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Arte or Crafte of Rhethoryke - 1899.djvu

Introduction: I. The Beginnings of Prose Criticism in England — Value of Cox's Rhetoric — Life of Cox — Birth and Education — Travels — Date of the Rhetoric — Letters : from Erasmus; to Toy and Cromwell — Leland on Cox's Learning — Schoolmaster at Reading —  — The Frith affair — Later Years 7-18
II. List of Works by Cox 18-22
III. The Rhetoric of Cox — Renaissance Rhetoric — Passages on Rhetoric in England preceding Cox : Traversanus ; Caxton ; Hawes — Aim and Plan of Cox's Work — Its Source : Melanchthon — Cox and contemporary English Prose — Chief English Writers on Rhetoric following Cox : Wilson, Jonson, Bacon 22-33
A. — Appendix: Minor Rhetorical Writings of the Sixteenth Century in England : Sherry, Kamolde, Ascham, Fulwood, Peacham, Harvey, Mulcaster, Fenner, Fraunce, etc. 33-34
An Analysis and Outline of the Rhetoric of Melanchthon in Mosellanus' "In Philippi Melanchthonis Rhetorica Tabulae" (serving equally as an analytical Table of Contents for Cox) 35-38
The Arte or Crafte of Rhethoryke, by Leonard Cox : Reprint of the edition of circa 1530, with variorum readings from the edition of 1532 39-88
Melanchthon's "Institutiones Rhetoricae," 1521: Reprint of the portion dealing with Invention 89-102
Notes 103-112
Glossarial, Technical, and Personal Index 113-117