Grammar & Alphabet of the Egyptian Language

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Grammar & A[l]phabet of the Egyptian Language.
by Joseph Smith, Jr.
original in LDS Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah. Published as Tanner & Tanner (1966), Joseph Smith's Egyptian Alphabet & Grammar, Salt Lake City: Utah Lighthouse Ministry. Also published as part of H. Michael Marquardt (1981), The Joseph Smith Egyptian Papers (out of print as of 2008).

Grammar & A[l]phabet of the Egyptian Language [Egyptian Alphabet fifth degree][edit]

This is called Za Ki=oan hiash, or Chalsidon hioash. This character is in the fiftth degree, independent and arbitrary. It may be preseded in the fifth degree while it stands independent and arbitrary: That is, without a straight mark inserted above or below it. By inserting a straight mark over it thus, (2) it increases its signification five degrees: by inserting two straight lines, thus: (3) its signification is increased five times more. By inserting three straight lines thus (4) its signification is again increased five times more than the last. By counting the numbers of straight lines and preseving them, or considering them as qualifying adjectives we have the degrees of comparision There are five connecting parts of speech in the above character, called ZaKi on hish These five connecting parts of speech, for verbs, participles-prepositions, conjunctions, and adverbs. In Translating this character, the subject must be continued until there are as many of these connecting parts of speech used as there are connections or connecting points found in the character. But whenever the character is found with one horizontal line, as at (2) the subject must be continued until twicefive times the number of connecting parts of speech are used; or, the full sense of the writer is not conveyed. When two horizontal lines occur, the number of connecting parts of speech are continued five times further— or five degrees. And when three horizontal lines are found, the number of connections are to be increased five times further. The character alone has 5 parts of speech: increased by one straight line thus 5 x 5 is 25 page 1 by 2 horizontal lines thus 25 x 5 = 125; and by 3 horizontal lines thus: -125 x 5 =625

When this character has a horizontal line under it it reduces it into the fourth degree, consequently it has but four connecting parts of speech. When it has two horizontal lines, it is reduced into the third degree and has but three connecting parts of speech, and when it has three horizontal lines; it is reduced into the second degree and has but two connective parts of speech.

No. 8 shows the character dissected

Beth place of happiness, purity, holiness & rest

Iota see, saw seeing or having seen

[Insertion from page 2: Beth Ka the greatest place of happiness exceeding extended beyond]

Zub Zool oan The first born, or the first man or father or fathers

Ki the compound of iota see saw seeing or having seen

Hi The same as Beth

Ash The same as Zub Zool-oan

Ah brah-oam a father of many nations a prince of peace, one who keeps the commandments of God. A patriarch a rightful heir, a highpriest page 2

Kiah broam Kiah broam = Kiah brah oam = Zub Zool oan

This character shown dissected

Kiah brah oam Coming down from the beginning - right by birth - and also by blessing, and by promise - promises made: a father of many nations; a prince of peace; one who keeps the commandment of God; a patriarch; a rightful heir; a highpriest.

Iota nitahach ah que Its signification is increased five times from the fourth

Ah lish The first being - supreme intellegence; supreme power; supreme glory- supreme Justice; supreme mercy, without beginning of life or end of life, comprehending all things, seeing all things - the invisible and eternal godhead

Phah eh The first man, or Adam, coming from Adam - Keys or right over Patriarchal right by appointment

Phaah The largest riegn, the greatest dominion, possessions or power

Phah ho e oop A King who has universal dominion, over all the earth

Ho oop hah Queen Kah tou mun, a distinction of Royal female lineage or descent, from page 3 her whom Egypt was discovered while it was under water, who was the daughter of Ham - a lineage with whom a record of the fathers was entrusted by the tradition Ham and according to the tradition of their elders: by whom also the tradition of the art of embalming was kept.

