Hidden things brought to light for the increase of knowledge in reading the Bible

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Hidden Things brought to Light,


Increaſe of Knowledge



(illegible text)ing an Explanation of the Coyns, Money, Weights, Meaſures, mentioned in the BIBLE, as Shekels, Talents, pieces of Silver, Silverings, Pence, &c. And what they are in value in Gold and Silver, according to the Engliſh current Money, being caſt up in Shekels, Drams, and from One Talent to Three Hundred and Fifty Thouſand Talents, in plain Words for the underſtanding of any that can read the BIBLE:
Alſo, in what Chapters and Verſe or Verſes, they are to be found.
Likewiſe the Weights and Meaſures, how much they are Engliſh,
And alſo, Hard Words of Offices and Sects, and wherefore one part of the Bible is called Canonical, and the other Apocrypha, Explained.

By John Axford.

Very Uſefull for all that can read Engliſh, and for all Schollars, the like never done before.

Proverbs 9: 9: Inſtruct the Wiſe and he will be Wiſe; Teach A Righteous Man, and he will increaſe in Knowledge.

Edinburgh, Re-printed and Sold by James Watford in Craig's Cloſs, on the North ſide of the Croſs; 1704



FOR a general good, and for the increaſe of knowledge and for underſtanding in reading the Bible, I have been at ſome pains and trouble examining ſeveral Dictionaries for the finding (illegible text)t the true value of the Coins and Money mentioned in the Bible. And alſo the Weights and Meaſures. And what the Shekels are, of which there are three sorts; the Common, the Kings, and of the Sanctuary, ſo likewiſe there are three sorts of Talents, the Common, the Kings, and of the Sanctuary; which I have caſt up both in Gold, Silver and Weight: And how much (illegible text)ch is, according to the current Engliſh Money, from one to three hundred and fifty thousand Talents, in plain words. And alſo of the pieces of Silver, Silverings, Pence: And in what Chapter or Chapters, Verſe or Verſes any of them are to be found. And alſo the Meaſures, how much a(illegible text) of them is of Engliſh. Alſo in this Edition, I have added the Money, Weights, Meaſures, mentioned in the Apocrypha, which word ſignifies of no Authority, or hidden, or doubtful. The Bible before the Apocrypha) is called Canonical, which signifies approved by common Consent, or ex(illegible text) Rule. Which Diviſion was made about Four hundred years after Chriſt, there being aſſembled four hundred Biſhops of Carthage in Africa, who ordain'd, that all the Bible from Geneſis to the end of Malachy be called Canonical, and, alſo the New Teſtament, the other Apocrypha. And alſo the hard words I have explained, as of Office Sects, Phariſees, Herodians, Terrarch, Profelite Legion, Stoicks, and divers others; being very uſeful for all people that can read the Bible, where by they will come to know the exceeding vast riches of King David, Solomon, and the Queen of Sheba, there being no Emperor, King, Prince or Potentat now in the World, or ever were before that hath, or had the like; and alſo other Kings in thoſe times. All which is fully mentioned in what follows. The like never before in ſo plain a way for all perſons that can read Engliſh, where by their knowledge may be encreaſed, their underſtandings bettered; and all to the Glory of Almighty GOD, is the deſire of him who doth publiſh it for a general Good.

John Axford.

The Money, Heights and Meaſures, mentioned in the Old and New Teſtament, with their Value, and how much it is in Engliſh current Money either in Gold or Silver. In regard Troy weight being the moſt ancient weight, by which was follows counted or caſt up in Coin or Weight, &c. Troy weight eight Drams makes an Ounce, and Twelve Ounces a pound.

THere are three sorts or kinds of ſhekels, alſo of Talents mentioned in Scripture.

Firſt, the common ſhekel, which was a quarter of an ounce, or 2 Drams, worth fifteen pence.

The Kings ſhekel weighed 3 drams, worth one shilling ten pence half penny.

The ſhekel of the Sanctuary or Temple, weighed four Drams, or half an Ounce, worth two shillings ſix pence.

