France and the Levant/Chronological Summary

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1099 Conquest of Jerusalem by the First Crusade.
1187 Conquest of Jerusalem by Saladin.
1248–54 The Crusade of St Louis.
1291 Loss of Acre.
1453 Fall of Constantinople.
1536 Treaty between Francis I and Suleiman.
1553 Renewal of Treaty.
1672 Leibnitz urges Louis XIV to conquer Egypt.
1762–81 Plans of Vergennes, Choiseul and Saint-Priest.
1798 Bonaparte conquers Egypt.
1799 Bonaparte invades Syria, but is forced to withdraw.
1806 Alliance of France and Turkey.
1831–9 Struggle between Mehemet Ali and Mahmud for Syria.
1840 Palmerston secures the restoration of Syria to the Sultan, despite French opposition.
1854–6 The Crimean War.
1859–60 Massacre of Christians in the Lebanon and Damascus. Landing of French troops.
1861–4 Lebanon receives autonomy.
1869 Opening of the Suez Canal.
1882 France declines to aid Great Britain in the suppression of Arabi's rebellion.
1905 The French Republic breaks with the Church.
1918 Conquest of Palestine and Syria by Allenby.