Zi most virtuous, comely and beautiful, modest and chaste, being taught most perfectly and upright

Kah tou mun a lineage with whom a record of the fathers was intrusted by tradition of Ham, and according to the tradition of their elders, by whom also the tradition of the art of embalming was kept

Zi oop hah a young virgin unmarried woman

Ho e oop a prince of the royal blood, a true descendant from Ham, the son of Noah, and inheritor of the Kingly blessings from under the hand of Noah, but not according to the priestly blessing, because of the transgressions of Ham, which blessing fell upon Shem from under the hand of Noah

Zip Zi is the same of the fourth only increases or lessens five degrees

Ho e oop hah honor by birth, kingly power by the line of Pharoah possession by birth one who reigns upon his throne universally - possessor of heaven and earth, and page 4 of the blessings of the earth

Sue To point out subject that is, it signifies a continuation of the subject: also to designate one sentence from another, according to the different marks of punctuation signifying the whole of anything or the whole earth

Toan, tau ee tahee tahes toues: Under the Sun: under heaven; downward; stooping down, going down into another place, - any place going down into the grave - going down into misery - even Hell; Coming down in lineage by royal descent, in a line by onitas one of the royal families of the Kings of Egypt.

Iota see, saw, seeing, or having seen or having been seen

Iota toues Zip Zi The land of Egypt which was first discovered by a woman while under water, and afterwards settled by her sons she being a daughter of Ham - Any land over flown with water - A land seen when overflown by water - land overflown by the seasons, land enriched by being overflown low marshy ground.

Su e eh ni The same as the first

Hoeoophahphaheh Patriarchal government; or authority; a land governed according to the pattern or order given to the patriarchs or fathers, rules and laws of a government administered by the direction of Heaven or God. a people living under the laws of the gospel: or that law by which they may be sanctified and see the face of God. page 5 A priestly government: a government administered by the authority of the priesthood less or under the patriarchal; it some times means any priestly government, whether by the direction of heaven or by the tradition of the heavens

Zub Zul eh In the days of the first patriarchs In the reign of Adam; in the days of the first patriarchs; in the days of Noah; in the blessings of Noah; in the blessings of the children of Noah; in the first blessings of men; in the first blessings of the church.

Zub eh Having been within - in the earth - in the sea; in anything; being applied to any condition or situation, to express on thing or principle or being in another

Zub A road or highway; leading up or to: the time for going up to the altar to worship; going up before the Lord, being caught up, going to be caught up, having been caught up

Zub Zool From the beginning of the creation until now; pointing out or designating at the present time; having foreordained, or decreed or having before seen: For instance: Abraham having been chosen before was sent by commandment into the Land of Canaan: Having preached the gospel unto the heathen, was fore warned of God to go down into Ah meh-strah, or Egypt, and preach the gospel unto the Ah meh strahans; page 6

Zool from any or some fixed period of time back to the beginning of Creation Showing the chronology of the patriarchs the right of the priesthood, and the lineage through whom it shall be continued by promise, beginning at Abraham signifying the promises made to Abraham saying through thy priests, or the seed of thy loins, shall the gospel shall be preached, unto all the seed meaning from Noah, and unto all the kindreds of the earth. page 7

[page blank except for insertion to be placed on page 9]page 8

Egyptian Alphabet fourth degree[edit]

Beth Sweet and precious to the smell

Iota me myself

[Insertion from page 8: Beth ka - a more complete enjoyment - a more bea[u]tiful place increasing in beauty]

ZubZool oan pointing to some particular subject

Ki me myself

Oan pointing to some particular subject

Ash compound of Zub Zool oan

Ahbroam a follower of righteousness a possessor of greater knowledge

Kiahbroam Change from the first, by coming from the beginning by right of birth, or lineage

Iota nitahach ah que Its signification is increased

from the third degree five times

Ah lish The first being clothed with supreme glory

Phah-eh Kingly power coming from other Kingly power

Phaah Extending the dominion, possession and power still further

Phah ho e oop extension of power by marriage or by ordinantion, or annointing

Ho oop hah Queen who has been married the second time

Zi One possessing greater beauty, modesty and virtue, taught more perfectly

Kah tou mun A lineage, a daughter of Ham

Zi oop hah A beautiful virgin, one who is fair to look upon and admired for her beauty