Alſo there are three ſorts of Talents. The common Talent, which weighed three thouſand quarters of Ounces, or common ſhekels, which is ſix thouſand Drams; and is one hundred eighty ſeven pounds ten ſhilling.

The Kings Talent weighed three thouſand of the Kings ſhekels, which is nine thouſand Drams and is 281 l. 5. s.

The Talent of the Temple weighed three thousand ſhekels of the Temple, which is ſo many half Ounces; which comes to 300 ſeventy five pounds.

A ſilvering or peice of ſilver often mentioned, worth two ſhillings ſix pence.

The common ſhekel of Gold; is two drams worth 15 s.

The Kings ſhekel of Gold is three Drams, worth one pound two ſhillings ſix pence.

The ſhekel of Gold of the Temple is four drams or half an ounce, worth 1 l. 10. s.

The common Talent of Gold is worth two thouſand two hundred fifty Pounds,

The Kings Talent of Gold, is worth three thouſand three hundred ſeventy five pounds.

The Talent of Gold of the Sanctuary or Temple, is worth four thouſand five hundred pounds

The Jews had another weight called Mina, but not of ſo much uſe as the other; the common Mina of ſilver, which is ſixty Drams, or thirty ſeven ſhillings ſix pence.

The Kings Mina being eighty Drachms, or Drams, is fifty ſhillings.

The Mina of the Temple, is one hundred drams that is three pounds two ſhilling ſix pence.

There is alſo a Gerah, which is one penny halfpenny.

Now fellows, what the Money throw the whole Bible is worth, with the Names of the Chapters, and Verſe, or Verſes where it is mentioned.

GEn. 20.16. And to Sarah, King Abimelech ſaid I have given to thy Brother, one thouſand pieces of ſilver, which were called ſilverings is one hundred twenty five pound.

Gen. 23. 16: And Abraham bought a Burying place for 400 ſhekels of ſilver current money with the merchant, which were common ſhekels, is twenty five pounds.

Gen. 24. 22. That the man took a golden Ear-ring half a ſhekel weight, is ſeven ſhillings ſix pence; and two bracelets for her hands, of ten ſhekels weight of (illegible text)d, is 7 pound ten ſhillings.

Gen. 37. 28. Joſeph's Brethren ſold him for 20 pieces of ſilver, which is two pound 10 ſhilling.

Gen. 45. 22. He gave to Benjamin 300 pieces of silver is 37 l. 10 s.

Exodus 25. 29. Of a talent of pure gold ſhall be like it, with all theſe veſſels, is four thouſand five hundred pounds.

Exod. 30. 13. Every one that was numbred to give (illegible text) a ſhekel of silver of the Sanctuary; is one ſhilling (illegible text)e pence.

Exod. 37. 23. 24. And he made his ſeven Lamps, his ſnuffers, and his ſnuff-diſhes of pure gold of a ta(illegible text) weight, is four thouſand five hundred pounds, Engliſh current money.

Exod. 38. 24. All the gold that was occupied, the (illegible text) of the Offering was twenty nine talents, and ſeven hundred thirty ſhekels, after the ſhekels of the Sanctuary; One hundred twenty one thouſand five hundred (illegible text)ty five pounds.

Verſ. 25. And the ſilver of them that was numbred (illegible text)e Congregation was one hundred talents, and one thousand ſeven hundred ſeventy five ſhekels after ſhek(illegible text) the ſanctuary, comes to thirty ſeven thouſand (illegible text)n hundred twenty one pounds ſeventeen shillings ſix pence.

Vers. 27. And of the hundred talent of ſilver were the ſockets of the ſanctuary, and the ſockets of the Vail, one hundred ſockets, a talent for a ſocket, is thirty ſeven thouſand five hundred pounds,

Verſ: 28. And of the thouſand ſeven hundred ſeventy 5 ſhekels be made the books for the pillars, is two hundred twenty one pounds ſitxeen ſhillings eight pence.

Verſ. 29. And the Braſs of the Offering was ſeven Talents and two thouſand four hundred ſhekels in weight is eight thouſand eight hundred fifty pounds in weight or ſeventy nine tun and a half.

