Indonesia Raya

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Indonesia Raya (1928)
by Wage Rudolf Supratman
3771114Indonesia Raya1928Wage Rudolf Supratman

Bahasa Indonesia[edit]

Indonesia tanah airku
Tanah tumpah darahku
Disana lah aku berdiri
Djadi pandu ibuku

Indonesia kebangsa anku
Bangsa dan Tanah Airku
Marilah kita berse ru
Indonesia bersatu Hiduplah tanahku

Hiduplah negriku
Bangsaku Ra'jatku semuanja
Bangunlah djiwanja Bangunlah badannja
Untuk Indonesia Raja

Indonesia Raja Merdeka Merdeka
Tanahku negriku jangkutjinta
Indonesia Raja Merdeka Merdeka
Hiduplah Indonesia Raja.


Indonesia our dearest fatherland,
And our mother, whom we love,
Where we all live, on where we all stand,
Watching her with all our love.

Indonesia our nationality,
Yes, our soul and our nobility,
Let us sing a triump lovely song,
Indonesia Raya ring!

Glorious Indonesia, glorious Indonesia,
Oh, our nation, our land and our all,
To the glory, we sing to the beauty we all,
For their oint and greatness we sing.

Indones', Indones', noble land, noble land,
Oh, our soul and our land Indonesia,
Indones', Indones', noble land, noble land,
Glorious Indonesia Raya.