Fragment of a Novel Written by Jane Austen/Notes

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Fragment of a Novel Written by Jane Austen  (1925) 
by Jane Austen, edited by R. W. Chapman



Page 1

4. being induced by Business to quit the high road, & (toil erased) attempt a very rough Lane, were overturned substituted for were on quitting the high road, & toiling up a very long steep hill through a rough Lane, overturned

8. half rock, half sand added above the line

10. a House for the House

11. first required to take that direction for required to turn that way

15. to pass by for to pass two minutes before
He had grumbled & shaken his shoulders so much indeed, and pitied & cut his Horses so sharply for grumbling so much indeed, & looking so black, & pitying & cutting his Horses so much

Page 2

6. not his Masters written above not the Gentleman's own (but only not is erased)

7. had added above line
indisputably become considerably worse for indisputably & evidently become much worse

10. passed erased before left behind
expressing (saying erased) with a most intelligent (and seeming erased) portentous countenance written over as Bad as it had been before the Change seemed to say

13. could safely proceed for had ever thought of proceeding

16. Travellors beleived found themselves at first only shaken & bruised erased before Gentleman

18. at first added above line

21. soon added above line

22. in a few moments erased after of it and added above line after obliged

Page 3

2. self erased before congratulations and to his wife & himself added above line

13. the for a before neat-looking

14. appearing erased after Cottage

15. peeping out from among wood, and erased before romantically
among wood added above line

20. neither over & not erased

Page 4

1. from erased after coming

2. had for having

15. & very erased after salutation

19. assistance for service in any way

21. one or two of added above line

Page 5

5. best over better to erased

8. a favourable for the best possible

15. him for any
his Partner erased before if he

17. rather added above line
would prefer the attendance of his Partner for would have his Partner by preference (Miss Austen neglected to alter would to should)

20. can be with him for will be there

Page 6

1. for added above line before Excepting

12. though over either erased

14. stay added above line

20. whether you may know it or not added above line

Page 7

3. only yesterday morng in London added above line

8. a added above line before Partnership

15. with a good humoured smile added above line

20. this Parish erased before Willingden
for having (I have erased) over having erased

21. Sir added above line, and erased, after lived here

22. Sir erased after Man & Boy
I think I must have known of such a person, at least I may venture] without ever hearing (and never heard before written above line and erased) of the existence of such a person before. I think I may venture (therefore added above line and erased) at least (at least added a second time, above line, and erased)—all cancelled

Page 8

3. To be sure for Though to be sure

9. Sir added above line

12. and that added above line before My Shepherd

14. peices for bits

Page 9

10. last added above line

12. when added above line
was (being erased) in the over in erased

14. One is never able to be complete anything (be inadvertently not erased) for Nothing able to be completed

16. you know added above line

17. and accordingly satisfying for I satisfied

20. I added above line

Page 10

1. Scrape for awkward Predicament

13. you know added above line
own added above line

17. air & added above line before immersion

Page 11

8. service to you & this Lady over use to service erased

15. it will be better for us for we had better accept this kind offer

16. he erased before turned

18. in order added above line

21. rise to added above line

Page 12

3. home added above line

5. my for the

9. itself added above line

11. the favourite spot for the most favourite

13. favourite erased before coast

14. promising to be the most chosen for consequently the most likely to be chosen

21. the wonder! for amazing to me!

22. or Time for & Time

Page 13

1. a Country for any Country

2. sure to added above line

3. as I dare say you find for I dare say you find it so

12. experiencing for feeling

15. Nursery Grounds for laying out Gardens

17. those regular for the regular

19. who are a blessing everywhere, excite for excite not only

21. and diffuse for but diffuse

22. sort for kind

Page 14

3. one erased before place

9. totally added above line

16. must soon find themselves for I have no doubt will find themselves in the end

Page 15

10. One complete, measured for a measured

13. saving a whole Mile for that

19. lying, as it does for situated

20. a bleak Moor added above line

Page 16

10. (pro erased) yeild over grow erased

Page 17

1. Why, in truth Sir, I fancy for I fancy, Sir

3. that line for those lines

11. is quite of my opinion & thinks for quite agrees with me in thinking

15. (turning round towards erased before (two

16. (who erased) followed over attended erased

17. now seen added above line

Page 18

2. every thing that was proper for & did what was proper

3. recommend for enforce

10. the Carriage being now set up, was discovered to have received such Injury for it was now ascertained that the Carriage was so much injured