Lev. 27. 3. 4. The estimation of a Male from twenty Years old to ſixty, fifty ſhekels of ſilver of the Sanctuary, is ſix pounds five ſhillings; if a Female thirty ſhekels, is 2 l. 15 s.

Verſ. 5. If it be from five to twenty years old of male, twenty ſhekels, is fifty ſhillings, And I(illegible text) ſhekels, is twenty five ſhillings.

Verſ.6. If from a month to five years old of a Male five ſhekels, is twelve Shillings three Pence, A Female three ſhekels, is ſeven Shillings and ſixpence.

Verſ. 7. If from ſixty and above, of a Male fifteen ſhekels, is thirty ſeven Shillings ſix Pence. A Female ten ſhekels, is twenty five Shillings.

Verſ. 16. An homer of Barly ſeeds at fifty ſhekels, is ſix Pounds five Shillings.

Num. 3. 47. Thou ſhalt even take five ſhekels for every perſon by the tole, after the Shekel of the Sanctuary, is twelve Shillings ſix Pence a man.

Verſ. 50. Of the firſt born of the children of Iſrael (illegible text) be the Money, a thouſand three hundred threeſcore and five ſhekels, after the ſhekel of the Sanctuary, is one hundred ſeventy Pounds twelve Shillings ſix Pence. Shekel of the Sanctuary is twenty Gerahs, a Gerah is a Penny Half-penny.

Numb. 7. 12, 13, 14. And he that offered his Offering the firſt was Nahſhon the Son of Amminidab, his offering was one ſilver Charger of one hundred thirty Shekels weight, according to the Shekel of the Sanctuary, is fifteen Pounds five Shillings. One silver Bowel ſeventy Shekels, is eight Pound fifteen Shillings One Incenſe Cup of Gold, of ten shekels (in another tranſlation it is called a gold-(illegible text) ſpoon) is fifteen pounds, ſo the worth of gold and ſilver which one prince offered is 40 pounds, (illegible text) the whole offerings of the twelve Princes were (illegible text) ſilver Chargers, Bowls, golden Cups and Pans; amounts unto 480 pounds.

Numb. 31. 32. And all the offerings that was offered to the Lord, of the Captains of Thouſands and hundreds, was ſixteen thouſand ſeven hundred fifty shekels of Gold of the Sanctuary, is twenty five thouſand one hundred twenty five pounds Current Engliſh Money. Read the 31 Chapter of Numbers, it will be worth Obſervation.

Deut. 2. 19. And ſhall condemn him in an hundred ſhekels of ſilver, being common, is ſix pounds five ſhillings.

Verſ. 29. Shall give to the Damſels Father fifty shekels of ſilver, Common, is 3 l. 2 s. 6 d.

Joſhua 6. 12. And Achan ſaid, I ſaw among the (illegible text)oils a goodly Babylonish garment and two hundred shekels of ſilver, which were common, is 12 l. 10 s. and a Wedge of gold of fifteen ſhekels, common weight, 37 l. 10 s.

Judg. 9. 4. And they gave him ſeventy pieces of ſilver or ſilverings, is 8l. 10. ſh.

Judges 16. 5. And the Lords of the Philiſtines came to Dalilah to have her entice Sampſon, and ſaid they would give her every one eleven hundred pieces of ſilver, which were alſo called ſilverings, is one hundred thirty ſeven pounds ten ſhillings each Lord, being five of them in the whole, is 687 l. 10 s.

Judges 17. 12. And Micah ſaid to his Mother the eleven hundred ſhekels of ſilver was with me, which were common, which comes to ſixty eight pounds fifteen ſhilling.

Ezra 8. 20. I even weighed unto their hands six hundred and fifty talents of ſilver, being of the Sanctuary, is two hundred fourty three thouſand ſeven hundred and fifty pounds, of ſilver Veſsels one hundred talents, is thirty ſeven thouſand five hundred pounds, and of gold Veſſels an hundred talents, amounts unto four hundred and fifty thouſand pounds; and twenty Baſons of gold a thouſand Drams each Dram being worth ſeven ſhillings ſix pence is three hundred ſeventy five pounds. There were Two Veſſels of fine Copper, as precious as gold, but the weight not mentioned: the total ſum of all the Veſſels of gold and ſilver, amounts to ſeven hundred thirty one thouſand ſix hundred twenty and five pounds.

