Housing and Community Development Act of 1992/Title IX

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Sec. 901. HUD Research and Development.
Sec. 902. Administration of Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Sec. 903. Participant's Consent to Release of Information.
Sec. 904. National Institute of Building Sciences.
Sec. 905. Fair Housing Initiatives Program.
Sec. 906. National Commission on Manufactured Housing.
Sec. 907. Manufactured Housing.
Sec. 908. Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974.
Sec. 909. Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.
Sec. 910. Report on Community Development Lending.
Sec. 911. Subsidy Layering Review.
Sec. 912. Solar Assistance Financing Entity.
Sec. 913. Technical and Conforming Amendments Relating to Labor Wage Rates Under Housing Programs.
Sec. 914. Energy Efficient Mortgages.
Sec. 915. Economic Opportunities for Low- and Very Low-income Persons.
Sec. 916. Study of the Effectiveness of Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.
Sec. 917. Indian Housing Authorities.
Sec. 918. Study Regarding Foreclosure Alternatives.
Sec. 919. Regulations Clarifying the Term `Housing for Older Persons´.
Sec. 920. Use of Domestic Products.
Sec. 921. Improved Coordination of Urban Policy.
Sec. 922. Prohibition of Lump-Sum Payments.
Sec. 923. Economic Independence.
Sec. 924. Administrative Provision.
Sec. 925. Performance Goals.
Sec. 926. Regulation of Consultants.
Sec. 927. Clarification on Utility Allowances.
Sec. 928. Flood control Restoration Zone.
Sec. 929. Salaries and Expenses.
Sec. 930. The National Cities in Schools Community Development Program.
Sec. 931. Bank Enterprise Act of 1991 and Related Provisions.
Sec. 932. Disclosures under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975.
Sec. 933. Prohibition on use of `Rule of 78's´ in Connection with Mortgage Refinancings and Other Consumer Loans.
Sec. 951. Amendment Relating to Estimates of Real Estate Settlement Costs.
Sec. 952. Adjustable Rate Mortgage Caps.
Sec. 953. Modifying Separate Capitalization Rule for Savings Associations' Subsidiaries Engaged in Activities not Permissible for National Banks.
Sec. 954. Real Estate Appraisal Amendment.
Sec. 955. Insider Lending.
Sec. 956. Clarification of Compensation Standards.
Sec. 957. Truth in Savings Act Amendments.