, and belov'd by the whole family did I go on, when one day, that, about five in the afternoon, I stepp'd over to a fruiterer's shop, in Covent-Garden, to pick some table-fruit for myself and the young women, I met with the following adventure.

Whilst I was chaffering for the fruit I wanted, I observ'd myself follow'd by a young gentleman, whose rich dress first attracted my notice; for the rest, he had nothing remarkable in his person, except that he was pale, thin-made, and ventur'd himself upon legs rather of the slenderest. Easy was it to perceive, without seeming to perceive it, that it was me he wanted to be at, by his making a full set at, and keeping his eyes fix'd on, me, till he came to the same basket that I stood at, and cheapening, or rather giving the first price ask'd for the firuit, began his approaches. Now most certainly I was not at all out of figure to pass for a modest girl. I had neither the feathers, nor fumet of a tawdry town-miss; a straw hat, a white gown, clean linnen, and above all, a certain natural and easy air of modesty (which the appearances of never forsook me, even on those occasions that I most broke in upon it, in practice) where all signs that gave him no opening to conjecture my condition. He spoke to me, and this address from a stranger throwing a blush into my cheeks, that still set him wider off the truth, I answer'd him, with an awkwardness and confusion the more apt to impose, as there was really, a mixture of the genuine in them. But when proceeding on the foot of having broke the ice, to join discourse, he went into other leading questions, I put so much innocence, simplicity, and even childishness, into my answers, that on no better foundation, liking my person as he did, I will answer for it, that he would have been sworn for my modesty. There is, in short, in the men, when once they are caught, by the eye especially, a fund of cullibility, that their lordly wisdom little dreams of, and in virtue of which the most sagacious of them are seen so often our dupes. Amongst other queries he put to me one was, whether I was married, or no? I replied, that I was too young, to think of that this many a year. To that of my age, I answer'd, and sunk a year upon him, passing myself for not seventeen. As to my way of life, I told him I had serv'd an apprenticeship to a millener in Preston, and was come to town after a relation that I found on my arrival was dead, and I now liv'd journey-woman to a millener in town. That last article indeed was not much on the side of what I pretended to pass for; but it did pass, under favour of the growing passion I had inspir'd him with. After he had next got out of me, very dextrously as he thought, what I had no sort of design to make a reserve of, my own, my mistress's name, and place of abode, he loaded me with fruit, all the rarest and dearest he could pick out, and sent me home pondering on what might be the consequence of this adventure.

As soon then as I came to Mrs. Cole's I related to her all that had past, on which she very judiciously concluded, that, if he did not come after me, there was no harm done, and that, if he did, as her presage suggested to her he would, his character, and his views should be well sifted, so as to know whether the game was worth the springes; that in the mean time nothing was easier than my part in it, since no more rested on me than to follow her cue and promptership throughout, to the last act.

The next morning, after an evening spent on his side, as we afterwards learnt, in perquisitions into Mrs. Cole's character in the neighbourhood, (than which nothing could be more favourable to her designs upon him,) my gentleman came in his chariot to the shop, where Mrs. Cole alone had an inkling of his errand; asking then for her, he easily made a beginning of acquaintance by bespeaking some millenary ware, when as I sat without lifting up my eyes, and pursuing the hem of a ruffle with the utmost composure, and simplicity of industry, Mrs. Cole took notice that the first impressions I made on him ran no risque of being destroy'd by those of Louisa, and Emily, who were then fitting at work with me. After vainly endeavouring to catch my eyes in rencounter with his, as I held my head down, affecting a kind of consciousness of guilt, for having, by speaking to him, given him encouragement and means of following me home, and after giving Mrs. Cole direction when to bring herself the things home, and the time he should expect them at, he went out, taking with him some goods, that he paid for liberally, for the better grace of his introduction.