Hymns for our Lord's Resurrection/Hymn XV

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Hymn XV.

1CHRIST, our Living Head draw near,
At our Call, Quicken all
Thy true Members here,
2Fill'd with Faith's Eternal Spirit,
Grant that We, Dead with Thee,
May thy Life inherit.
3All thy Resurrection's Power,
All thy Love, From above,
On thy Servants shower.
4Perfect Love! we long t' attain it,
Following fast, If at last
We, ev'n we may gain it.
5Partners of thy Death and Passion,
O that we All might see
All thy great Salvation.
6Sav'd beyond the Dread of Falling,
Let us rise To the Prize
Of our Glorious Calling.
7Children of the Resurrection,
Lead us on To the Crown
Of our Full Perfection.
8There, where Thou art gone before us,
Christ, our Hope, Take us up,
To thy Heaven restore us.