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Visibility Toggle Gadget

This gadget enables readers to toggle certain elements on articles on and off:

  • Long-s characters that use {{ls}}
  • External links, for example Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikidata/Reasonator

To enable the gadget, turn it on in your gadget settings:

  • "Visibility: toggle visibility certain elements (e.g. long-s glyphs and external link coloring)"

If pages have the relevant elements, toggle buttons will appear in your sidebar, under "Display Options".

Your settings will persist in your browser session.

Exports are not affected by these settings.


There are no JS configuration options at present.

Custom link styles[edit]

If you would like to override the "disabled" link color, you can add CSS like the following to your common.css, changing colors and options as you wish:

a.disabledlink {
  color: green !important;

To add an underline:

a.disabledlink {
  text-decoration: underline;
  text-decoration-color: blue;