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Conditional, Conjunctiv, and Potential[edit]


The conditional mood expresses something not as actually occurring, but as what would be, under a certain supposition. The conjunctiv is the mood, which expresses this supposition, preceded by if, if.

These two moods are formed by adding to the pätüp or pitüp the endings -öv and -la. The latter is written with a hyphen and the accent remains on the preceding syllable.

If äbinob-la liegik, äbinoböv givik, if I were rich I would be generous.

Ibinomöv givik, if ibinom-la liegik, he would have been generous if he had been rich.


A form seldom used, but mentioned by Schleyer, has the ending -öx, and the meaning might possibly.

Pelomöx, he might possibly pay.