Folk-Lore/Volume 2/Notes and News (March)

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The next number of Folk-Lore, for June, will contain the conclusion of Dr. Gaster's paper on the Holy Grail; Mr. Jacobs's paper on "Childe Rowland"; Rev. F. Sibree on "The Folk-lore of Malagasy Birds"; and Mr. Cecil Smith's Report on Greek Archæology.

The date of the Folk-lore Congress has been slightly advanced. The meetings will be held in the rooms of the Society of Antiquaries, which have been kindly placed at the disposal of the Congress by the Society. The first meeting will be held on Thursday, ist October.

A Number of foreign folk-lorists have expressed their intention of attending the Congress, some coming from as far as Russia and Finland.

Dr. Westermarck, the Finnish scholar, will shortly publish a work on Primitive Marriage. The learned Doctor writes in English, and publishes with Messrs. Macmillan. Dr. E. Tylor has been for some time engaged on a somewhat similar topic, and is also approaching a stage of his inquiries at which publication will be possible.

The Handbook of Folk-lore has nearly run out of print. Preparations are being made for a second edition. Copies are placed at the disposal of travellers to unexplored regions by the Royal Geographical Society.

Arrangements are being made for closer relations being established between the Folk-Lore Society and the local antiquarian societies throughout the kingdom.

A Conference will shortly be held between representative members of the Folk-Lore Society and of the Anthropological Institute, to settle certain questions of common interest to the two Societies.

Meetings have been held on January 16th, when a paper was read by Rev. F. Sibree on "The Folk-lore of Malagasy Birds", and on February 18th, when Mr. Alfred Nutt discussed "Recent Theories on the Arthurian Romances". Members of the Cymmrodorion Society were also invited to attend Mr. Nutt's lecture.

It is proposed in future to read short papers before the paper of the evening at the meetings of the Society. Members desiring to put queries on subjects they are studying may also adopt this method of making known their wants to the Society.

The first number of the new journal of the new German Folk-lore Society, Zeitschrift der Vereins für Volkskunde, is now before us. It is practically a continuation of the Zeitschrift für Völkerpsychologie of Profs. Steinthal and Lazarus, but its scope has been widened till it includes all folk-lore, and more also. Thus, costume, philology, dialects, will receive attention in its pages, as well as customs, tales, institutions, and myths. The programme is wide, the workers are able, may the result be commensurate with their skill and lofty aims.

The list of members of the new German Verein für Volkskunde reminds us that they do some things better in Germany. The list is crowded with names of professors, some of them, like Grimm (Hermann), Lazarus, Möbins, Steinthal, Virchow, of European reputation. Among the 150 names already enrolled, at least two-thirds are of Academic standing. Would that the English Universities would follow suit!

The appearance of another part of Prof Child's exhaustive work on English and Scotch Ballads deserves additional record to the bare mention of the Bibliography. No other country of Europe has so complete a record of its ballad store so adequately commented upon.

The Panjab Notes and Queries, which did such good work under Captain (now Major) Temple, but was discontinued in 1887, is to be revived under the title North Indian Notes and Queries.

Communications for the next (June) number should reach the Office of Folk-lore, 270, Strand, W.C, before May 1st.