Ho e-oop a prince of the royal blood, page 9 a true descendant from Ham - the son of Noah

Zip Zi all women: it took its origin from the earth yielding its fruit. And from the first woman who bore children; and men were multiplied upon the earth, and is used in this degree as a numeral by being inserted above or below another character it increases by being drawn above, And signifies above, more, greater, more glorious, And when inserted under signifies beneath less smaller least

Ho e oop hah Kingly possession - right of possession, title, dignity, honor

Sue To point out subjects

Toan tauee, tahee, taheh toues: exceeding bad adultery: having descended below some other principle

Iota me myself

Iota toues Zip Z The land of Egypt discovered by a woman who afterwards settled her sons in it.

Sueehni The same as the first

Hoe-oop hah phaheh A land, Kingdom or dominion governed by wise, upright Kings or rulers, or judges or governors in administering equitable laws for the benefit page 10 and comfort of the poor, charity and favor to the poor

Zub Zool eh The first inhabitants in the garden Eden in the first generations; in the first church

Zubeh saw in, or within:

Zub Having gone up to some particular place; for the act of going up to going up, climbing, ascending - towards the Sun

Zub Zool Having pointed to some place - refering to any particular subject or thing as having come out from my fathers house Zool Signifying the lineage that lawfully hold the Keys of the Kindgom of God by promise page 11

[page blank except for insertion to be placed on page 13]page 12

Egyptian Alphabet third degree[edit]

Beth good to the taste, pleasing to the eye

Iota sight

[Insertion from page 12: Beth ka - pleasing, Beautiful, a place of exceeding great beauty]

Zub zool oan before some other time

Ki sight

Oan Before some other time

Ash The compound of Zub zool oan

Ah-broam one who possesses great knowledge

Kiah broam First reckoned in chronology - Coming down from the beginning First born right or blessings

Iota nitah oeh ah que Its signification is increased from the second degree five times.

Ah lish Supreme power

Phah-eh Kingly power or first King

Pha ah Having still greater dominion, or possession or power

Phah ho e oop an extension of power

Ho oop hah Crown of a widowed queen

Zi Affability of manners, virtuous well taught

Kah tou mun descent from her by whom Egypt was discovered while it was under water

Zi oop hah distinction by Pharaoh a princess of Egypt

Ho e oop A prince of the line of the Pharoahs

Zip Zi under or beneath, second in right or in authority or government, a fruitful place or fruitful vine page 13

Hoe oop hah Kingly power, dominion, right

Auk eh earth and water

Toan tou-ee tahee taheh tou es: under the earth anything that is beneath some other thing under water or water, also in some instances Fish

Iota I shall or will see that which is to come

Iota toues Zip Zi The woman sought to settle her sons in that land. She being the daughter of Ham

Sueehni The same as the first

Hoeoophahphaheh A land or Kingdom or country, governed by wise upright rulers or Kings, or Judges, good, excellent and wholesome laws

Zub-zool-eh The earth in the beginning, with its rivers, brooks and springs, with its blessings of fruit, trees and flowers, herbs and plants beasts and birds

Zub eh being in or within

Zub pointing to that which is to come, pointing to any fixed period

Zub zool pointing to the end of a fixed period A road which leads to some particular place for instance - from Chaldea I travelled to dwell in the land of Canaan

Zool Showing the denomination of language and through what descent they came and are to continue by promise page 14

Egyptian Alphabet second degree[edit]

Beth This character, that is the character of the second degree, is designated from characters of the first degree by the manner of its being inserted in the compound: as follows - when it is connected it has the signification of the second degree; and when disconnected from the names of other places, it stands for the original sound of Kah=oan for Chaldee and it should be known as being in the second degree, in order to vary the verbs, prepositions participles conjunctions, and adverbs: All names of rivers, & seas, of lands of hills, and of mountains should be preserved in their order according to their degrees, from the first For instance, the first connection should be called Jugos, which signifies verb or action: and the second connection should be called Kah-Jugos, which is a variation, according to the signification of the second degree: Kah Jugos should be preserved in the second degree. It signifies an action passed: The third connection is called Kah Juga-os, which signifies an action to be received or to come to pass The fourth connection is called Ka-os-Ju which signifies connection And the fifth is called Ka-os-Juga-os and is used to qualify according to the signification of the fifth degree whether for prepositions, verbs, adverbs &c page 15

