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Australia's Bicentennial year program planning set out to firstly remember the past and the people of the past, to provide an appreciation and a knowledge of Australia during 1988 to be preserved as an up to date record for the future. To this end, a reprint of Australia 's Centenary 1888publication "Aborigines of Australia" was commissioned by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee of the Queensland Bicentennial Council. This enables the earliest unbiased account of the Australian Aborigines to be re-introduced to the people of modern Australia.

Bicentennial Community Committees in Australia with tribal and community Aboriginal membership have expressed the view that their culture is slipping away and they feel that Australia's Bicentennial year gives the opportunity to redeem this situation and so maintain this fascinating culture as part of Australia's heritage for future generations.

Whatever fate guided our early Australians, their struggle for survival in a somewhat harsh and arid environment led to an intimate knowledge of this continent, a search for a softer, more pleasant, habitable terrain and a food producing natural seasonal diet which we may do well to consider today.

This unfettered expression by the author Mr Flanagan will enlighten many as to the artistic skill, ideas of a supreme being without idolatry and sound dietetic practices of our fellow Australians ? ' ?4 borigines of A ustralia ". Don Watson, o.?.?.. Chairman, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee Queensland Bicentennial Council

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The Aborigines of Australia was first published as a series of articles in 1853-54 appearing in the 'Sydney Empire', a journal of which Sir Henry Parkes, the Premier of New South Wales was the proprietor and editor.

They were consolidated into book form in 1888 to mark the Centenary of Australian colonization. This facsimile edition has been produced for the occasion of Australia's Bicentenary, 1988

This edition is limited to 1,500 copies. Facsimile Edition 1988 by BOOLARONG Publications of 12 Brookes St., Brisbane for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee of the Queensland Bicentennial Council P.O. Box 97, Mossman, Qld 4873.

ISBN 0 7316 $924 3