H.R. 3200/Division B/Title II

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Subtitle A—Improving and Simplifying Financial Assistance for Low Income Medicare Beneficiaries
Sec. 1201. Improving Assets Tests for Medicare Savings Program and Low-Income Subsidy Program.
Sec. 1202. Elimination of PART D Cost-Sharing for Certain Non-Institutionalized Full-Benefit Dual Eligible Individuals.
Sec. 1203. Eliminating Barriers to Enrollment.
Sec. 1204. Enhanced Oversight Relating to Reimbursements for Retroactive Low Income Subsidy Enrollment.
Sec. 1205. Intelligent Assignment in Enrollment.
Sec. 1206. Special Enrollment Period and Automatic Enrollment Process for Certain Subsidy Eligible Individuals.
Sec. 1207. Application of MA Premiums Prior to Rebate in Calculation of Low Income Subsidy Benchmark.
Subtitle B—Reducing Health Disparities
Sec. 1221. Ensuring Effective Communication in Medicare.
Sec. 1222. Demonstration to Promote Access for Medicare Beneficiaries with Limited English Proficiency by Providing Reimbursement for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services.
Sec. 1223. IOM Report on Impact of Language Access Services.
Sec. 1224. Definitions.
Subtitle C—Miscellaneous Improvements
Sec. 1231. Extension of Therapy Caps Exceptions Process.
Sec. 1232. Extended Months of Coverage of Immunosuppressive Drugs for Kidney Transplant Patients and Other Renal Dialysis Provisions.
Sec. 1233. Advance Care Planning Consultation.
Sec. 1234. PART B Special Enrollment Period and Waiver of Limited Enrollment Penalty for TRICARE Beneficiaries.
Sec. 1235. Exception for Use of More Recent Tax Year in Case of Gains from Sale of Primary Residence in Computing PART B Income-Related Premium.
Sec. 1236. Demonstration Program on Use of Patient Decisions Aids.