Impressions on Polly

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Impressions on Polly.

At sixteen she was sweet of face;
Her intellect was grand,
But she was awkwardness itself — 
No grace could she command.
Who? — Polly.
At seventeen she was so fat
That when she walked, she waddled,
Just like the duckling who could swim
Quite well before he toddled.
Who? — Polly.
At eighteen, tho; her mother said,
Her “miss was much amiss
in grace.” She bought her corsets which
Made her appear like this.
Who? — Polly.
They didn’t fit, you know, and so,
Being stiff and ugly, they,
Gave her a backward look which made
Her seem about this way.
Who? — Polly.
She couldn’t twist, she couldn’t turn;
She couldn’t bend, somehow,
Until they found an improved make,
Enabling her to bow.
Who? — Polly.
‘Twas a “tight squeeze,” but then, it helped
Her figure to improve:
Her picture then, at nineteen, was
Like what you see above.
Whose? Polly’s.
And then came Langdon & Batcheller’s
Genuine Glove-fitting corset,
And she and all her host of friends
Now wear it and indorse it.
Whose? — Polly’s.
And now, at twenty, — full of grace — 
Of beauty and of bliss,
Her lissome figure curves and bends
Bewitchingly, like this.
Whose? — Polly’s.
Langdon & Batcheller’s
Best on Earth