14. therefore added above line

Page 19

3. For a whole fortnight the Travellors were fixed at Willingden for The Parkers were the Guests of the Heywoods a fortnight

4. Mr P.'s sprain proving (being erased) too serious for him to move sooner for The sprain was too serious for Mr Parker to be sooner able to move sooner

13. equal goodwill erased before unremitting

14. act & erased before office

Page 20

3. on either for in either

6. unfolded for or made known

8. for he was (being erased) over was he was erased

10. his conversation for he

11. unconsciously erased after information

14. on for in

20. quiet (simple erased) added above line
interesting only erased after Village
consideration inhabited by one Family of consequence, his own, of secondary erased before pretensions

22. some before accidental erased, and restored above line

Page 21

2. Land Holder for Proprietor of the Land

3. becoming for being

6. note erased before young
Renown for notoriety

13. of a respectable over no Profession erased

21. former indeed for Brothers in fact

Page 22

5. his ancle for an ancle

19. prodigious for great

22. last year added above line

Page 24

2. remained for was

7. not only those of added above line

8. and added above line before Home

9. also erased before his Mine

10. his Occupation added above line

14. and added above line before his endeavours

18. own added above line before House

Page 25

1. air erased after sea

4. bracket erased after spirits

9. nearly for almost
in every disorder erased after infallible

11. In cases erased after Disorder

12. they were equally sovereign erased after Blood
They were erased, and restored above line

14. anti-bilious added above line

17. Nobody wanted Spirits, Nobody wanted Strength for nor cd the most obstinate Cougher retain a cough there 4 & 20 hours

19. seemingly added above line

20. each (?) erased before was wanted

Page 26

3. evidently for palpably

7. they erased before their

8. long over very long erased

14. could carry for conveyed

17. old over ol erased

19. eldest added above line

Page 27

4. an occasional month for a Summer occasionally

5. a erased before symptoms

6. and over to make erased

10. forbidding erased before obliged

Page 28

1. give useful connections or over lead them into respectable Company erased

6. Daughter for young Lady

13. under her Mother's directions for in acting for her Mother

15. & erased before who

20. gratitude for grateful feelings

Page 29

1. for her sisters & over & everything else that erased
there erased after Library

5. send for recommend
get try (?) added above line before Sanditon and erased

8. as omitted

9. 5 shillings for one night

Page 31

16. facts added above line

Page 32

2. her history & her Character for names & places, & some hints of Character
(though given with the light touch of a very friendly hand) erased after Character

3. were erased before served

4. Hill for Pull

6. who erased before with whom

15. quite erased before an elderly

Page 33

22. her conduct for it

Page 34

5. greatly for much

8. a chearful, independant, valuable character over to us erased

10. may be entirely for are to be cheifly
her want for the want

16. truly admirable for which one admires

Page 35

1. now & then, see things differently for see things differently now & then

3. you know added above line

7. wants of Society for Social order

16. he had allowed them to be for they cd be

Page 36

1. these for the

3. Cous erased before Kindred

13. at hand to preserve their over able by their vicinity, to erased

19. always erased before lived

20. very erased before principally

Page 37

4. had he for if he had

9. Lady D. has granted him for he holds under Lady D——

10. we shall over will erased

15. being erased before having
the fairest for a very fair

Page 38

1. and long & often enjoyed] deprecating the idea of a Companion, defying & l enjoying erased

4. on that head, she had been erased after relations

6. House for Hall

10. secure for restore

17. Character for young Woman

20. described for delineated
(and not with erased after described

Page 39

7. promptly & added above line

15. being in erased before London
principally added above line

16. very added above line
there resident there erased after Cousins

18. & whom she was determined to keep at a distance, she had over she had erased

20. there erased and restored above line

Page 40

3. reputed for proverbial

5. calling for called

7. not added above line

9. all the over great erased

10. which is left 'hanging'

15. a added above line before spy

17. persuaded for induced

18. for the rest of her stay added above line after home and erased after offer

20. a added above line before very

Page 41

3. beyond her expectation over were erased

22. a added above line before situation

Page 42

3. merit (sweetness erased) over unpretending manners erased

9. steady conduct for good Judgement
unassuming erased before gentle

18. having for she had

19. she was become erased before that Loveliness

Page 43

4. close by for in front of

6. Orchard & Meadows for Ground & Orchards

8. such a over such any erased

11. old added above line

Page 44

4. you know added above line

8. Hill for ascent

9. the heart of erased before Sanditon
modern Sanditon added above line we shall soon catch the roof of my new house; my real home erased before a beautiful Spot

