Funeral Sermon and Prayer

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Funeral Sermon and Prayer

The Funeral Sermon and Prayer (Hungarian: Halotti Beszéd és Könyörgés) is an old handwritten Hungarian text dating to 1192-1195. It was found on the 154a. page of the Codex Pray.

83780Funeral Sermon and PrayerUnknown

Sermo ſup ſepulchrum.

Do you see, my friends, with your eyes, what we are: truly, we are dust and ash. How much of grace in he (God) created our ancestor, Adam. And he was told to live on every fruit of the Paradise. Whilst he (God) forbid him from the fruit of one tree. He told him why can not eat from it: "truly, on the day when you eat from the fruit, you will die with the death of death." He had heard about his death from the creator God, but he forgot it. He gave way to the allure of Evil. And he ate from the forbidden fruit. And in this fruit, he ate his death. And the fruit's juice was so bitter that it broke away their throats. Not only for himself, but for the whole of his race he ate death. God had been infuriated, and he dropped him into this back-breaking world. And the nest of death and hell arrived. And for the whole race of he. Who are they? We are they. And like you see with your eyes, truly, no man can avoid this pit. Truly, all of us go into this. Glorify our Lord's grace for this soul. To give mercy for him. And give him grace, and forgive all crimes of him. And glorify the Saint Lady, Mary. And the Blessed Michael archangel. And all the angels. To pray for him. And glorify Lord Saint Peter, whom he given power to absolve and castigate, to absolve all the crimes of him. And free him from all of the pursuits of Evil, and from the torments of Hell. And drive him to the peace of the Paradise. And give him way to the Heaven. And give him part in every good. And shout three times to Our Lord. Kirl.

My dear friends, let's pray for the soul of this poor man, whom Our Lord liberated from the prison of that false world. Whose body we are burying today. To let the Lord place him with his grace into the slay of Abraham, Isac and Jacob, to on the day of judgement, with his relatives, resurrect him. And in your souls. clamate III. K.

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