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Massachusetts Historical Society series 3 volume 7.djvu


Account of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 5
"A Word to Boston" by Gov. Bradford, 27
Forefather's Song, 29
Model of Christian Charity, by Gov. Winthorp 31
Post Office Department, 48
D'Aulney and La Tour, 90
Lord Protector's Order, 122
Whalley and Goffe, 123
Instructions to Randolph, 129
Commission to Sir Edmund Andros, 139
Papers Relative to his Administration, 150
Higginson Letters, 196
Colonel Quarry's Memorial, 222
Rev. Mr. Bacon's Letter respecting Isaac Allerton, 243
Memoranda of Beverly, 250
Memoir of Rev. John Hale, 255
Memoir of Rev. Dr. Holmes, 270
Dr. Mease's Description of old American Coins, 282
Bill of Mortality for the City of Boston, 1837, 284
List of Portraits in the Hall of the Historical Society, 285
Acknowledgement of Donations, 292
Letter from Alden Bradford, Esp., pointing out Errata, 296
Letter from Judge Davis respecting Allerton, 301