Hand-book of Volapük/1.12

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EXERCISE 12[edit]

Sevob, I know. Läd, lady, Madam. Din, thing.
Lautob, I compose [a book].

Sevob mani, kel penom bukis at. Man, keli sevob, penom bukis at. Kirn penom bukis . Lautel. Kis binom lautel ? Lautel binom man ut, kel lautom bukis. Kif binof läd et, kel labof dogi ? Läd et binof jisanel B---; matel ofa binom sanel obsik.

I see the man who gives money to the boys. Who knows the author of this book ? The doctor's wife knows the man who is the author of the book. What is a merchant ? A merchant is a man who buys and sells things. Who is that woman ? That woman is a teacher, who teaches boys and girls.