16. & added above line before without

Page 45

3. a little for the little

4. & a Crescent is a building that always takes erased after we shall

6. very erased before name
joined to the over will give us choice of Lodgers erased

8. In a good Season added above line before We

12. at it added above line

13. a great deal of erased before something

19. in fact added above line

21. having erased after without
the constant Eyesore of added above line, and as an Eyesore erased after formalities
formalities for formality

22. or the yearly nuisance of its for or its occasional

Page 46

4. and added above line before We and erased
now (or here) erased after well off

5. as ever we were for as we used to be

13. on the Hill added above line
about us erased before in the course

14. The Growth of my Plantations is a general astonishment for My Plantations astonish everybody by their Growth

Page 47

6. as proud as can be for so proud

7. How Grave she will walk about with it, and for It will be delightful to see her walking about with it, so gravely.—She will

12. now erased after bathe

18. at all for as we did

19. those for our

Page 48

5. with added above line

7. this Gutter for this Pit

11. by (any erased) one over if one erased

12. which do more mischief in a over should pour through the erased

13. when they do arise over which do more mischeif erased

14. experiences for knows

20. get (deal with erased) all our erased before go

21. Stringer for Salmon

Page 49

4. beyond a doubt added above line

6. Help for encouragement

9. often wanted for forgotten

15. old erased before the Stringers

16. be added above line before easily

17. I hope erased after satisfied

19. & says added above line

21. out of erased before left

Page 50

3. He pretends to advise . . . Improvements added between lines

7. of & to us, all for of his eldest Br—& to his Eldest Br &

8. Most Families . . . to say anything for A young Man of Abilities & Address, & general ease of manner Miss H.—who says anything

12. In ours, it is Sidney; who is a over Sidney is erased

14. and with great powers . . . only fault for very lively, very pleasant—living very much in the World—& liked by every body

16. I wish we may (I should above line, erased) erased before He is here

20. fine thing for for credit to

Page 51

7. neat added above line

8. original erased before Sanditon

9. Hill for Down

12. and whose Height ended in for but whose Top was

18. overlooking the Sea erased after Down
where . . . looked for added above line

15. winding more obliquely for wound

16. gave for giving

18. formed for forming

Page 52

1. delight for great pleasure

6. were actually erased before two Females

11. through the upper for from the open

12. Blissful for exhilarating

20. might for must

Page 53

3. during added above line

4. Summer for Season

6. and for but

7. would not let them be for cd not bear to have them

8. the shore added above line

11. William for old

14. at a Shoemaker's added above line

15. This is new . . . a month ago added between lines

Page 54

3. former Days for old erection

9. (to be watched above line) by Mr Parker their d erased before by Mr P.

12. calculated for reckoned
fewer erased before and a smaller

17. —but there were the Sands erased after dinner
But added above line
& the Terrace added above line

19. and the added above line before Tide

20. half-Tide now for half in

21. at added above line before his own

22. at once added above line

Page 55

2. he added above line before cd almost

5. on the Down for of any
was a light for was an

6. standing in a for separated from the Down only by a

7. a very young plantation round it for very young plantations over it

8. about for not

9. the Cliff—which was erased after brow of
very added above line before lofty

11. short added above line

16. a little for a small space

18. to added above line before the Bathing

Page 56

6. ample, Venetian added above line

11. in Sunshine & Freshness for under a Sunshiny Breeze

Page 57

7. But added above line before Perhaps

8. I trust it may for Not unlikely

16. say for guess

Page 58

8. two added above line

7. frequently added above line
subject to a variety of very serious for at times Martyrs to very dreadful

Page 59

1. much added above line
20 for 22

5. which is most unfortunate erased after Profession

10. wd appear by this letter to have been for had been

14. began for observed

Page 60

3. accomplishing between you for bringing about

5. shew for describe

10. at for by before your accident

16. hardly able to crawl from the (my erased) Bed to the Sofa erased after found me
suffering added above line