This order should be preserved according to the signification of the degree

Beth a fruitful garden or a great valley or plain filled with fruit trees and flowers

Iota To see

[Insertion from page 17: Beth Ka a large garden - more spacious plain]

Zub Zool-oan The first of anything

Ki To see

oan The first of anything

ash. The compound of Zub Zool oan

Zub Zool oan when connected with Beth is called oan for the sake of brevity It retains its signification in the degree in which it stands

Ah Broam a follower of righteousness

Kiah broam coming down from the beginning To some place or fixed period The first in lineage, or right in lineage page 16

Iota nitahach ahque = its signification is increased from the first degree five times for instance I saw five times twenty five persons, or one hundred and twenty persons Its signification may be lessened one half by the mark as in the margin And again lessened one half of the latter half the mark as in the margin Its signification is increased tenfold by the mark as in the margin: its signification is again increased one hundred fold by the additional mark in the margin Its sound is Ah que Kah Ju: and its signification is a multiplying adjective

Ahlish The name of the first Being: supreme intelligence -

Pah-eh Kingly power - or King

Pha-ah Having greater dominion, or possession or power.

Phah ho e oop Royal blood or Pharoah

Ho oop hah Corwn [Crown] of a married Queen

Zi The principle of virtue - a young female adorned with the modesty of virtue and comeliness

Kah tou mun a distinction of royal female lineage

Zi oop hah a distinction by right of heirship by Pharaoh

Ho e oop A virtuous prince page 17

Zip Zi A woman married or unmarried or a daughter, or mother, or mothers, and some times the first woman, who was Eve

Ho e-oop-hah A King

Ahe inhilable [inhabitable?] part of the earth

Toan tou es tahee toh eh toues: under water, water, under the earth

Iota Seen or sight

Iota toues Zip Zi The land which was discovered under water by a woman

Su e-eh-ni The same as in the first degree

Ho e oop hah phah eh The principle of rule, or ruling or reigning upon the principle of Justice equity and righteousness

Zub Zool eh The earth as it was in the beginning: or at its creation; creation or beginning

Zub-eh To be with in, as light is in the earth

Zub pointing to that which has been created To the first institution or first principle.

Zub Zool from the present time unto some stated period after.

Zool From Abraham back to his father and from Abraham's father back to his father and so on back through the line of his progenitors page 18

[blank except for insertion to be placed on page 20]page 19

Egyptian Alphabet First Degree[edit]

Beth Ba=eth This character is from the first degree It has an arbitrary sound or signification which is Beth; and also a compound sound which is Za and comprise one simple sentence for its signification It is only increased or lessened in its signification by its connection with other characters. one connection with another character, gives it a compound signification, or enlarges the sentence. Two connections increases its signification still: Three increases it still: Four increases still and five still. This is as far as a sentence can be carried in the first degree. In its arbitrary sound it may have more sounds than one, but can not have more than five sounds. When it is compounded with others, it can only have one sound.

Every character in this alphabet is subject to the above restrictions

Iota or Ki

[Insertion from page 19: Beth Ka - a large garden, a large vall[e]y or a large plain.]

Zub Zool-oan

Ki compound

oan compound

The signification of Beth is man's first residence Of Iota - The eye: of Zub Zool oan, The beginning of time:

Ah- broam The Father of the faithful. The first right- The elder

Ki Ah broam That which goes before, until an other time, or a change by appointment, The first, faithful, or father, or fathers.

