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Five English popular songs  (1815-1820) 
Betsey Baker



Tune.—‘Head man at Mrs. Grundy’s.’

From noise and bustle far away hard work my time employing,
How happily did I pass each day, content and health enjoying;
The birds did sing and so did I, as I trudg’d o’er each acre,
I never knew what ’twas to sigh till I saw Betsey Baker.

At church I met her drest so neat, one Sunday in hot weather,
With love I found my heart did beat, as we sung psalms together,
So piously she hung her head, the while her voice did shake, ah!
I thought if ever I did wed, ’twould be with Betsey Baker.

From her side I could not budge, and sure I thought no harm on’t,
My elbow then she gave a nudge, and bade me mind the garment;
When church was over out she walk'd, but I did overtake her,
Determin’d I would not be baulk’d,—I spoke to Betsey Baker.

Her manners were genteel and cool, I found on conversation,
She’d just come from boarding school, and finish’d her education;
But love made me speak out quite free; says I, I’ve many an acre,
Will you give me your company? ‘I sha’nt,’ said Betsey Baker.

All my entreaties she did slight, and I was forc’d to leave her,
I got no sleep all that there night, for love had brought a fever;
The doctor came, he smelt his cane, with long face like a quaker,
Said he, ‘young man pray where’s thy pain,’ says I, ‘ Sir, Betsey Baker.’

Because I was not bad enough, he bolus’d and he pill’d me,
And if I had taken all his stuff, I think he must ha’ kill’d me;
I put an end to all the strife, ’twixt him and the undertaker,
And what d’ye think ’twas saved my life, why thoughts of Betsey Baker.

I then again to Betsey went, once more with love attack’d her,
But meantime she got acquainted wi’ a ramping mad play-actor,
If she would have him he did say a lady he would make her,
He gammon’d her to run away, and I lost Betsey Baker.

I fretted very much to find my hopes of love so undone,
And mother thought ’twould ease my mind if I came up to London;
But tho’ I strive another way, my thoughts will ne’er forsake her,
I dream all night, and think all day of cruel Betsey Baker.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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