Her blue rollin e'e/Her Blue Rollin' E'e

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Her blue rollin e'e  (1822) 
Her Blue Rollin' E'e


My lassie is lovely as May day ablooming.
Wi’ gowans and pimroses like green lea,
Tho’ sweet is the violet new dawn in the morning,
As tender and sweet is her blue rollin’ ee.
O say what is whiter than snaw on the mountain,
Or what wi the red rose in beauty can vie?
Yes, whiter her bosom than snaw on the mountain,
And bonny her face as the red rose can be.

See yon lowly cottage that stands by the wild wood,
Hedg'd round wi’ sweet brier and green willow tree.
lT was yonder, I spent the first days o’ my childhood
And first felt the power of a love-rollin’ ee.
Though soon frae my hame and my lassie I wander’d,
Though-lang I’ve been tossing on fortune’s rough sea
Eye dear was the valley where Ettrick meander'd,
Aye dear was the blink o' her blue rollin’ ee.
O for the evening, and O' for the moor,

when down by yon greenwood she promis'd to be,
When quick as the summer dew dries on the flower,
A' earthly affections and wishes wad flee.
Let Art and let Nature display their proud treasure
Let Paradise boast o’ what bliss it could gi’e;
As high is my bliss and as sweet is my pleasure,
In the heart-melting blink o' my lassie's blue e'e.

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.