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Listed here by volume number:

Volume 1 Aalesund–Arthur, Case No. 1–Case No. 564 (start transcription)
Volume 2 Arthur–Beataugh, Case No. 565–1,194 (start transcription)
Volume 3 Beattie–Bragdon, Case No. 1,195–Case No. 1,798 (transcription project)
Volume 4 Bragg–Campbell, Case No. 1,799–2,374 (start transcription)
Volume 5
Volume 6 Cogbill–Darst, Case No. 2,954–Case No. 3,582 (start transcription)
Volume 7 Dart–Dunbar, Case No. 3,583–Case No. 4,130 (start transcription)
Volume 8 Duncan–Fiedler, Case No. 4,131–Case No. 4,760 (transcription project)
Volume 9 Field–Garelly, Case No. 4,761–Case No. 5,239 (transcription project)
Volume 10 Garey–Greve, Case No. 5,240–Case No. 5,805 (start transcription)
Volume 11 Grey–Heran, Case No. 5,806–Case No. 6,393 (start transcription)
Volume 12 Herbert–Illinois, Case No. 6,394–Case No. 7,009 (start transcription)
Volume 13 Illius–Judkins, Case No. 7,010–Case No. 7,560 (start transcription)
Volume 14 Judson–Laverty, Case No. 7,561–Case No. 8,124 (start transcription)
Volume 15 Lavinia–McCready, Case No. 8,158–Case No. 8,734 (transcription project)
Volume 16 McCue–Mencken, Case No. 8,735–Case No. 9,417 (transcription project)
Volume 17 Mendell–Neptune, Case No. 9,418–10,120 (transcription project)
Volume 18 Nereus–Paulina, Case No. 10,121–Case No. 10,847 (start transcription)
Volume 19 Pauline–Prize Cases, Case No. 10,848–Case No. 11,438 (transcription project)
Volume 20 Proby–Rumsey, Case No. 11,439–Case No. 12,136 (start transcription)
Volume 21 Runaways–Shore, Case No. 12,137–Case No. 12,805 (start transcription)
Volume 22 Shorey–Stevelie, Case No. 12,806–Case No. 13,389 (start transcription)
Volume 23 Stevens–Toledo, Case No. 13,390–Case No. 14,077 (start transcription)
Volume 24 Toler–U.S. v. Burns, Case No. 14,078–Case No. 14,691 (transcription project)
Volume 25 U.S. v. Burr–U.S. v. Grace Meade, Case No. 14,692–15,243 (transcription project)
Volume 26 U.S. v. Graff–U.S. v. Morrow, Case No. 15,244–Case No. 15,819 (start transcription)
Volume 27 U.S. v. Morse–U.S. (Swat v.), Case No. 15,820–Case No.16,425 (transcription project)
Volume 28 U.S. v. Sweeney–Waling, Case No. 16,426-17,059 (transcription project)
Volume 29 Walker–Williams, Case No. 17,060–Case No. 17,746 (transcription project)
Volume 30 Williamsburg–Zusi (Case No. 17,747–Case No. 18,222); additional cases: Allen–Wylie (Case No. 18,223–18,313); appendix containing also the Laws of Oleron, Laws of Wisbuy, Laws of the Hanse Towns, the Marine Ordinances of Louis XIV., Tables of California Land Claims, etc., Notes Concerning the United States circuit and district court reports, and Biographical notes of all the federal judges (transcription project)
Volume 31, Part 1 Digest of Decisions, Table of Citations and Alphabetical Table of Cases: Abandonment–Obscenity (transcription project)
Volume 31, Part 2 Digest of Decisions, Table of Citations and Alphabetical Table of Cases: Obstructing Justice–Year (transcription project)

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