Iota netahoch ah que a mark of distinction page 20 qualifying different degrees, increasing or lessening the power of the sentences according to the[i]r signification as for instance

Iota nilahoch ah que: (as in the margin) signifies "I saw twenty five persons," or it signifies twenty five persons

Ah lish the name of the first being

Phah-eh The first man - Adam, first father

Pha-ah a more universal reign

Phah-ho-e-oop The lineage of the royal family

Ho-oop hah Crown of a princes, or unmarried queen

Zi virgin or an unmarried female

Kah-tou-mun The name of a Royal family in the female line

Zi-oop-hah An unmarried woman, a virgin princess

Ho e oop A young unmarried man; a prince

Zip Zi a woman married or unmarried or daughter, signifies all, or any woman

Ho-e oop-hah Crown of a prince

Oan The Earth

Toan, tou-ee tah es tou eh tou es. - A principle that is beneath, disgusting - not fit

Iota The eye, or I see

Iota toues-Zip Zi The land of Egypt

Su-e-eh ni who, whence, &c an interrogative prounoun through its degrees

Ho-e-oop-hah-Phah eh Riegn or rule, governments, power, Kingdom or dominion

Zub Zool eh In the beginning of the earth or creation page 21

Zub eh To bee in;

Zub The first creation of any thing: the first institution, first principle;

Zub Zool From the first to any stated period after

Zool From any fixed period of time back to the beginning page 22

Second part 5th Degree[edit]

Alkebeth Ministers of God, high priests, Kings

Ba eth Ka Adam or the first man, or first king

Beth The place appointed of God for the residence of Adam; Adam ondi-Ahman a fruit garden made to be fruitful, by blessing or promise; great valley or plain given by promise; filled with fruit trees and precious flowers, made for the healing of man. Good to the taste, pleasing to the eye; sweet and delightful to the smell; place of happiness - purity, holiness, and rest even Zomar - Zion

Beth Ku A place of residence for man; appointed of God: made to be more fruitful, by blessing; a more perfect place of happiness given by promise

Kah tu-ain Another Kingdom governed by different laws, composed of subjects who receive their place at a future period, and governed by those who are under the directions of another; a kingdom whose subjects differ one from another in glory; behold not the face of God

Lish Zi ho e oop Iota The glory of the celestial Kingdom: The connection of attributes; many parts perfected, and compounded into one Having been united, being united, one glory above all other glories, as the the excels the moon in light, this glory excels being filled with the same glory equaility page 23

Ja-ho-e-oop An ambassador: one delegated with Kingly power; one autherized to execute judgement for the King; a swift messenger one whose power cannot be escaped, one next to supreme;

Jah ni hah One delegated from the highest source acting in or being clothed with the power of another; one sent from the Celestial Kingdom

Jah-oh-eh The earth under the governing power of oliblish, Enish go on dosh, and Kai e van rash, which are grand Key or in other words, the governing power, which governs the fifteen fixed stars (twelve [unclear words]) that belong governs the earth, sun & moon, (which have their power in one) with the other twelve moving planets of this system. Oliblish - Enish go on dosh, and Kaii ven rash, are the three grand central powers that govern all the other creations, which have been sought out by the most aged of all the fathers, since the beginning of the creation, by means of the Urim and Thummim: The names of the other twelve of the fixed stars are: Kolob, Limdi, Zip, Vusel, Venisti, Waine, Wayoh=ox=oan, oansli, Shible, Shineflis, flis, os. The Egyptian names of the fifteen moving planest are: Oanisis, Flosisis, floese: Abbesels, Eleash, Subble, Slundlo, Carroam, Crashmakraw, obblesisim, Izinsbah, missel page 24 Nahmesile, Oheeoopzah, Zool

Flo-ees The moon, the earth and the sun in their annual revolutions

Flos isis The highest degree of light, because its component parts are light. The governing principle of light Because God has said Let this be the centre for light, and let there be bounds that it may not pass. He hath set a cloud round about in the heavens, and the light of the grand governing of 15 fixed stars centre there - and from there its is drawn by the heavenly bodies according to their portions; according to the decrees that God hath set, as the bounds of the ocean, that it should not pass over as a flood, so God has set the bounds of light lest it pass over and consume the planets.

