Indian Summer Dreams

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<poem> We sleep a sleep of stones that dream, Ever through the darkening eons Centuries pass for those who assume life. In which dimension thoughts that burn Find the night of man's return Looking for the sleep of sloth To dream away the life-forms spurned. Where Gaia seeks to transform age Into those few ephemeral woods, The amerigine has a living Only constitutes in breeding What is his alone. Outside advance rewards no need, It serves the master growth forever Eating resource in the path of Nature mending with her seed The human being forests bless. We seek the shelter of his kinship Only knowing through a mind-link Where it was we were begun. Those few individuals learning How to break the tie of passion, Beg all spirits for a sign, Oh for no days of brotherhood. We are one with those our brothers, Though they want no thorny branch Joined together with their nation, Thus they say with indignation: Realization teaches truth; We will be here when they are gone.

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