Harlow has taken up his residence in Woburn

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Harlow has taken up his residence in Woburn

Middlesex Journal, November 9, 1861. Unsigned, regarding John Martyn Harlow.

Dr. J. M. HARLOW, of Cavendish, Vt., has taken up his residence in Woburn, for the purpose of practicing as a Physician and Surgeon. Dr. H. isa graduate of Jefferson College, Philadelphia, and has enjoyed a reputation and position in Cavendish of the highest order. His patients were among his first circles, and speak of his abilities in the best terms. Perhaps some of our readers may remember the celebrated case of a Mr. Gage who "had an iron bar four feet in length and one and one fourth inches in diameter, shot through his head, while blasting rocks at the building of the Rutland and Burlington Railroad." It was Dr. Harlow, we learn from the Bellows Falls Times, who attended him and brought him through his troubles. Dr. Harlow possesses recommendations from some of the first practitioners in New England, with some of whom he has been connected in the treatment of many difficult cases. The following, from Professor Phelps, speaks much in his favor as a physician:

"DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, Hanover, N.H., Sept. 23rd, '61.

To whom it may concern-

I take great pleasure in giving my testimony most decidedly in favor of Dr. J. M. Harlow, for many years my professional neighbor.

As a practitioner of medicine, I have ever considered him one of the most valuable that a community could possess; uniting as he does the most untiring devotion to his patients, with an amount of accurate and extensive medical knowledge, as well as a sound judgment, such as few are endowed with.

EDW. E. PHELPS, M.D., LL.D., &C, Prof. Theor. and Pract. of Medicine in Dartmouth College"

We refer our readers to Dr. Harlow's advertisement, which can be found under our Special Notice head.

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