Forcible Entry Act 1381

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Original text[edit]

Et Auxint le Roi defende q nully desore face entree en aucunes tres & tenz sinoun en cas ou entree est done p la loy, & en cell cas nemye a forte main ne a multitude des gentz, einz tantsoulement en [lisible & aisee][1][2] mane, et si nully desore face a contraire & ent soit convict duement soit puniz p emprisonment.

Translation into English[edit]

And also the King defendeth, that none from henceforth make any entry into lands and tenements, but in case where entry is given by the law; and in such case not with strong hand, nor with multitude of people, but only in [peaceable][3] and easy manner. And if any man from henceforth do the contrary, and thereof be duly convict, he shall be punished by imprisonment.


  1. Alternative reading due to Rot. Parl. nu." 71:"lisible aisee & peisible"
  2. Alternative reading in printed copies of the Act: "peasible & aisee"
  3. Alternative reading: "lawful"

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