Final Act of the Congress of Vienna

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Final Act of the Congress of Vienna  (1815) 
The plenipotentiaries of the high powers who signed the treaty and

The treaty and conventions (as were most treaties of the day) were written in French. Lord Castlereagh presented to the House, by command of the Prince Regent, a Paper intituled, "General Treaty, signed in Congress at Vienna, June 9, 1815, with the Acts thereunto annexed." Of which the following is a translation:[1]

GENERAL TREATY of Congress, signed at Vienna, 9 June, 1815.[1]
1. Treaty between Russia and Austria, 21 April, 3 May.
2. Treaty between Russia and Prussia, 21 April, 3 May.
3. Additional Treaty, relative to Cracow, between Austria, Prussia, and Russia, 21 April, 3 May.
Constitution of the Free City of Cracow, 3 May.
4. Treaty between Prussia and Saxony, 18 May.
5. Declaration of the King of Saxony, and Acceptation, on the rights of the House of Schoenburg, 18 & 29 May.
6. Treaty between Prussia and Hanover, 29 May.
7. Convention between Prussia and the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, 1 June.
8. Convention between Prussia and the Duke and Prince of Nassau, 31 May.
9. Federative Constitution of Germany, 8 June.
10. Treaty between the King of the Low Countries and Prussia, England, Austria, and Russia, 31 May.
Act for the acceptance of the Sovereignty of the Belgic Provinces, by his Royal Highness, signed at the Hague, 21 July, 1814.
11. Declaration of the Powers on the affairs of the Helvetic Confederacy, signed at Vienna, 20 March, 1815.
Acceptance of the Diet of the Swiss Confederation, signed at Zurich, 27 May.
12. Protocol on the cessions made by the King of Sardinia to the Canton of Geneva, signed at Vienna, 29 March.
13. Treaty between the King of Sardinia, Austria, England, Russia, Prussia, and France, 20 May.
14. Conditions which are to serve as the bases of the union of the Genoese States to those of his Sardinian Majesty, 20 May.
Cession made by his Majesty the King of Sardinia, to the Canton of Geneva, 20 May.
15. Declaration of the Powers regarding the abolition of the Slave Trade, 8 February.
16. Regulations for the free navigation of rivers, 8 February.
Articles concerning the navigation of the Rhine, 8 February.
Articles concerning the navigation of the Necker, of the Mayne, of the Moselle, of the Meuse, and of the Scheldt, 8 February.
17. Regulation concerning the precedence of Diplomatic Agents, 19 March.


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