18. & hardly . . . Sofa added above line

Page 61

9. use for application
steadily for well

11. six for 4

Page 62

6. to be obtained erased after releif

11. know where to apply erased before could soon

Page 63

2. and added before Six

3. 10 days together over the last week have erased
so little for a little

4. we for I

9. accordingly erased after drawn and added above line

14. trying to suppress (coughing erased) a cough for sneezing

Page 64

4. & for

6. one for that of

8. Girls added above line

12. But added above line

14. as he (concluded erased) finished (it erased) for having finished & refolded his Letter
Though I dare say over I suppose if erased

15. wd erased after Sidney

16. extremely entertaining for very amusing (to laugh at above line erased)

17. & make us . . . together added above line

18. by (possibly for) myself, can see nothing (either erased) in for can see nothing in

19. either added above line before very

22. in (advancing erased) promoting for for

Page 65

5. extra added above line

10. quite erased before astonished

13. It is really erased before frightful

16. more for most

17. to one's imagination erased after distressing

Page 66

7. own for say

13. p (i.e. poor?) erased before Arthur

22. idle & indolent erased after 20

Page 67

3. any prospect and (above line) the slightest plan erased before of engaging

Page 69

6. & added above line before as quickly

9. Business added above line

12. Elderly added above line

Page 70

1. & added above line before the Sands

4. the House added above line

6. her inner room for the little inner parlour

7. Employment for something better to do

14. such as these erased after than

16. Brown for Henderson

17. M erased before Lieut:

Page 71

1. the List was not only for it was not only a List

7. were an ever-ready consolation for was an ever-present source of Joy

8. without delay for immediately

15. with all becoming alacrity erased after List

16. busy in for proceeding to

18. further added above line

21. smart Trinkets for ornamented Combs

Page 72

7. she reflected for began to feel

9. for her added above line

11. the very first Evening for the first Evening of her arrival She took up a Book; it happened to be a vol: of Camilla for A vol: of Camilla happened to lie on the Counter

15. so, she turned from the Drawers of rings & Broches for, The (Gl erased) Drawers of rings & Broches must be resisted

Page 73

3. & (had erased) been directed thence for whence they were directed

4. her having walked a good mile was erased before Lady D.

20. you & make sure of your for our good Neighbours, & be sure of their

Page 74

3. very quietly over without any other species of opposition erased

11. She observed them well added above line

14. & for a after eye

18. being free-spoken for free-speaking

19. about her for in it

22. of welcome for and interest

Page 75

1. was for was was

9. a sweetly modest & yet naturally graceful for a sweet modesty yet natural gracefulness of

11. in added above line after see

12. the for as (?) after only

18. whatever Heroine might be most beautiful & bewitching for all the most beautiful & bewitching Heroines

16. on for in before Mrs. Whitby's

17. was from erased before might

Page 76

2, 3. Such added above line before Poverty and such before Beauty

12. in erased after herself
first added above line before 5

14. be the Lot of for await

21. Denham for Denham's

Page 77

17. very erased after Very

21. spend over are said erased

Page 78

2. fancy for think

4. But for And
about erased after scatter

Page 79

6. at me erased after smiles

7. I dare say added above line

8. may be erased after Creature

17. as added above line before all

Page 80

11. credit for thanks

Page 81

6 & 8. There is no doubt that Miss Austen wrote Chamber-House though it was printed Chamber-Horse in the Memoir

14. my added above line before poor

Page 82

4. & I added above line

Page 83

3. them for others

8. settled with Mrs P.—in for in

9. when they came erased after Drawing room

Page 84

13. very good for pleasing

19. very erased before fine

21. She for Charlotte

Page 85

1. very erased before agreable

2. suspicion for notion

3. would arise for might be implied

9. (simple erased) dull of Fancy for Dull of Mind
ind erased before careless

20. and erased before followed

22. merely for only

Page 86

2. altogether added above line

9. did him no harm for did not hurt him

15. th erased before all

Page 88

6. devoting himself entirely erased after walk & by added above line before addressing

8. Stationing himself added above line before Close
side erased after by her

11. to added above line before give

Page 90

18. there is added above line
to madden for that maddens

Page 91

14. him for Scott

19. truly added above line before breathed

Page 92

20. of erased before elicited

Page 93

19. had learnt to understand for could comprehend

21. had for could

22. or two on his side over of two of Sir Edwards erased

Page 94

10. for for of before going

16. some erased before looks

18. were to erased before united

21. amused in considering for deriving considerable amusement from

22. between for of

Page 95

2. strain of added above line

4. discourse for manner of talking

5. immediately erased after arm

6. felt (herself doing erased) that any notice from her was an Honour over had been long used to consider her honour (sic) by any Notice she bestowed erased