Eſther 3. 11. If it pleaſe the King let it be written that they may be deſtroyed, and I will pay a thouſand talents of ſilver, being the Kings, comes unto two hundred eighty one thouſand two hundred and fifty pounds.

1 Samuel 2 36. Shall come and bow to him for a piece of Money, or ſmall piece of ſilver, &c. is penny half penny farthing.

1 Sam. 9. 8. And Saul's ſervant ſaid, I have the fourth part of a ſhekel of ſilver, which is three pence three farthings.

1 Sam, 17. 4. 5. Goliath of Gath, whoſe height was ſix Cubits and a ſpan; he was armed with a coat of Mail, which weighed five thouſand ſhekels of braſs, which is one hundred four pounds two ounces, and the ſtaff of his ſpear, was like a Weavers beam: and his ſpears head weighed ſix hundred ſhekels of Iron, which is twelve pounds and a half.

2 Sam. 14. 26. When Abſalom polled his head at every years end he weighed his hair at two hundred ſhekels by the Kings weight, which is ſix pounds Three Ounces.

2 Sam. 18. 11, 12, And Joel ſaid, I would have given thee ten ſhekels, being the Kings, is eighteen shillings nine pence, and the man anſwered, if I should receive a thouſand ſhekels of ſilver in my hand, &c. is 93 l. 15. ſh.

2 Sam. 12. 30. And he took their King of Amon's Crown from off his Head, which weighed a talent of gold; being the Kings, is three thouſand three hundred ſeventy five pounds, current Engliſh money.

2 Sam. 24. 24. David bought the threſhing Floor, and the Oxen, for fifty ſhekels of ſilver, being of the Sanctuary, is ſix pounds five ſhillings.

1 Kings 9. 14. And Hiram ſent the King ſix ſcore talents of Gold, being the Kings talent is four hundred five thouſand pounds Engliſh current Money.

Verſe 28. And they came to Ophir, and fetched from thence four hundred & twenty talents of gold & brought it to King Solomon, is one Million four hundred ſeventy thouſand five huundred pounds. A Million is a thouſand thouſand or ten hundred thouſand

1 Kings 10. 10. The Queen of Sheba gave the King ſix ſcore talents of Gold, is four hundred five thouſand pounds current Engliſh Money.

Verſ. 14. Now the weight of Gold that came unto King Solomon in one year, was ſix hundred ſixty ſix talents of gold, is two Milions two hundred forty ſeven thouſand ſeven hundred fifty pounds, current Engliſh money

Verſ. 16. And King Solomon made two hundred targets of beaten gold, ſix hundred ſhekels went to one target; which is nine hundred pounds worth of gold to one target; the worth of gold to the two hundred targets in the whole, is one hundred thouſand pound.

Verſ. 17. And be made three Hundred shields of Gold, three pound of Gold to one ſhield, comes to one hundred twenty pounds. So that the worth of gold to the three hundred shields, amounts unto thirty ſix thouſand pounds.

Verſ. 29. And there came up a Chariot from Egypt for ſix hundred ſhekels of ſilver, is 56 pounds five ſhilings: And a horſe for one hundred and fifty ſhekels of ſilvers is fourteen pound one ſhilling three pence:

1 kings 16. 24. And he bought the Hill Samaria of Shomer for two talents of ſilver, is 562 l. 10 sh.. the Kings Talent.

1 Kings 20. 39. Thy Life ſhall go for his Life, or elſe thou ſhalt pay a talent of ſilver, being common talent, 187 l. 10 sh.

2 Kings 5. 23. And Naaman ſaid, take two talents of ſilver, being the Kings talent, is five hundred ſixty two pounds ten ſhillings.

2 Kings 6.25. A great famine in Samaria and they (illegible text)ged it untill an Aſſes Head was ſold for four ſcore pieces of ſilver whic is 10 ponnd. And the fourth part of Cab of Doves Dung (which is half a pint) for (illegible text)e pieces of ſilver, which is twelve ſhillings ſix pence. They uſed the Doves Dung in ſtead of Salt.

