H.R. 3200/Division B/Title IV

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Subtitle A—Comparative Effectiveness Research
Sec. 1401. Comparative Effectiveness Research.
Subtitle B—Nursing Home Transparency
Part 1—Improving Transparency of Information on Skilled Nursing Facilities and Nursing Facilities
Sec. 1411. Required Disclosure of Ownership and Additional Disclosable Parties Information.
Sec. 1412. Accountability Requirements.
Sec. 1413. Nursing Home Compare Medicare Website.
Sec. 1414. Reporting of Expenditures.
Sec. 1415. Standardized Complaint Form.
Sec. 1416. Ensuring Staffing Accountability.
Part 2—Targeting Enforcement
Sec. 1421. Civil Money Penalties.
Sec. 1422. National Independent Monitor Pilot Program.
Sec. 1423. Notification of Facility Closure.
Part 3—Improving Staff Training
Sec. 1431. Dementia and Abuse Prevention Training.
Sec. 1432. Study and Report on Training Required for Certified Nurse Aides and Supervisory Staff.
Subtitle C—Quality Measurements
Sec. 1441. Establishment of National Priorities for Quality Improvement.
Sec. 1442. Development of New Quality Measures; GAO Evaluation of Data Collection Process for Quality Measurement.
Sec. 1443. Multi-stakeholder Pre-rulemaking Input Into Selection of Quality Measures.
Sec. 1444. Application of Quality Measures.
Sec. 1445. Consensus-based Entity Funding.
Subtitle D—Physician Payments Sunshine Provision
Sec. 1451. Reports on Financial Relationships Between Manufacturers and Distributors of Covered Drugs, Devices, Biologicals, or Medical Supplies under Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP and physicians and other health care entities and between Physicians and Other Health Care Entities.
Subtitle E—Public Reporting on Health Care-Associated Infections
Sec. 1461. Requirement for Public Reporting by Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers on Health Care-Associated Infections.