9. or a natural for & a

17. every way added above line

Page 96

5. with me added above line

Page 97

3. find fault with for rip up the faults of

4. Nobody could live happier together than us for We lived perfectly happy together

12. Charlottes for her

15. legal erased before bequest

16. had erased before only

18. it for that

Page 98

4. bad added above line

14. a added above line before very fine

15. in his added above line before Address

18. directly saw that for imagined

Page 99

14. to repeated inadvertently
quite added above line after seemed

Page 100

2. real and Landed or Funded added above line

7. And for Now

12. get written twice, one erased

Page 101

10. was erased before prepared

15. out for the before Bed rooms

Page 102

12. 3 or 4 erased before either

Page 103

7. but for & before without

8. & only conscious that Lady D. was still talking for while Lady D. still talked

12. thoroughly mean. I had not expected any thing so bad for much worse than I expected—meaner—a great deal meaner. She is very mean

14. His own kind Disposition makes him judge too well of others erased before His Judgement

15. always added above line before to be trusted and erased
in his opinion of others erased after trusted

16. in judging of others erased after misleads him

22. Line for respect

Page 104

7. not added above line before tell

Page 105

2. till for by

8. has been our Occupation for we have been doing

Page 106

9. But added above line before If

11. I dare say it will for it will probably

18. incipient added above line

Page 107

2. aberration for aberrations

4. atcheive for encounter

6. delight for ardour

10. indomptible for unconquerable

12. high-toned Machinations of the added above line

21. any opposing Character for his Rival

22. but added above line before Eleemosynary

Page 108

5. anti-puerile for sagacious

12. whom circumstances . . . spot added above line

19. since added above line before appeared

22. opposition of feeling & convenience for thing

Page 109

8. of the erased and restored above line
which were the usual erased before Villain

13. was always more anxious for its for always wished it better

14. than it cd ever have erased after success

19. owed his erased before read nothing

20. were for was (an interesting change)

Page 110

8. our replaced by the and restored

14. He felt that added above line before He

16. The very name . . . fascination with it added between lines

Page 111

2. any for some before pretensions

4. mistaken erased before veiws

7. alone added above line after Clara

Page 112

12. wd have erased before felt
a strong for some

13. ascertain for know

15. desola (?) erased before solitary

20. st (i.e. stile?) erased before sort

Page 113

15. having been for being

Page 114

5. could be for was

7. if possible before her for before her if possible

8. did not allow for was too brisk for

11. when for as

17. a moment's astonishment for beginning to astonish Charlotte

22. a great deal of above line, great astonis (?) and much (word illegible) erased

Page 115

1. but still more for & great

2. Nothing cd be . . . wife added between lines

4. How erased and restored (orig. How had?)

6. that added above line before she was

9. middling for middle

10. delicate looking rather than sickly for but rather delicate than absolutely sickly

11. in her erased before with an agreable

12. her manners resembling for and her manners resembled

14. with for there was before more decision

16. without delay for as soon as they were in the Drawing room

Page 116

1. better & better for a great increase of the Happiness!

2. come for here

3. Nothing else to be done for A case of Necessity

12. which we spent erased after night
and as for but

13. so added above line before common
that erased before as

15. wonderfully for charmingly

16. She erased (probably) before had no Hysterics
had for and

17. within sight of for to

18. the attack was not very violent—(quite over erased) nearly over for they were quite subsided