2 Kings 7. 1. Then Eliſha ſaid, Hear the Word of the (illegible text)d, to morrow about this time ſhall Meaſure of fine (illegible text)wer be ſold for a ſhekel, which is one ſhilling three pence, and two Meaſures of Barly for a ſhekel, A measure being a Buſhel; it came to paſs as the Man of God had ſaid.

2 Kings 1(illegible text). 19. 29. And Menahem gave Pul a thousand talents of ſilver: is two hundred eighty one thouſand two hundred and fifty pounds: He exacted of each man that is wealthy fifty ſhekels, is three pounds two ſhillings ſix pence.

1 Chron. 12. 25. David gave to Oman for the (illegible text)ce ſix hundred ſhekels of gold by weight, the ſhekel of the Sanctuary, is nine hundred pound.

1 Chron 22. 14. Now behold is my trouble (another tranſlation hath it in my poverty) I have prepared the houſe of the Lord one hundred thousand and talents of Gold being of the Sanctary amounts to fourty f(illegible text) thouſand millions current Engliſh money. A million being a thouſand thouſand, or ten hundred thouſand: and a thouſand thouſand talents of ſilver which is in Engliſh current money, thirty ſeven millions five hundred thouſand pounds.

1 Chron. 29. 7. And gave for the ſervice of the house of God of gold five thouſand talents and ten thouſand Drams, according to the talent of the ſanctuary, 2 millions two hundred fifty three thouſand seven hundred and filty pounds; and of ſilver ten thouſand talents: (which is three millions ſeven hundred and fifty pounds, Engliſh current money) and Braſs eighteen thouſand talents: which is in weight two millions two hundred and fifty thouſand pounds; (which is one thouſand four Tun and nine hundred thirty two pounds) and of Iron one hundred thouſand talents; which is in weight twelve million five hundred thouſand pounds; which is five thouſand five hundred ſeventy nine Tun eleven hundred ſeventy eight pounds.

2 Chron, 3. 8. And he overlaid it with fine gold, ſix hundred talents of the ſanctuary, is two million ſeven hundred thouſand pounds.

Verſe 9. And the weight of the Nails Was fifty ſhekels of gold; is ſeventy five pounds; all according to current Engliſh money.

2 Chron. 8. 18. And they took from Ophir (illegible text) hundred and fifty talents of gold and brought them to King Solomon; which is one million five hundred and eighteen thouſand ſeven hundred and f(illegible text) pounds. 2 Chron. 9. 9 And ſhe gave the King one hundred twenty talents of Gold, according to the Kings talent, is four hundred five thouſand pounds.

Verſ. 13. Now the weight of gold that came unto King Solomon in one Year, was ſix hundred ſixty ſix talents, according to the Kings talent, is two millions two hundred fourty ſeven thouſand 7 hundred and fifty pounds, Engliſh current money.

Verſ. 15. And King Solomon made two hundred targets of beaten gold, Six hundred ſhekels of gold to one target, which is nine hundred pounds worth to one target, the word of gold to the two hundred targets, is one hundred eighty thouſand pounds

Verſ. 16. And three hundred ſhields made of beaten gold, three hundred ſhekels went to a shield, which is four hundred and fifty pounds: The worth of gold of the three hundred ſhields, is one hundred thirty one thouſand pounds, according to the ſhekel of the Sanctuary.

2 Chron: 25:6. He hired an hundred thouſand valiant men out of Iſrael, for one hundred talents of silver, the Kings talent, is 28125 pounds.

2 Chron. 27. 5. And the Children of Amon gave him the ſame year, one hundred talents of ſilver, being common, is 18750 pounds.

2 Chron. 36. 3. And condemned the Land in (illegible text)o talents of ſilver, being common, is eighteen thonſand and hundred and eighty pounds. And talent of gold being common, is 2250 pounds.

Jer: 32. 9. And I weighed him the Money, even ſeventeen Shekels of Silver, being common, is one and twenty ſhillings and three pence.

