Illustrated Astronomy/Eclipses in Chile 2019 y 2020

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Universidad Autónoma de Chile, pages 94–95


Chile and Argentina are going to witness two total eclipses of the Sun during 2019 and 2020. In the maps below, you can see the exact point where this wonder will be visible. The red line traces the central and long-lasting path. The blue lines trace the bounds from where the total eclipse happens. Out of that region, you can only see a partial solar eclipse.

In the region of Coquimbo, the last total eclipse of the Sun was seen in 1893, 126 years ago, whereas La Araucanía has waited since 1467 to witness this phenomenon again.

In the case of Chile, the last total solar eclipse was on Easter Island in 2010. Now, after the eclipses of this year (2019, Coquimbo) and the two coming (2020, La Araucanía, and 2021, Chilean Antarctic), we have to wait until 2048 where we will be witnesses of another total solar eclipse in the region of Aysén.