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AS a bolt out of the blue came the news Monday of the death of George W. Joseph, republican nominee for governor. He lived life in tensely and in the rigors of strenuous activity, it was not unfitting that his end should come suddenly, without warning a shock to the people in the nature of his passing, even as his life was full of constant surprises for them. Though long recognized as a power in circles in which he moved, his rise to head the state's majority party ticket as can didate for governor was scintillating, spectacular. Intelligent, capable, aggressive, he has ever held the respect of his enemies enemies, any man must make by ever standing firmly on any question that present ed itself, as was Senator Joseph's wont and those in the enemy ranks will bow their heads in reverence when requiem sounds, in recognition of the passing of a valiant combattant, worthy of their strongest steel. It was not inept that his passing should come while reviewing men clad in the uniforms of soldiers fighting men, ready for the call, as he, also a fighting man considered it his bounden duty to answer the call in behalf of the people, and in defense of honor.

What matter his motives, methods or ideals? He was loved by his friends, respected by his enemies. Senator George W. Joseph may rest in peace.