Kli flosisis signifies Kolob in its motion, which is swifter than the rest of the twelve fixed stars; going before, being first in motion, being delegated to have power over others to regulate others in their time, for example, one cubit of times signifies three days Therefore that which is appointed to run three days, runs one cubit according to the measure of time in cubits a cubit of motion is increased or lessened according to the sign of the degrees

Veh Kli flos-isis it signifies less power than the fourth fixed governing star but greater power than the sixth governing fixt [fixed?] star, in consequence of its slowness of motion page 25

Kolob signifies the first creation nearer to the Celestial, or the residence of God, first in government, the last pertaining to the measurement of time, the measurement according to Celestial time which signifies one day to a cubit which day is equal to a thousand years according to the measurement of this earth or Jah-oh-eh page 26

Second part 4th Degree[edit]

Alkabeth angels in an unalterable and immortal State; men after they are raised from the dead, and translated unalterable state.

Baeth The name of all mankind, man or men

BaethKu The fifth high priest from Adam

BethKo man's first residence and a more fruitful garden - a larger place of happiness - a greater happiness Kahtu ain tri eth An other Kingdom governed by different laws, a second King, or governed by another or second person not having been exalted

Zip Zi Iota veh I saw five women

Io=ho-hah oop Zip Zi The tittle or dignity of one who is appointed to wait on the Queen; one who is held in repute; trusty honorable; who can be intrusted; a tittle or dignity conferred upon women - a sign among the Egyptians that is used for influence or power; a sign made use of for one to escape his enemies; to excite commisseration; being had in honor thereby effecting an escape

Jah ni hah one that with delegated and redeeming power, and second in authority; being a swift messenger going before, and having redeeming power, as second in authority: and stands next to a or an the right hand of power.

Jah-oh-eh The earth and power of attraction it has with the third fixed Star, which is called Kui-e van-rash

Jah-oh-eh The earth and power of attraction it has with the third fixed Star, which is called Kui-e van-rash

Flo=ees The moon in its revolutions with earth, showing or signifying the earth going between, thereby forming an eclipse page 27

Flos-isis The right degree of light - the cheering the face of millions of planets

Kli floisis measurement of time: it is used to signify twenty four cubits of measurement and is increased or lessened according to the sign of the degrees

Veh Kli flos isis it signifies less power in its affinity with the first second third and fourth fixed stars, not having power to govern another but having power in affinity with an other to govern

Kolob it signifies first beginning to the bodies of this creation, the first creation, also having been appointed for the last time the last or eldest page 28

Second part of 3rd Degree[edit]

Albeth Angels or disembodied spirit or saints

Alkubeth ministers who are less sinful for want of power

Ba eth Ko The fourth patriarch from Adam the right of first born

Beth Ki The fourth place which will be a more fruitful garden; which will be a place of greater happiness E beth Ka The Celestial Kingdom where God dwells

De=eh another kingdom; over which Dah-Hah dees, or the king of Hell, cannot will not be permitted to exercise power at some fixed period

Io-ho-hah oop Tittle or dignity of one who is appointed to wait upon the King: one who is held in repute, trusty, honorable; who can be intrusted: The servent whom Abraham sent to get a wife for Isaac most faithful, a tittle or dignity conferred upon women: a sign among the Egyptians that is used for influence or power: a sign made use of for one to escape his enemies: to excite commisseration, being had in honor, thereby affecting an escape.

Jah ni hah one who will be delegated with redeeming power; who will be second in authority; a swift messenger to go before; having redeeming power; one who will be second in authority;

Jah-oh-eh The earth under the government of an other or the second of the fixed stars, which is called page 29 Enish- go-on-dosh, or in other words the power of attraction it has with the earth.

