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HUTTON, HENRY (fl. 1619), satirical poet, born in the county of Durham, was a member of the same family as Matthew Hutton (1529-1606) [q. v.], archbishop of York, and may have belonged to the branch settled at Houghton in Durham. Rimbault's conjecture that he was the Henry Hutton of Witton Gilbert, Durham, fifth son of Edward Hutton, B.C.L., bailiff of Durham, seems unacceptable from the fact that Henry Hutton of Witton Gilbert died in 1671. Wood relates that the poet was some time at Oxford, but, minding more the smooth parts of poetry and romance than logic, departed, as it seems, without a degree;' his name does not appear in the matriculation registers. He wrote 'Follie's Anatomie, or Satyres and Satyricall Epigrams. With a Compendious History of Ixion's Wheele,' London, 1619, 8vo. A prefatory poem; To the reader upon the author, his kinsman, by R. H.,' may have been by Ralphe Hutton, surmised to have been a brother; and there is a poetical dedication to Sir Timothy Hutton of Marske, Yorkshire, who was son of the Archbishop of York. The satires ridicule, among others, Tom Coryate. They were edited for the Percy Society in 1842, with an introduction by E. F. Rimbault. One H. Hutton prefixed commendatory verses to the 1647 edition of Fuller's 'Holy Warre.'

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