Felicia Hemans in The New Monthly Magazine Volume 43 1835/Thoughts During Sickness III. On Retzch's Design of the Angel of Death

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The New Monthly Magazine, Volume 43, Page 329

On Retzch's Design of the Angel of Death.*[1]

Well might thine awful image thus arise,
With that high calm upon thy regal brow,
And the deep solemn sweetness in those eyes,
Unto the glorious Artist!—Who but thou
The fleeting forms of beauty can endow
For Him with permanence?—Who make those gleams
Of brighter life that colour his lone dreams
Immortal things? Let others trembling bow,
Angel of Death, before thee!—not to those
Whose spirits with eternal Truth repose
Art thou a fearful shape! And oh for me
How full of welcome would thine aspect shine,

Did not the cords of strong affection twine
So fast around my soul, it cannot spring to Thee!
  1. * Suggested by the beautiful and remarkable description in Mrs. Jameson's "Visits and Sketches."