Ezekiel 45. 12. And the ſhekel ſhall be twenty Gerahs, a Gerah is penny half penny.

Hoſea 3. 2. So I bought her unto me for fifteen piece of Silver, is thirty ſeven ſhillings ſix pence.

Here follows the Coyns and Money mentioned in the Apocrypha.

TObit 1. 10. And he lent to Gabel of Rages town in Media, according to ſome tranſlations, ten pounds in ſilver, that is thirty pounds, but according to the Engliſh tranſlation ten talents, being common, is one thouſand eight hundred ſeventy five pounds.

1 Maccabees 4. 42. Demetrius King of Syria offered to give yearly to the Jews to the Building of the Temple, fifteen thouſand ſhekels of ſilver being of the Sanctuary, that is one thouſand Minas, which, at thirty ſeven ſhillings ſix pence, the Mina is one thouſand eight hundred ſeventy five pounds. And would reſtore what had been yearly taken away, being five thouſand ſhekels of ſilver, is ſix hundred twenty five pounds.

1 Macc. 13. 19. So he ſent to Tryphon one hundred talents of ſilver being common, is eight thouſand ſeven hundred fifty pounds Engliſh money.

1 Macc. 14. 24. Simon ſent the Romans a good ſhield of Gold, weighing one thouſand pounds, is fourty thouſand pounds Engliſh current money.

1 Mac. 15. 31. Or elſe give me for them five hundred talents of ſilver and for the tributes other five hundred talents, in the whole is, being common, one hundred eighty ſeven thouſand five hundred pounds, a common talent of ſilver, is one hundred eighty ſeven pounds ten ſhillings.

Verſ. 35. Yet we will give one hundred talents to them, being ſilver, is eighteen thouſand ſeven hundred fifty pounds.

Macc. 3. 11. If it pleaſe the King let it be written that they may be deſtroyed, and I will pay a thouſand talents of ſilver, being the Kings, comes unto two hundred eighty one thouſand two hundred and (illegible text)y pounds.

(illegible text) Macc. 4. 8. 9. And he came to the King and promiſed him three hundred and threeſcore talents of ſilver, and of another Rent fourſcore talents of ſilver, beſides this he promiſed him one hundred and fifty talents of ſilver, in the whole, (illegible text): hundred ninety, being common, is one hundred ten thouſand ſix hundred twenty five pound Engliſh Money.

(illegible text) Verſ. 19. Which brought three hundred Drachma of silver for a ſacrifice, is nine pounds ſeven ſhillings (illegible text) pence, promiſing the King three hundred talents of silver, is being common, fifty ſix thouſand two hundred fifty pounds.

2 Maccab. 8. 10. Ordained alſo a tribute for the King of two thouſand talents of Silver, which the Romans ſhould have, being common, is three hundred (illegible text)enty five thouſand pounds, Engliſh Money.

Verſ. 11. Promiſing to sell fourſcore and ten cows for one talent of ſilver, common, is one hundred eighty ſeven pounds ten ſhillings.

Here begins the New Teſtament Coyns, &c.

MAtthew 17. 27. And take up the Fiſh that first cometh, when thou haſt opened his mouth thou ſhalt find a piece of money, that take and give s(illegible text) me and thee, which was called a Stater, or two Didrachmas, is two ſhillings ſix pence.

Matth. 18. 24. 28. One was brought to him who owed him ten thouſand talents, which was forgiven him being common talents, is one million eight hundred ſeventy five thouſand pounds. One of his fellow ſervants ow'd five hundred pence called Drachma, ſeven pence half penny, is three pound 2 ſhilling ſix pence,which he would not forgive his fellow servant.

Matth, 22. 19. And they ſhewed him a penny; being ſeven pence half penny.

Matth. 25. 15. To one be gave five talents, being common, is nine hundred thirty ſeven pounds (illegible text) ſhillings: To another two talents, is three hundred seventy five pounds: To another one Talent, is 187 l. 10 s..

Matth. 20. 5. He agreed with the Labourers for penny day, which is ſeven pence half penny, being the Roman penny Drachma.

