I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone

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Miss Susie Johnson is a crazy as can be Shelton Brooks Shelton Brooks I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone cover.jpg


Miss Susie Johnson is a crazy as can be
About that easy riding kid they call Jockey Lee,
Now don't you think it's funny, only bets her money
In the race friend Jockey's goin' to be
There was a race down at the track the other day,
And Susie got an inside tip right away
She bet a "hundred to one" that her little "Hon"
Would bring home all the "mon"
When she found out "Jockey" was not there,
Miss Susie cried out in despair


I wonder where my easy rider's gone today,
He never told me he was goin' away
If he was here he'd win the race
If not first, he'd get a "place"
Cash in our winnings, on a "joy-ride" we'd go, right away
I'm losing my money, that's why I am blue.
To win a race, Lee knows just what to do.
I'd put all my junk in pawn,
To bet on any horse that jockey's on.
Oh! I wonder where my easy rider's gone.


Miss Susie said "Now here's a chance to make some dough
I dreamed about a horse's name, now that's right, I know,
And Lee can win more races at more diff'rent places
Wins them just as easy as can be
Now ev'rybody 'round the tracks likes Jockey Lee,
I'm crazy 'bout him 'cause he's so good to me,
He is a racer for fair, but rides "on the square",
I tell you that boy's "there"
That he's not here makes me feel so blue,
He's all I had I'm telling you

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1923. It may be copyrighted outside the U.S. (see Help:Public domain).