Forcible Entry Act 1623

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The Forcible Entry Act 1623
The Parliament of England
939013The Forcible Entry Act 16231623The Parliament of England

Revised text[edit]

AN ACTE to enable Judgs and Justics of the Peace to geve Restitucon of Possession in certayne Cases.

BE it enacted by the authoritie of this psent Parliament, that such judges justices or justice of the peace, as by reason of any Act or Acts of Parliament now in force, are authorised and enabled uppon enquiry to give restitucion of possession unto tenants of any estate of freehold, of their lands or tenements, which shalbe entred uppon by force, or from them withholden by force, shall by reason of this psent Act have the like and the same authoritie and abilitie . . . uppon indictment of such forcible entries or forcible withholdinge before them duly found, to give like restitucion of possession unto tenants for term of yeares, . . . of lands or tenements by them so holden, which shalbe entred uppon by force or holden from them by force.

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