22. Mr Woodcock's assistance for young Woodcock's help

Page 117

1. the Disposal of the Luggage for where all the Luggage shd be carried

3. Sam for Hannah
unp (?) erased before uncord

5. her erased before being so poor

7. unwilling for afraid for

11. about for over
so I for therefore

13. the Terrace, to added above line

16. I am sure erased after Hotel

17. on the Down for in the field

22. affected for stiffened

Page 118

13. the Good for two Excellent

14. know them only for have only heard of them

15. You must over My friend Fanny Noyce I dare say you erased

22. Only for But

Page 119

5. where for Spot

10. on for as to before the question

15. th erased before Names

16. There over The erased

21. to receive for for

Page 120

4. simple link of connection for connecting link

9. case for question

10. but for But before two days

Page 121

2. there added above line after arriving

7. than erased after account

11. all added above line before this

14. us for the English after to make

17. By erased before Whether
or added above line before to Mrs

18. to over But erased

20. am equal for ought

Page 122

1. me for my Exertions

7. left Chichester added above line

11. & doing . . . World added above line

Page 123

6. quick for hasty
The part of the story which was really (most above line) astonishing (to above line) Charlotte most, she could not (something above line, not legible) noticed, she had just given (?) it to herself erased after measures

7. The words for the words of

8. had just passed through Charlotte's (brain erased) mind (and collecting her Thoughts, she replied—"I dare say I look surprised, for I feel so erased)—all written over but she could only give one explanation of the Amazement which she cd easily beleive to be painted in her face erased

10. that erased before a civil

11. do added above line before look

13. what Invalides . . . are for that both you & your Sister are sad sufferers (Invalides above line) as to Health

16. appellation for name

22. which will erased before incline

Page 124

1. Howe (?) erased before The World

4. not for act

5. no opportunity of (doing erased) being useful (Good erased) escape them for none of their faculties be wasted

10. of use of sic

Page 125

4. warmly offered his assistance for particularly urged for

11. of mine added above line after business

19. today for this Eveng

Page 126

5. some (other erased) Lodgings or other for them

9. the commission for to undertake it

13. No, indeed . . . mere name for Oh! as to your Sisters Dinner cried his wife, that's never any thing more than a name

21. I grant you added above line

Page 127

3. is only too much disposed for Food. We are often over is much more likely to eat too much than too little we erased (eats enormously. We above line, erased)

18. so erased before independant

Page 128

1. who actually attends . . . Eloquence and for & attends some of the girls of the Seminary, to give them lessons in Botany &

7. however added above line after appearing

Page 129

1. ago erased before since

Page 130

4. in erased after sensation

6. for themselves erased after complaints

9. a Zeal for for the love of

11. or written inadvertently for of before others

16. an early for a
at over to erased

18. their sufferings added above line

20. Charitable for benevolent

22. a spirit of restless activity for the disease of activity

Page 131

2. Benevolence for Health, as well as in every inaction of Sickness

10. who for whose before had never

18. she found them added above line

21. it had been added above line

Page 132

2. the added above line before Table

7. a peculiar degree over the sort erased

14. excepting for except

16. the several for many

17. at home for domesticated

20. symptoms for signs

Page 133

3. the added above line before salts

4. considerable for great

6. him added above line after fancied

12. excepting erased before with

Page 134

3. much for most

8. during for for

15. also added above line before opened

Page 135

3. been added above line before hitherto

5. what she had done erased before opening

12. seen something for distinguished something of the matter

13. from their window erased before they could and added above line after distinguish

15. its amount for the amount of it

Page 136

2. some removals to look for looking

5. next for close

7. civility in wishing her to take his over polite civil offer offering her his own erased

10. much for great

12. his Person as for him for

15. Arthur was . . . no means for He had in every respect a heavy Look.—Yet was not

18. cheifly for very much

19. he added above line before evidently

20. a fine young Woman for a good-looking Girl (well (word illegible) agreable above line, erased)

22. observed with much (gr. above line, erased) pleasure erased after Br

Page 137

1. decided for great

2. of erased before some
Powerful object over thing source erased

3. him for Arthur
considerable for no inconsiderable

5. began even to make for made

13. & invigorating to for for

15. well for much before as anybody

Page 138

3. To say the truth for In my own opinion

5. in my (own erased) opinion added above line

15. thought replaced by found and restored above line

Page 139

5. walk for take

12. as to for in

13. the Hill is so steep for there is such a steep Hill to get up to it

18. which erased after Perspiration

21. th erased before veiwed

Page 140

5. Pot erased after Cocoa

18. brought up added above line

16. the murmuring of a few broken sentences of self-approbation & success for in a faint murmur, & a few broken sentences of approbation of his own Doings & prosperity

