General History of Europe

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  • Book I. The Ancient World
  • Book II. The Greeks
    • Chapter IV. The Coming of the Greeks—Their Early Achievements
    • Chapter V. The Repulse of Persia and the Rise of the Athenian Empire
    • Chapter VI Athens in the Age of Pericles
    • Chapter VII. Continued Conflicts Among the Greek States; Art and Literature after Pericles
    • Chapter VIII. Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age
  • Book III. The Romans
    • Chapter IX. The Western Mediterranean World and the Roman Conquest of Italy
    • Chapter X. Rome and Carthage
    • Chapter XI. Extension of Roman Dominion and Its Results
    • Chapter XII. A Century of Revolution and the End of the Roman Republic (133-30 B.C.)
    • Chapter XIII. The Roman Empire From Augustus to Marcus Aurelius
    • Chapter XIV. A century of disorder and the Divisions of the Roman Empire
  • Book IV. The Middle Ages
  • Book V. Civilization of the Middle Ages