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Five favourite songs (11)  (between 1840 and 1850) 
The Answer


The ’squire he returned in a furious mood,
Swearing to be revenged in the farmer’s blood;
But fortune to the farmer proving more kind,
Disappointed the ’squire of his cruel design.

The ’squire and farmer by chance did meet,
Says the ’squire to the farmer, you are undiscreet
For taking from me my lovely sweet bride;
You shall either fight me, or die by my side.

With all my whole heart, the farmer did cry.
To fight for my jewel I'll never deny;
So to work with vigour they instantly went,
But the ’squire yielding, gave the farmer content.

And now they are married in great splendour we hear,
The farmer possesses nine thousand a-year;
With his beautiful lady, and likewise his hall,
He has men and maid-servants, and all at his call.

Here’s a health to plough-boys, the lady did cry,
That I’m wed to a ploughman I’ll never deny,
Because they are men of honour, and that we are sure,
And also do labour for both rich and poor.

After the wedding she told of the fun,
How she hunted the farmer with a dog and gun;
But now I have catched him so fast in my snare,

I’ll enjoy him for ever, I vow and declare.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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