19. into as gallant a Line as ever for with quite as much Gallantry as before

Page 141

9. rather added above line after Dish of

13. very added above line before fine

21. by no means for not

Page 142

2. certainly for evidently

4. of for from before his sisters

15. exceedingly pleased for very much obliged

16. there for upon that subject

17. a very bad thing for is very bad

Page 143

5. It was rather amusing to see erased after nutmeg grater

6. Glass added above line after Butter and erased

8. accusing . . . declaring . . . maintaining for accused . . . declared . . . maintained

10. and added above line after trusted

18. her Toast for that
Toast erased after own

20. herself for himself

22. almost added above line after scraped off

Page 144

7. Earthy Dross for Earth

8. Charlotte could not but suspect him of adopting over He seemed of having (originally to have) chosen erased

9. principally for cheifly

Page 145

6. acts on me like Poison and added above line

9. sounds almost incredible for is a sort of thing hardly to be beleived

10. so often that I cannot doubt it for three (several (?) above line) times

21. Soon for Very soon

Page 146

11. and the colour rushed for brought the colour

13. much for a good deal of

Page 147

16. determing sic

18. totally seperate & distinct erased after Families

20. each for them

Page 148

8. advantage for Good

Page 149

2. race for family

4. that added above line before the Family

6. were for being

13. period for time

14. another representation for other representations

Page 150

4. blunders for mistakes
of some erased before of the many

10. make everything appear what it was not for throw everything into confusion

15. expensive added above line before House

21. beleived herself for supposed

Page 151

6. Mrs C. D's for her

7. mere for very before trifle

8. of reproach added above line

9. all the following for the next

14. receiving such for giving a home to

15. as for who

Page 152

17. such pursuits as for the pursuit of what

18. general erased before admiration

Page 153

8. Smallness & added above line before Retirement
yet added above line before having

9. in the course of the Spring added above line

10. some erased before the inevitable

11. each added above line after Dresses

20. secluded for retired

21. from for with after celebrity

Page 154

12. in Sanditon added above line

14. to added above line before the prevalence

22. been asking for for wanted

Page 155

6. soon added above line before found

7. be vain for fail her

9. to have erased before any complaint

12. & if Mrs G ever (word illegible) (could therefore above line) erased after Physician

Page 156

5. accordingly for indeed

7. with added above line before Drawing paper

14. an added above line before eye

19. notice for being noticed

20. by habit erased after disposed

22. quitted over went out at this end of erased
way for walk
his Brothers for Trafalgar H.

Page 157

3. round added above line before about

Page 159

13. better added above line before mention

Page 160

7. for them erased after foot

17. be really at a loss for really be at any loss

18. more added above line before simple

20. earnest added above line

Page 161

6. that written inadvertently for than

20. the added above line before sort

21. is for can be

Page 162

7. as to erased before then

11. all added above line before out

Page 163

2. all erased before over

4. at one oclock for today

7. besides erased before between

13. to hear it for for this

14. if this is the case added above line

Page 164

9. their impropriety for the impropriety of them

17. not added above line after they could

19. it erased after up

Page 165

11. it was over in the p erased

13. most kindly added above line

Page 166

7. with a decided air of Ease & Fashion, and a over with a & very much the Man of fashion in his air erased

15. road for approach
at first only (by above line) erased before a broad

16. approach for road

17. (of about a qr of a mile's length erased) & conducting at the end of a qr of a mile through second Gates over but ending in about a qr of a mile erased

19. into for in
not added above line before extensive

20. were erased before had

22. These Entrance Gates . . . Boundaries for They were so narrow at the Entrance

Page 167

3. an outside for one outside

5. here, & a curve there threw for in one, & a curve in the other gave

6. to added above line after them

9. clusters (rows erased) of fine Elms, or rows of old Thorns for vigorous Elms, or old Thorns & Hollies

10. line for course

12. vacant spaces for intervals

16. over the pales erased after Womanish and added above line after glimpse

20. decidedly for distinctly

21. in spite of the Mist for though at some distance before her

Page 168

1. sloping erased before bank

2. at (?) erased after Paling &

3. Path for track

8. that erased after felt

12. her added above line after strike

14. must not for ought not to

16. of it erased after nothing
discerned for seen

17. If Charlotte had not been over she was erased

19. or erased after the two

Page 169

6. perfectly added above line before secure

10. by Man perhaps inadvertently for of Man
at their back for behind them

12. by her erased after ill-used

19. order & the (?) added above line before Importance

Page 170

6. stately for portly

12. represented for was

15. own House for room