Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Tibetan Charms

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Tibetan Charms.
Exhibited at Meeting, 18th November, 1903. (See Plate II. and p. 1.)

1. Tibetan phur-bu, or exorcist's dagger, for stabbing demons. The central part represents a thunderbolt, and the upper end the four heads (one being a horse's) of the fiend Tamdin.

2. Tibetan ga-u, or charm-box, studded with turquoises and holding four rolls of charms (4) and a fifth roll (5) bound with silk of three colours and having attached to it some fragments from the robe of a lama or of a sacred image.

3. Metal hand: Hebrew charm against the evil eye, inscribed with the blessing of Joseph (Genesis xlix. 22-26).

6 and 7. Mediæval bronze amulet cases, one book-shaped, the other heart-shaped.