Great Falls Tribune/1930/Young Flier Hands Letters to Mayors

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Young Flier Hands Letters to Mayors  (1930) 
Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) in the Great Falls Tribune of Great Falls, Montana on 26 August 1930 by the Associated Press.jpg

Young Flier Hands Letters to Mayors. Jersey City, New Jersey; August 25, 1930 (Associated Press) Eighteen-year-old Eddie Schneider, holder of three junior transcontinental flight records, was received by Mayor Frank Hague on the steps of the city hall today. Schneider, who bettered the east-west, west-east and roundtrip records of the late Frank Goldsborough, presented Mayor Hague a letter from Mayor John C. Porter of Los Angeles. After the ceremonies here the youth went to New York to deliver a letter from Mayor Porter to Mayor James J. Walker. He planned to leave Roosevelt field, New York, tonight for Chicago to participate in the national air races. His schedule called for a single stop at Buffalo.

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