Matth. 26. 15. And they covenanted with Judas for thirty pieces of Silver, called alſo ſilverings, being half an ounce of ſilver, being two ſhillings (illegible text) pence, which comes to 3 l. 15 s.

Acts 19. 19. And they counted the price, and ſo found it Fifty thouſand pieces of Silver, which is ſix thouſand two hundred and fifty pounds.

Meaſures mentioned in the Scriptures of Truth:

THere are divers kind of Cubits; 1 The Common Cubit was from the Elboe to the long fingers end, or a foot and a half, or half a yard. 2. The Kings Çubit one and twenty inches or a hands breadth more than the common. 3. The Cubit of the Sanctuary, contains two of the common, being a full yard. 4. The Geometrical Cubit contains six common Cubits, which is three Yards: according to this Cubit it's thought Noah's Ark was built. A Reed is ſix common cubits & a hand breadth, which is 3 inches. A Pace is 5 foot; A furlong 125 paces, or 40 Perch. A mile is 1000 paces or 8 Furlongs, but in the Scripture or Hebrew, as much as a man can go in half a day, or between meal and meal. Judges 20. 16. Among all People, there were 700 choſen men that could ſling, at hair breadth and not miſs. Now a hairs breadth is the 48 part of an inch, 12 inches is a foot. 16 foot and a half is a Perch, 40 Perch is a Furlong, 8 furlongs is a Mile, A Sabbath days journey, according to Scripture, is 600 Paces.

Meaſures mentioned in the Bible: Firſt of Dry:

A Cab is a Quart, An Homer is a Quart and a half, a Seath is a Gallon and a half, an Ephath is half a Buſhel and a Pottle, half an Homer is 7 Buſhels and a Quart, an Homer or Cor is 14 Buſhels and a Pottle, a Chenix by ſome is counted three pints five ounces and & half, by others a Quart.

The Liquid or Wet Meaſure, a Log is half a pint, Hin is three Quarts, a Reth is 9 Gallons 3 Quarts, Pot or Sextary, is a pint and a half, a Firkin is four Gallons and a half.

We read in the Scripture of Legions.

MAtth. 26. 53. Thinkeſt thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he ſhall preſently give me more than 12 Legions of Angels. 12 Legions is eighty thouſand ſeven hundred and fifty.

Luke 8.30 Jeſus asks him, what is thy Name, he ſaid Legion; because many Devils were in him.

Romulus, who built Rome, his Legion conſiſted of 3000 Foot Men, and 300 Horſe-Men.

After, in Julius Caeſar's time, which was about 150 years before Chriſt, a Legion was 5000 Foot and 300 Horſe-men.

Heſyeh faith, a Legion was 6666.

After, in Auguſtus, and Tiberius Ceſar's time Chriſt being born and ſuffer'd, a Legion was thouſand Foot, and 730 Horſe-Men.

Of Offices and Conditions of Men.

