High Blue Halls

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There’s a kingdom far from the sun and star
   With never a wind to dree;
       Where the golden balls of the silence falls
   In the high blue halls of the sea.

    There’s death to change in that kingdom strange,
       For its days are all the same;
           Its blue floors blaze in a golden maze
       Through a purple haze of flame.

        Through an emerald sheen dim shapes careen
           And white limbs trail and quiver;
               In rose pale fire ’round spear and spire
           In white desire they shiver.

            There’s never a tree for eye to see
               But ever in ghostly showers
                    Great petals white drift down the night
               Like a wild delight of flowers.

  There’s a kingdom dim ’neath a ghost tree’s limb,
   That throbs eternally,
      Life’s furtherest halls where magic calls
   In the high blue halls of the sea.

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