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Didelphis Vulpina. D. ferruginea, cauda villosa nigra.
Ferruginous O. with black villose tail.
Vulpine Opossum. Phillip’s voy. p. 150. pl. 16.

This, which is one of the larger Opossums, is said to measure twenty-six inches from the nose to the setting on of the tail, and the tail itself fifteen inches. The general colour of the animal is, on the upper parts, dusky grey, with a rufous tinge; all the under parts being of a tawny buff-colour, deepest on the throat: the tail is of the colour of the back for about a quarter of its length, and from thence to the end black: it appears from the representation in Mr. Phillip’s voyage, to be well covered with fur to the very end. Upon the whole, I cannot help imagining that it is in reality no other than the species already described, under the name of the Lemurine Opossum.