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Notes on formatting:

  • For internal section links use {{CSGlink}}.
  • All instances of Syriac should be enclosed in {{big syriac}} or {{bsyr}}, not {{syriac}}
  • Phrases in Hebrew characters are usually classical Aramaic and should be marked {{hebrew|...|lang=arc}}, unless the text states otherwise
  • Greek letters are left unformatted when mentioned as letters and in transcriptions of Syriac; words in Greek should use {{polytonic}}
  • Each section and subsection should have an anchor for links ({{anchor|s1B}} for § 1 B, etc.)
  • When translations are given in Latin these should be linked to Wiktionary ({{wikt|...|Latin}})

Nizolan (talk) 14:33, 21 June 2019 (UTC)