Flo-ees The moon-signifying its revolutions, also going between, thereby forming an eclipse

Flos-isis The sun in its affinity with Earth and moon - signifying their revolutions showing the power, the one has with the other

Kli flos isis time from now unto some fixed period of time, or a thousand years one that is set a part, and chosen to be delegated, but is not yet authorised: one who is highly qualified to be delegated or authorized: or qualification

Veh Kliflos isis

in its affinity with the first second third and fourth fixed stars being swifter in its motion according to the measurement of time, that is it takes more cubits to fill the time of its revolution

Kolob signifies the highest degree of power in government, pertaining to heavenly bodies page 30

Second part 2nd Degree[edit]

Aleph In the beginning with God, the son, or first born

Alko beth Ministers not ordained of God Sinful

Ba eth Ki The third patriarch: or right of the first born

Beth Kee a place that has been enlarged that has been a place of residence; that has been a more fruitful garden, has been a larger place of happiness; having had greater happiness

E beth Ku ai_ tre eth a place beyond this earth a future place of existence, a place of residence beyond this earth; the Cecelestiale world; the heavenly bodies; the earth in its most sanctified state as it shall be - eternity

Hah dees another Kingdom of wickedness, under the government of one who is an enemy to God over which he has not so much power as the first, being less extensive in its duration.

Ho-hah-oop-an an intercessor; one who has is been appointed to intercede for another: invocation;

Jah-ni-hah one who was delegated with redeeming power; one who was the second person in authority; a swift messenger; one that went before, having redeeming power; one who was second in authority

Jah oheh The earth under the government of another, which is one of the fixed stars; which is called Oliblish

Oliblish The earth under the government of another, which is one of the fixed stars; which is called Oliblish

Flo ees The moon, signifying that which borroweth light, lendeth light. it being the lesser light. page 31

Flos isis The King of day or the central moving planet, from which the other governing moving planets receive their light - having a less motion - slow in its motion - The earth's chief joy

Kli flos isis time from the beginning of creation to the flood: - or from [one] fixed period to another - fixed period: a messenger having performed certain acts, having been delegated with supreme power for a fixed period of time: hereditary, coming down from father to Son: right of authority from eight days old: according to the law of priesthood

Veh Kli flos isis The same fixed star planet in its motion according to the cubit measurement of time: Four cubits (that is the length from the end of the longest finger to the end of the other when the arms are extended; making in our measure seven feet, which is twenty-one inches to a cubit.) Twelve days are equal to four cubits

Kolob in the second degree It signifies the wonder of Abraham the eldest of all the Stars, the greatest body of the heavenly bodies that ever was discovered by man. page 32

Second part of the Alphabet 1s[t] Degree[edit]

Ah me-os God without beginning or end

Al ki beth minister of God under or the less

Ba eth kee The next from Adam, one one ordained under him, a patriarch or the right of the first born

Beth Ka Another & larger place of residence made so by appointment by extension of power; more pleasing, more beautiful: a place of more complete happiness, peace and rest for man.

Beth Ku-ain-tri-eth The whole earth, or the largest place, the greatest enjoyment on earth the garden of the earth

Dah tu Hah dees Hell another kingdom; the least kingdom, a kingdom without glory; the whole kingdom and dominion of darkness, with all its degrees and parts governed by the Dragon him who is an enemy to God

Gah mol A fair prospect of anything: Landscape: a place or country: The face of the country; beautiful scituated; a country a promontory - a promising situation for man.

Jah- ho ni hah One delegated with redeeming power; a swift messenger; one that goes before another; one having redemming power, a second person in authority:

Jah-oheh The earth including its affinity with the other planets; with their governing powers: which are fifteen: the earth; the sun, and page 33 the moon; first in their affinity; including one power.

Flo ees The moon in its affinity with the sun, and the earth.

Flos-isis The king of day or central moving planet, from which those other governing moving planets receive their light.

Kliflos isis signifies time - now, present, any messenger, being commissioned by supreme authority

Veh Kli floisis The fifth fixed star in its motion (namely) Limdi, whose motion, according to the cubit measure of time is six days to one cubit.

Kolob in the first degree. It signifies the first great grand governing fixed star which is the fartherest that ever has been discovered by the fathers which was discovered by Methusela and also by Abraham page 34