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This category lists works related to Mormonism, also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or simply "LDS".

Joseph Smith described a vision where God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him in a grove of trees. This event, and the belief that all men and women can learn of and know God through revelation, are fundamental tenets of Mormonism.

LDS Standard Works (Scriptures)[edit]

Early LDS Theological Publications[edit]

Historical and Analytical[edit]

The Exodus[edit]

  • Mormons” from Buechler, August F., Robert J. Barr, and Dale P. Stough, eds. History of Hall County, Nebraska: A Narrative of the Past. Lincoln, Nebraska: Western Publishing & Engraving Co., 1920. Pages 63-64.
  • "The Mormon Camp" in Littell's Living Age, 10

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LDS Presidents[edit]

  1. Joseph Smith, Jr.
  2. Brigham Young
  3. John Taylor
  4. Wilford Woodruff
  5. Lorenzo Snow
  6. Joseph F. Smith


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