Fight Your Evil Side/Endless Song of One Day

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Soon the end of everything comes.
Heavens will oscillate.
The sun, the moon will become bloodshot.
Very soon!
Whole terrestrial system will fail.
Book with the light will be taken away
from the surface one day.
We don’t know when it will happen.
We don’t know when everything will change.
Now all of us have the chance
to let out in ourselves all the best:
The light!
God will help us be sure,
so steady your gaze on him,
God will help us be sure.
Believe me, God will help us
to die for wicked deeds and desires!
Time’s running out quickly of our hands!
Time’s running out of our hands!
The people vanish in a darkness of night.
She‘s sucking them up to the next morning
to come later again to begin it all over.
Day by day everything repeats,
but it disappears forever for someone in one moment.
The star of light is fading away,
The endless song of one day comes to the end.
Now we all have the chance
to walk through this life to the end.
Now we all have the chance
to walk through this life to the end,
with God hand in hand,
to the end!

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