Felicia Hemans in The New Monthly Magazine Volume 42 1834/A Happy Hour

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The New Monthly Magazine, Volume 42, Page 18

A Happy Hour.

Oh! what a joy to feel that in my breast
    The founts of childhood's vernal fancies lay
Still pure, though heavily and long repress'd
    By early-blighted leaves, which o'er their way
    Dark summer-storms had heaped! But free, glad play
Once more was given them;—to the sunshine's glow,
And the sweet wood-song's penetrating flow,
    And to the wandering primrose-breath of May,
And the rich hawthorn odours, forth they sprung,
    Oh! not less freshly bright, that now a thought
Of spiritual presence o'er them hung,
    And of immortal life!—a germ, unwrought
In childhood's soul to power, now strong, serene,
And full of love and light, colouring the whole blest scene!