PAtriarch is a Father of a Family, as Abraham Iſaac, Jacob and his ſons. Judges or Tempora(illegible text) for a time, ſupream Governours appointed o(illegible text) the Children of Iſrael. King, over a Nation(illegible text) Kings after the falling of the ten Tribes of Iſrael Elders or Senators, the ſeventy, or Sanbedrim, Officers, Provoſts, or Sheriffs, Judges or Rulers, ſuch (illegible text) determined Controverſies in particular Cities. Hebrew from Abraham, and lſraelite from Jacob who was named Iſrael, called Children of Iſrael. Proſelite of the Covenant, who ſubmitted unto the law and was Circumciſed. A Proſelite of the gate, (illegible text) Stranger, who worſhipped the true God and was now Circumciſed. The Officer or Governour appointed by the Kings of Aſſyria and Perſia, (illegible text)eads of the people in Captivity under the Gre(illegible text)an monarchy. The Maccabees, or the ſucceſſors of Judas Maccabeus. High Prieſts who presided all Kingly Government or power under the Roman Emperors. Preſidents or Governours, ſent from Rome with Imperial power. Tetraches who had Kingly power over ſome provinces. Proconſuls or Deputs of Provinces, inferior Officers, Publicans, who were Tribute or Taxgatherers, who were hated of the Jews. Centurion a Captain of a hundred men. High Prieſt who only might enter into the Holy of Holies. Prieſt or Suran, who ſupplied the High Prieſt's Office, in caſe he was diſabled, ſome ſet apart for the War for expedition the ſons of Aaron, who had divers Ranks Degrees and Offices in the temple. Alſo the ſons of Levi, who were of three ranks and orders, Centurions, Cherobites, Merarites. Alſo Nethimins, inferior ſervants of the Prieſts and Levites, not of their Tribe, to draw Water and cleave Wood. Prophets who were anciently called Seers, who foretold things to come, and denunced Gods Judgments againſt Idolaters and Evil Doers, and caught the People, Children of the Prophets, their Diſciples or Scholars. Wiſe Men called ſo in imitation of the Wiſe Men of the Eaſt, or Grecian Philoſophers. Scribes, Writers or Expounders of the Law, Rabbies, Doctors or Teachers of Iſrael. Libertines, or freed out of Rome, who being Jews or Proſelites has a Synagogue, or Oratory for themſelves. Gablonites, or Galileans, who pretended it unlawful to obey an Heathen Magiſtrat. Herodians who ſhaped their Religion to the times, and in particular flattered Herod. Epicureans, who placed their happineſs in the pleaſures and delights of this life, Stoicks who denyed the liberty of the Will, and pretended all events was determin'd by fatal neceſſity. Simon Magus, Author of the Heresie of the Gnoſticks, who taught, that men, however vicious; in their practice, ſhould be ſaved by their knowledge. Nicolathians, the Diſciples of Nicholas one of the ſeven Deacons, who taught the Community of Wives, or men to have more Wives than one. Nazarites, who under a Vow abſtained from Wine. Nazarens, profeſſing Chriſtianity. Zelots or Siccori, or murmurers, who under the pretence of the Law thought themſelves authorized to commit any out-rages.Phariſees, ſeparatiſts, who having an opinion of their own Godlineſs deſpiſed others. Saducees, who denyed the Reſurrection, of Angel or Spirit. Samaritans, mungrel profeſſors, partly Heathen and partly Jews, the off-ſpring of the Aſſyrians ſent to Samaria. Apoſtle miſſion or ſent our Saviour had twelve, and after ſeventy, and ſent them to preach the Goſpel. Biſhops, or Overſeersː And their ſucceſſors who had the Government of the Church, as they are mentioned in the Epiſtles of Paul and Peter: Alſo Deacons, who were to Preach the Goſpel, and take care of the poor.

In the Old Teſtament or Bible, are 777 chapters. In the New Teſtament, 260 chapters. In the Apocrypha 173 chapters. In the Old Teſtament are Verſes twenty three Thouſand two hundred and three.

Several Books mentioned in the Scriptures, ſuppoſed to be loſt

The Book of Enoch. Of Idde, and Gad Seers.

Samuel wrote a Book of the Office and Inſtruction of a King.

Solomon wrote a Book of three thouſand parables, and five thouſand ſongs. Alſo of the nature of Herbs, Trees, Plants, from the Cedar to the Hyſop.

A Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah and Iſrael.

The Third of the Corinthians.

The Third Epiſtle of Peter.

The worth of Gold by Troy weight.

One Pound of Gold is worth Fourty Pound.

One Ounce is worth 3 pound 6 s. 8 d.

One grain worth three half penny,

The worth of Silver by Troy weight.

One pound is worth three pound.

One Ounce worth five ſhillings.

One penny weight worth three pence.

One grain worth a half penny.

This being the weight of current Money.

By Haverdupoize weight, one Pound of Gold is worth fourty nine pound thirteen ſhillings eight pence half penny.

One pound of ſilver by Haverdapoize weight worth 3 pounds 15 ſhillings 8 pence half penny By this it appears, that one hundred pound of ſilver, weighs 26 pounds 5 ounces Haverdupoize And one hundred pound of Gold money, weigh two pound and about a quarter of an Ounce.


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